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    I watched this little film and it was pretty well done and the acting was much better than most. The guy who produced and edited it has a future. The biggest problem for me was the screenplay – I kept asking myself why it took them so long to become boyfriends. At first the narrator says they are boyfriends then mid-way through he asks his friend if they want to be boyfriends and then again later leaving the impression they never did commit to being a couple.

    My last boyfriend is now my husband. But we were casual friends first, then best friends, then inseparable friends and that led to falling in love with each other. That, to me, seems to follow the normal pathway to being a couple. (Of course, I wanted to kiss the guy way back when we were just casual friends…)

    For much of the film I thought these two were boyfriends with all the normal benefits but was then thrown off when they finally have their first kiss. “Their first kiss?”

    At that point I sort of lost interest because it just wasn’t making enough sense to me.

    BTAIM, the guy behind the film is adept at making videos and should consider engaging an accomplished screenwriter on future projects. Other that it was pretty well done. Music was good, editing nice and the actors engaging.

  2. Chris says

    A very real portrayal and very well executed. But man, I’m so glad to be married and don’t have to go through all the dating rigamarole, trying to figure out what he’s thinking, why he hasn’t called, etc.

  3. tom a says

    If I were in high school I would probably like this a lot more. It’s a bit too cliche ridden for me– unless something interesting happens in the second half. It seems to be a basic love story- with zero originality. If it were a mixed gender couple, wold people like this as much?

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    Ohhhhh … flashbacks! No wonder I found it confusing! LOL! I must have missed that while tugging a (now much-too-small) t-shirt over the head of my squirming 4YO (“I can’t breath Daddy!”) Duh… (Where’s the edit button when you need it?)

  5. Blair Martin says

    Sweet film! Cute actors! Great heart. And from a country where we are still struggling with including people who are not Anglo-Celtic in our films and television series(without making it seem “token”) this was great to see.

  6. Don says

    it reminded me a lot of “500 days of summer” (which I liked) – just a short gay version of it, really. What is the title a reference too? 111 days of a relationship? I must have missed something…

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