News: Brad Pitt, Drone, Adele, Seoul, Ken Lundberg, Mars

RoadIran shows off film of captured U.S. drone.

RoadTAB: Bolivian teen takes his own life by leaping into river of piranhas.

PittRoadBrad Pitt is Eraserhead.

RoadAb Fab anniversary special gets premiere date: "Sunday, Jan. 8 at 10/9c on BBC America and Logo, has learned exclusively. The special is one of three the networks are planning with everybody's favorite drunken dynamic duo, Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley), who first graced our screens when Ab Fab debuted in 1992."

RoadPat Robertson reacts to Hillary Clinton's speech: "The blow" from God will be "horrible".

RoadDid Santorum accidentally defend Obamacare?

RoadNOM selling baby bibs that say "I believe in natural marriage." "Other items include a baby onesie, a travel mug, and a beach tote, which the organization sells under a 'Cool Stuff to Buy' promise. But I'd be careful before buying any of them. After all, if the attached cause is any guide, the items are actually cool on their way to becoming ice cold, destined to be threadbare by Christmases not-so-distant future."

RoadRolling Stone names Adele's "21" the album of the year.

RoadVIDEO: Sean Hayes and Snooki in the first trailer for The Three Stooges.

SeamonsterRoadAncient sea predator had monster vision.

RoadAnti-gay art causing controversy at Seoul National University in South Korea: "Mr. A, a visual design major, has a piece in the university’s current exhibit of work by students nearing graduation.  The piece is titled 'Campaign for the Rights of Heterosexuals'. It consists of works created by Mr. A during the semester, including a stamp for placing sentences questioning homosexuality onto the posters for the school’s homosexual students’ club and a t-shirt with the phrase “children are created by a male father and a female mother”.

RoadMore gay penguins becoming adoptive parents, in China.

RoadMr. Gay Namibia assaulted: "Wendelinus Hamutenya, Mr Gay Namibia title holder, was physically assaulted near his residence in Katutura, Windhoek, in what can be described as a brutal 'mugging' with monetary gain as incentive."

RoadRyan Seacrest to be part of your morning routine?

LundbergRoadColorado's most anti-gay state Senator Ken Lundberg, is mulling a run against gay Representative Jared Polis: "Lundberg was the most vocal advocate against the 2011 Colorado Civil Union Act introduced by Sen. Pat Steadman and Rep. Mark Ferrandino. Lundberg led the unsuccessful fight to stop the bill in the Senate."

RoadJanice Dickinson: America's Next Top Model is rigged.

RoadStrong new evidence of ancient water on Mars: "After nearly eight years exploring the surface of Mars with the robot rover Opportunity, scientists announced Wednesday they have found 'the single most powerful piece of evidence' yet that water once flowed abundantly on the Martian surface."

RoadPartner of Turkish man murdered in 'honor killing' to speak to London audience tomorrow: “Apart from giving my statement to the press, I as an individual have absolutely no chance to bring his parents to justice for this murder of their son and my partner.”


  1. says

    Dear Pat Robertson,
    “God” didn’t seem to mind slavery, the Holocaust or Segregation enough to deal any form of “big blow”….so what are you saying? God hates gays more than he hates the violent extermination of millions of people and centuries of ugly evil hatred and prejudice based on the colour of one’s skin? Or are you saying that God doesn’t “hate” blacks and Jews, he just doesnt’ “care” what happens to them?


  2. gaylib says

    “Apart from giving my statement to the press, I as an individual have absolutely no chance to bring his parents to justice for this murder of their son and my partner.”

    And according to some commenters on this site (derrick from philly), and that Grungas idiot, that’s exactly how it should be. Wouldn’t want to impose our corrupt “western values” on them would we?

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    You think that there haven’t been “honor killings” of Gay men and Lesbians, boys and girls in the West? Like maybe the Rocky Mountain West or West of Dallas? And what about wives and girlfriends who’ve been killed by men (for some perverse sense of honor) here in the West?

    People who speak about spreading those wonderful “Western values” are often xenophobic bigots who don’t give a damn about anybody else on this planet except their own kind. They speak with an air of superiority about their own magnificent culture, and have a deliberately warped view of history. It never occurs to them that what they consider appropriate strategies to gain human/civil rights in the West may NOT work in other societies. Yes, some are very arrogant Western b.tches.

    Do your “Western values” tell you that there are no Turkish people are appalled at Turkish parents killing their Gay son? If so, it figures.

    A lot of Gay people AINT that much different than Glenn Beck or Michelle Bachman in their view of the rest of world.

  4. redball says

    “western values”…at what point in history? what is now “western” was once originally “eastern”/native american/african, only to be destroyed by western homophobic imperialism.

    so, viewed from a historical lens, “western” is a loaded term.

    i can see why derrick spoke up the other day…i can relate, esp. given the ethnocentric & at times outright racist views of towleroad commenters.

    however, i personally don’t get too up in arms about the phrase “western values” b/c today, yes, the west is often a leader on gay rights…operative word being “today.”

  5. gaylib says

    “A lot of Gay people AINT that much different than Glenn Beck or Michelle Bachman in their view of the rest of world.”

    Indeed. You’re living proof.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “Indeed. You’re living proof”

    But on first glance Beck and Bachman would trust you and never me….and we know why. You’ve got that good ol’ Western look, don’t you, Gaylib?

  7. bobbyjoe says

    So now Maggie’s selling– Jesus Jumpin’ Christ– baby bibs with her hate spewed all over ’em? Man, these days NOM is really pushing down hard on that gas pedal on the way to becoming the next Westboro Baptist Church.

  8. James says

    I don’t believe anything that NASA says, they are lying about so many things, most importantly is that we have MADE and continue to make contact with aliens, that are far far far more advanced then us.

  9. Wirrrn says

    Piranhas- I’m intrigued, yet suspicious. Piranha have *bitten* the odd human, but have never killed anyone; plus a trash tablod THE SUN is not a reputable source…

  10. Max says

    Western values = rule of law, civil rights, due process, freedom of speech, religious freedom, women’s liberation, and same-sex marriage. Not to mention agriculture, the industrial revolution, vaccinations, electricity, indoor plumbing, and the Internet.

    You bet that’s better than backwards, misogynist, anti-gay, Islamic “honor killings”.

  11. uffda says

    Thanks Max@. You’ve got that right, plus Derrick can get the hell out of here (the West) and go live in any of the Idiot Lands of Muslim theocracy he likes. Then, after just a little while, he can report back to us about “values”. Dik Wad.

  12. Jerry6 says

    For all of recorded history, any time that any Religious group had control of any territory, there were brutal tortures and killings of anyone who openly disagreed with that religions’ leaders. It is going on today in Muslim controlled countries,and the extremists in this country would do more than just march and preach their hatefulness if they could get away with it.