1. bravo says

    How about adding “who she?” after weird words.

    “They gave him a shot for varicella.”
    “Varicella…..who she?”

    “I need a new duvet”
    “Duvet….who she?”

  2. says

    Julien’s two power play combinations against Carolina consisted of defensemen Zdeno Chara and Johnny Boychuk, and forwards Nathan Horton, Lucic, and Seguin. The second unit featured Corvo and Seidenberg, and Bergeron, Peverley, and Marchand.Marchand and Seguin can’t do it alone as they’ve proven to be the team’s best skaters since the season opener with four points apiece.The Bruins better wake up because if this current power-play performance is going to be the norm there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people.