1. gregory brown says

    Yes, Mum doesn’t approve at all of people drinking milk from the pitcher.
    There’s an entire subgenre of porn that this scenario would unfold in….

  2. Scar2 says

    I think he just missed getting Oscar-nominated for Shame. He was heartbreaking in that movie. I work w/ addicts & that was one of the best movies made about addiction that I’ve ever seen. Yes, he was naked physically but he was naked emotionally as well. Loved him in Jane Eyre (my favourite book) & X-Men as well. The Oscar snub won’t prevent him from being an A-lister.

  3. Tim NC says

    I saw Shame last week and it was a great film. But, I don’t know what all the excitement was about his “supposed” full-frontal nude scenes. The lighting was so dark in those scenes that you couldn’t see anything. But, by some miracle, while he was walking away from the camera the lighting on his ass was as bright as could be for an amazing view.

  4. Donny says

    I admit I went to see Shame for his penis. So disappointed! The only full frontal scenes are within the first 5 minutes of the film and there are absolutely no clear shots of his uber-hyped member. That said, the movie was excellent and Fassbender’s performance deserves the attention it’s receiving.

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