1. Kevin says

    Also saw a screener. It is very good. I hope it makes it on NBC. Would have been better when originally was going to air on Showtime.

    As far as a “Grown up version of Glee.” There is no comparison other then they both have singing.

  2. DALI says


    Is this real? Is this fake? Is this reality TV? Is this reality film? Is this reality fake? Is this fake reality? Is this real fake TV or fake reality film? Is this real fake TV or fake film? Is this reality with fake TV or film? Is this TV with real fake film? Is this film with fake TV? Is this reality with fake TV and fake film?

    Enjoy…or not.

  3. TyInTenn says

    Hasn’t Debra Messing scorched on everything she’s done since Will and Grace? (In fact, hasn’t everyone scorched on everything they did after Will and Grace?).

  4. mark says

    A lot of angles on backstage stories have been done already. A Chorus Line was a new variation when it came out – and well – it can’t be new again. Hackneyed conventions have done well before – so good luck. I wish it the best b/c I love theater.

  5. Peter says

    The producers invited actors from all the Broadway Musicals to a private screening. THey were very excited to have us there. The screening was fantastic and I thought they did a great job keeping it real, for lack of a better term. Many MANY Broadway people involved on both sides of the camera. Theresa Rebeck wrote a great pilot, Michael Meyer handled the direction with an even hand. Scott Whitman and Mark Shaimen (Hairspray, Catch Me if You Can) wrote some fantastic original songs, Josh Bergasse killed it with the choreography, and a very large percentage of the cast have impressive Broadway resumes. Vocals & acting are great, but most of all, they get the process of bringing a show to life. From the first kernel of an idea to the workshop process and onward. I truly do hope you all watch it. I think it represents my community and this Biz of Show very well.

  6. Jim says

    I wonder if they will include the truth that about 75% of the men involved in NY theater are gay? There hasn’t been a straight director/choreographer since Bob Fosse.

  7. Tyler says

    There are better shows premiering this spring. There are better NBC shows premiering this spring. Why should Smash get special coverage – because of a stereotype on what gay men would like to watch?

    Come on, Andy. You can do better.

  8. DC says

    I’d watch the pilot but it will be a trick to keep this story fresh. What happens in Episode 5? They’re still fighting for the same part? What happens at the end of a season?

  9. Paul R says

    @TyinTenn: I’d say so. I can’t stand Debra Messing, but that’s probably because she looks and acts like an awful former roommate. I also can’t stand musical theater. Musicals just don’t make sense to me.

    So, given all the money they’re obviously pouring into this, I’ll be curious to see if it survives. Given some of the people involved, I’m sure that NBC guaranteed them a certain number of shows. But will most Americans care?

  10. thunderboltfan says

    I have friends involved with this show and I wish them well. But Glee seems so tired and formulaic now and this is obviously a copycat show. I wonder if they missed the opportunity with Smash by delaying the premiere until this winter. We’ll see.

  11. Matt26 says

    Looks interesting, I really want to watch this. Good story, good actors and Broadway, this story has gay written all over it, if only it would have been about young Marlon Brando.
    So much more potential than awful Glee.

  12. RonTEX says

    This looks pretty good actually. It would be interesting if each season was the creation of a different show from inception to opening performance, that would allow them to keep the casting fresh from season to season. I would actually watch that.

  13. tom a says

    Why has NBC been holding out on the premiere? This looks good. Did they actually think the horrible “Whitney” or “Free Agents” would actually become hits?

  14. Henry Holland says

    It has Jack Davenport in it, so that’s a plus. However, it’s about the backstage antics of a Broadway show, so that’s a big turnoff.

    “I’d watch the pilot but it will be a trick to keep this story fresh”

    I was wondering the same thing: how do you stretch this out over multiple seasons? Have the show they’re working on be a big flop and then move on to the next thing?

    Sorry, David E., much as you’d want it to, time hasn’t stopped in 1975. The whole “gays must like musicals, JudyMarilynBabs and opera” thing has been tired and dead for 20 years.

  15. uffda says

    A bunch of brat cats slicing each other up to get a part in a musical?
    More of screaming New York ethnocentrism and very much done before as mentioned above. “Must see” – must not see, we’ll see.

    As for the guy who doesn’t get musicals, God bless him along with those who don’t think Woody Allen is funny. I’m not among ’em but I love the way they give you pause.

  16. egads says

    The comments on this blog are getting like the comments on Yahoo! stories lately. What is with you people? If you don’t want to watch the show, don’t? No one’s forcing you. It’s Andy’s blog, and he thinks the show is shaping up to be a must see. He’s not saying all gay people should like it, or that YOU need to watch it. The tired commentary of some posters says more about the gay stereotype than anything else…

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