1. Frank Butterfield says

    I’m almost certain I heard this mashup played on one of the very hip radio stations across the border in Matamoros yesterday. I just thought they had a hot DJ working for them… but no one does it like DJ Earworm!

  2. Paul R says

    Yesterday I was quite amused by a mashup of Lady Gaga’s Judas and some Judas Priest. It was basically made for my ex.

    I always wonder if mashup artists are trying to point out that many genres of popular music are interchangeable, following the same beats, rhythms, etc. I also wonder how long it takes them to do it.

  3. starpeople88 says

    ALl they’d have to do is have the word CRAP repeated over and over for 4 minutes and you’d have the most accurate mash-up for this year’s music. And pretty much every year since 2007.

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