Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1019

THE VIEW: Michele Bachmann gets a schooling from Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "activist Elijah" and treated children with dignity.

SPACECRAFT SPOTTED ON MERCURY? Alien hunter dude: "It's cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it's cloaked." Actually, there is an explanation.

SEAN CHAPIN: Has some words for Rick Perry.


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  1. jakeinlove says

    Good lord MN has some of the homeliest anchors I’ve ever seen! No wonder she was drunk!

  2. says

    The clip of that News Anchor was hard to watch…I wonder if they addressed that issue publicly or at all. Wow. I’m thinking she might not have been well liked for the cameramen and studio operators to let her go on in that state. Amazing.

  3. Mike8787 says

    Elizabeth has become surprisingly thoughtful. Bachmann could have really won some people over if she’d done exactly what Elizabeth counseled. Unfortunately for her, she came off as even more bigoted than before — terrified by the idea that the people she demonizes had infiltrated her presence without her knowledge.

    Kudos to Elizabeth for a thoughtful response, and one that shows she must be a pretty good parent.

  4. uffda says

    Sean is easily the most appealing and conventionally acceptable gay man to appear on this site in a long time. He is THE poster boy.

  5. Toronto Guy says

    I agree that Elizabeth was thoughtful in this instance. Having seen the actual clip of Bachmann and the boy for the first time I was struck by the fact that it would appear the boy was used by his parent to make a point and I have a difficult time with that. Bachmann appeared to look at the Mother in shock and frankly I can’t say I blame her; the boy shouldn’t have been used as a pawn to make a point. I never thought I’d defend Bachmann she’s a scary, small minded bigot, but as a gay adult man I don’t think you use children to make a point; whether the point is valid (and it was valid) or not.