1. Mark says

    It would be great if this could be compelling or revealing. Was that the best dialogue that they could offer? “. . . get me a woman.” If Herman Caine said it . . . .

  2. cadence says

    Mark, the scriptwriters didn’t come up with that line. McCain’s chief strategist has gone on record, and admitted that’s what happened. It explains why no one in that campaign ever had any respect for Palin, not that she deserved to be respected.

  3. KJ310 says

    Ed Harris is bringing a little more gravitas and machismo to the role of grumbling Grandpa Crankypants than he is worthy. I certainly will never forget McCain wandering aimlessly around the debate stage with his back turned to the camera mumbling to himself.

  4. Ty says

    There is a line in the film Nixon that basically says the same thing “find someone who is good looking.” It’s a fact that the republicans cannot win without a gimmick because they are anti-populism and speak for the moneyed elite.

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