1. RonTEX says

    when I was a kid this is more than I could have imagined would be possible in the future, it’s just awesome.

  2. Tone says

    When I was ten I wanted to marry Reggie Mantle. How delightful and hopeful this story line is.

  3. Rob says

    Is it just me, or did they somehow swap skin tones on their hands clasped together? 😼 But otherwise, very exciting. :-)

  4. WhateverSF says

    If you are in SF – head to Whatever… the gay owned and operated comic book store in the Castro to pick up the issue!

  5. IAN F says

    Growing up reading Archie I wouldn’t have believed this possible in a million years. Thanks for the fun news and good catch Rob!

  6. Zlick says

    Heheh, the skin-tone switch makes this even more of a collector’s item. Seeing this in an Archie comics, of all places, makes me feel as if I’ve somehow slipped into an alternate universe.

  7. Joey Y says

    While it’s nice, it does seem to be a lot going on in one issue. Look! He’s decided to be just like dad! He’s joining the military! Oh no, he’s injured! He builds a whole friendship with his doctor! He’s in a relationship! Look! It’s also a biracial relationship! With someone much older! Oh, while you blinked, you missed: He’s getting married! Shouldn’t some of this have been spread out at least into more than one volume?

  8. says

    We buy Kevin Keller (the electronic version) via the iPad for our son and can’t tell you how many times one of us has read the same comic over and over at bedtime. Great series. I sure wish I had these comic book role models when I was a kid.

  9. Roger says

    Congratulations, Kevin and Clay!
    Your nup news calls for an all-out queer remix of ‘Sugar Sugar!’

  10. Yeek says

    Those guys at Archie have been fighting hard to stay in business by mixing it up.

    First Archie marries Veronica (in a dream)…then Betty (another dream)…then he has an interracial relationship with that chick from Josie and the Pussycats….now this. What’s next? Gender reassignment surgery for Miss Grundy and Moose?

  11. says

    Looks like there are three new issues, not just the wedding issue. In the new Betty issue we learn about Kevin’s stint in the army where he gets wounded and in the Veronica issue we learn about his recuperation and meeting of the doctor he eventually marries. The marriage issue is published under the Kevin Keller banner.

    You have to hand it to the writers and publisher for their creativity in keeping this whole genre of comics going. Archie was relegated to the comic book collector but this turn in story line has added a horde of me readers and subscribers.

  12. says

    Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller character and storyline are not “queer”! Take that homophobic nomenclature and shove it! He and his hubby are normal, mainstream Archie characters, not stereotypical fringe freaks, and for that I am grateful. So far, at least, the editors are being responsible in their presentation. I was disappointed that the grooms weren’t shown sealing their vows with a kiss, but everything else about the story was top notch. The comic is obviously historic in nature, so I purchased three copies.

  13. says

    There are NOT 3 issues. Each issue of Life with Archie is divided into 2 CONTINUING soap opera style stories – the first tells Archie’s hypothetical future if he married Veronica and the 2nd tells what would happen if he married Betty. In issue #16 we see Kevin and Clay’s wedding in BOTH futures.

    and though it was published in 2012, the cover was released in 2011 so I included this in 2011’s TOP TEN LGBT stories in comics.

  14. jaragon says

    Wow! If anything proves how far gay rights have progressed this is it!( I wonder if any of the Santorum kids are Archie fans???)

  15. abden says

    They HAD to marry off their only gay character. How could they possibly give him a healthy, active dating life like the straight characters have?

    They chickened out and lost a great opportunity to educate.

  16. Connectme says

    @ Abden – No, they didn’t. This marriage is years into the future. In the regular Kevin Keller comic series, he’s still in high school and his adventures are just beginning. I subscribed to follow the fun!

  17. says

    Hey Abden, In case you didn’t realize it… the marriage of Kevin Keller takes place at an indefinite point in the future (after Archie and the gang graduated from Riverdale High, grew up, went to college etc) so there is plenty of time for Kevin to have a “healthy active dating life” in his ongoing title which is set in the regular PRESENT continuity of Riverdale.

  18. Tulita says

    Abden: Don’t feel badly. LOTS of people came to exactly that (mistaken) conclusion. The teen-age Kevin will have lots of dating drama in the KEVIN KELLER comics, first issue out in February. Later this year, there will be a Prom issue and a “Beach Party” issue where Kevin will have lots of time to go boy-crazy.

    And I’m with you, Stuffed Animal. I was hoping we’d get a romantic smooch between Kevin and Clay. A minor quibble. Hopefully that will happen in a later issue. I’m hoping we’ll have some of that lip-smacking sooner in KEVIN KELLER comics.

  19. centeno says

    not into comic books, however purchased six copies for friends and libraries….

    “…sing and celebrate yourself…” Walt Whitman – Leaves of Grass