1. Rowan says

    That’s not the best example of Bomer singing….try and get the one of him singing with that black actress/singer from White Collar where’d he sings beautifully a soul song.

    Jeez, I thought everyone knew he sang? But I forget the gay blogs, well Towleroad, After Elton and Queerty barely talk about him so fair enough!

  2. Strepsi says

    I love gay show runners, this is good casting.

    It makes no sense to see Blaine’s siblings, but Ryan Murphy is clearly just trying to get himself into a Bomer / Criss sandwich…. and honestly who can blame him?

  3. Caliban says

    I don’t watch Glee, but based on the performances I’ve seen Darren Criss strikes me as oddly… soul-less. He doesn’t have the “funk” of MJ or even Tom Jones, who’s not exactly funkadelic to begin with. (Plus his enunciation is terrible- I’d swear he’s singing “It’s Not Un-Jews-ual” in his Tom Jones cover.)

    Pretty, but kinda hollow. That’s my take anyway.

  4. FilmTurtle says

    I saw an interview with Criss about “How to Succeed…” where he explained that the filming of the MJ episode of “Glee” ran so long or something that it backed up against his Broadway schedule. He ended up filming all of his scenes in four days and filming on the last day ran to 4 AM on the Friday before Christmas Eve.

    So if he comes off as a bit wan, that could explain it. Say what you want about “Glee,” but those actors really earn their paychecks. Sing, dance, act, record, constant rehearsal, publicity demands AND a contractually obligated worldwide tour. AND they only get a tiny sliver of any sales of the CDs and singles and ticket sales.

  5. mickeysquires says

    first of all…i LOVE darren criss, and he does a great white version of the MJ hit…and secondly i am the biggest MATT BOMER fan…WHITE COLLAR is so much fun to watch, and now that he is going to be in GLEE, and the filmed version of THE NORMAL HEART there will be even more fan recognition of this very handsome, sexy actor…

  6. DBClark says

    This makes me happy on so many levels! Huge Bomer fan. His Kennedy Center performance was actually done when he was quite sick and he still sounded great. Love the Glee casting too although I imagine Dareen may be a little miffed since Matt will steal it! Can’t wait for more White Collar, Magic Mike and Normal Heart. Always knew Matt deserved to be big.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    Glee is awesome. Haven’t watched the USA network since The 4400 was still on tv.


    Not all white singers or black singers or singers of any race sound the same. There’s no such thing as “white” or “black” versions of anything.

  8. The Librarian says

    Shush! This is a library! People are trying to study in peaceful quiet, but you Glee Club kids keep bursting in here singing your songs about one thing or another. One more time and I’ll ban the whole lot of you from the library!

  9. Dback says

    Amazing how dying completely resurrected Michael Jackson’s career and reputation. All people now remember is the music and the dance moves, as opposed to the millions of dollars he settled out of court with the families of various pre-teen boys.

  10. Morris says

    I too met Darren and watched him perform live at a function. Not so hot live as stated above and I now find comical that adult men find him hot since he looks seriously like a 4 foot tall, 12 year old.. Seems nice though.

  11. Chad says

    All these darren criss haters…

    Well for someone who doesn’t perform well live, and apparently can’t act, he at least seems to be able to bring in the big bucks– and that’s what really matters. His version of teenage dream is certainly still the highest grossing glee single, and he raked in something like 4 million for his mere three weeks on broadway.

    Again, pretty impressive for someone who can’t act or sing.

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