Happy Holidays from Zach Wahls and Dozens of Gay Families: VIDEO

From MoveOn:

This month, thousands of families submitted photos, joining Zach and his family in sending out this simple holiday greeting…..and creating this video and online campaign called "Love Makes a Family."

See more of the photos here: http://lovemakesafamily.tumblr.com/.


  1. RonTEX says

    That was so much more the meaning of Family than anything the Repub’s have put forth and certainly NOTHING like what they practice. Great to see beautiful families of all kinds, to me THAT is what a free America is all about.

  2. RBearSAT says

    And yet the entry still hasn’t been corrected. As many have pointed out, Zach is not gay. More of the careless reporting by Towleroad. At least correct your mistakes. You look foolish, especially to those of us who’ve been following this bright young man’s life and that of his family.

    On another note, a great Christmas tribute by a caring and thoughtful family.

  3. Edd says

    It wasn’t a smear and I’m sure it’s not a case of “careless reporting”. I’m sure it was an accident and in time it will be fixed.
    No need to get your panties all in a bunch over an accident.

  4. RBearSAT says

    Still not fixed yet. I’m beginning to wonder if Andy even keeps track of these things. I love Towleroad and the leads on things aside from the insane infatuation with GaGa but things like this does need to be corrected.

    Anytime Andy.

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