1. Steve says

    Another lie. Governor’s don’t issue marriage licenses. I think this was about permits for people to perform those marriages.

    And even if he did, what was he supposed to do instead? Ignore the law?

  2. johnny says

    Frothy’s new role (since he has zero chance of getting the nomination) is to basically cause as much trouble – real or imagined – for the other ® candidates.

    In that sense, he’s a stick being used to stir up the sh*t soup.

    Or, more succinct: A tool.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    In truth, Romney dusted off an old, unused law from 100 yrs prior, that mandated a couple being married in MA had to reside in MA, thus preventing P-town from becoming Gay Marriage-Las Vegas.

    He was a weasel, and hardly a supporter of Equality.

    But SRSLY, who is Santorum blowing that he is still on any stage???

  4. sparks says

    It makes me sad that ANY political candidate in a civilized society in 2011 would be struggling so much to appear OPPOSED to civil rights for a minority.

  5. Chadd says

    Rick knows he can’t win the nom. The only reason that he still goes to the debates is so that he can have a sleep over with Rick Perry the night before. I’m sure they tell their wives that they are sharing a hotel room to “cut expenses”.

    Seriously tho, I have found that men who so strongly hate gay people do so because it is something that they hate within themselves.

  6. tominftl says

    we all have to hope no gop gets in power next year, if so there will be a giant sucking sound as we all head for safety, 4 years from now they won’t have as much a chance to back track

  7. says

    It doesn’t matter that Santorum’s claim is an outright lie because he does nothing but lie – what matters is that Santorum is obsessed with gay life. None of these opponents say a word about that. For the record, why he is so obsessed with gays?

    BTW, the world has nothing to worry about a Republican being elected president. It simply won’t happen.

  8. Tom in long beach says

    How scary it will be to have a Mormon president! What is so sad is that these people make us being able to love, support, visit in jail or the hospital, pass on our benefits that we deserve and paid into or worked for to the people we are already living with, SUCH AN ISSUE. Why is it their mission to keep hard working tax paying U.S. citizens in second or third class. Civil Marriage has nothing to do with what your Church may or may not believe !!!

  9. Mary says

    Tom, I agree with you on the visitation issue. To me if you’re in the hospital and even possibly in danger of death, you should be able to see whoever you want, simply because its YOUR life. What purpose is served by limiting visitation to relatives who may under normal circumstances be distant or even hurtful to you? Although I’m not sure we need to change marriage to deal with visitiation issues.

  10. RJLigier says

    The first accurate representation of what actually occured in Massachusetts under Romney as Governor of Massachusetts stated by Santorum. Romney was involved in collusive litigation from the inception of the trial. He ignored the state’s constitution and make a token effort to turn back gay marriage after being complicit in implementing the MSJC decision, when in fact, only the state legislature had the power to do so within 180 days. They did so indirectly by refusing the electorate the opportunity to overturn the decision through referendum. Romney is a pathological liar as the actions of the MSJC and the Governor of Massachusetts are well documented.

  11. Ned Flaherty says

    Mitt Romney completely ignores the separation-of-church-and-state principle.

    He so scorns the 31 million Americans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, that he this week proposed 3 new classes of citizenship: 1st class with full marriage rights (opposite-sex couples only); 2nd class with partial rights (legally wed same-sex couples, 2004-2012 only); and 3rd class with no marriage rights (everyone else). His policy is that LGBT people are only partial citizens, entitled to only partial protection from SOME discrimination, but never full protection from all discrimination.

    He thinks that his religion’s supernatural superstitions about marriage should also become the national law for everybody, including the vast majority who don’t even belong to or believe in his religion. He believes that discrimination against some people is just fine, so long as it’s his religion doing the discriminating. That’s not a democracy; it’s a theocracy.

  12. says

    two grown men fighting to prove who is more anti-gay.

    in 2011. this is officially disgusting beyond words.

    there you have it, Republican Gays – your chosen party is in a war to prove who hates gays the most, and you lap it up.

  13. jack says

    If only Santorum could win the republican party’s nomination so that i could have the distinct pleasure of voting against him again. When he ran against Robert Casey for reelection to the Senate, I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the many Pennsylvanians who crushed that gnat in a 700,000 vote defeat.

  14. WAYNE says