1. says

    For me, Becks has dropped a few notches on the hotness scale. (I think it’s his excessive and random ink that’s turned me off.) Ben Cohen has quickly taken his place as number one in my book.

  2. RedOnTheGreg says

    Why, oh, why, did they insist on airbrushing all the detail out of his bulge? At least, I hope it’s been airbrushed out!

  3. Lance says

    These images of him are sort of like Britney VMA disaster for me. I can’t stop looking, but at the end of the day you’ve got to accept some things are not what they used to be. She should have left her corset on….

    Also, I totally agree about the tats. Enough. bleh.

  4. Joe says

    He’s getting too old for those close-up shots of his face. He still looks good from a distance, though.

  5. matt says

    They didn’t do a ton to these images, i know because I watched my partner and his co-workers retouch these. They spent hours staring at Beckham’s junk LOL just shaping it a little, the guy has big balls…LOL

  6. Luke says

    “the guy has big balls”

    LOL indeed!

    Translation: all beans, no frank! I’ve had a few of those! LOL

  7. Bryan says

    I can understand Beckham not being to your taste, but the word “eww” somehow connotes digust which he’s definitely not. And call me cynical, but that bulge looks stuffed.

  8. jaragon says

    I really don’t understand why people think he is sexy – (at least in these photos) there are way too many tats.

  9. sugarrhill says

    We get it. You don’t like tats. Plenty of other people do. If you don’t like them move on. It’s really that simple.

  10. TyInTenn says

    Never thought he was that hot really. Handsome, yes. Chest flatter than a 10 year old girl. Just not that attractive. To each their own.

  11. Mickey says

    For a community that cries for equality and to be accepted without judgment, we sure do like to judge others. Here’s a suggestion – get off line and stop giving a sh*t about underwear ads.

  12. Rusty_Dai says

    There were some other photos where he looked a little more cheerful, and much better looking than these.

    I love a real basket. Not so much if it isn’t real or if it is faked.

    These images are not the most flattering. Also, I’m not into tattoos, they are a real turn-off, sort of like lumpy gravy.

  13. jack says

    Way to much ink on David. He looks like a thug. Thank the gods they have sent us the beautiful Cristiano Ronaldo. All hail; cristiano

  14. Ween says

    Vicki once said in an interview that she was very lucky because Becks package is as big as a tractor tail pipe. I can’t believe I’m posting about someone’s weiner.

  15. Steve says

    Darling Ageists: We all get older. No one is immune. When you hit 40 you’ll realize that close-ups are not your friend, unless you are really at peace with your age. At least he’s not plastic-surgerized — “a mere visitor in his own face,” as Edina Monsoon would say. That would be tragic. Still very good looking by most standards.

  16. jack says

    I will let all of you anglophiles have the handsome and it looks like hung David, if you let me have the awesome Portuguese Cristiano. Is it a deal?

  17. Kim says

    Beckhams got it going on. The tats are not overwhelming, and for the rest of you haters, stop being soooo jealous!!!!!

  18. Donald tucker says

    I love the way your underwear feels on my body I dont buy no one else underwear but your yes they cost little more then what I wanted to pay but they feel great so I will keep buying them.

  19. qj201 says

    Oh C’mon, that is NOT a big bulge, seriously, haven’t these people ever seen an old International Male catalog…THOSE were bulges that my 15 year old self furiously whacked off over.