Archie’s Gay Character Kevin Keller Gets Married


Archie Comics' first gay character Kevin Keller got married this week. GLAAD writes:

Riverdale's first gay character, Kevin Keller, joins the military, meets his partner and walks down the aisle in Life with Archie #16, released in comic book stores today.  The series, which follows the lives of Riverdale High School students a few years after graduation, focuses on Kevin and his life as a young adult in its January issue.

In this issue, readers discover that Kevin decided to follow in his father's footsteps by joining the military, and following an injury in Iraq, he meets Dr. Clay Walker at a hospital's rehabilitation unit.  While Dr. Walker helps Kevin regain his ability to walk, the two develop a friendship.  It’s not until a chance encounter at an airport that they start dating, which eventually leads to their marriage in Riverdale.

See the cover of the issue, AFTER THE JUMP...

Kevin Keller even has his own Twitter account. He tweeted this week: "Today is my wedding!! Thanks for all the support"