News: M15, Magnetic Fields, Justin Bieber, Anoka-Hennepin

RoadUtah Democratic Chairman Jim Dabakis on shortlist to lead Human Rights Campaign? "As the first openly gay chairman, Dabakis has reached out to the LDS community in unprecedented fashion, welcoming Mormons into the sometimes hostile Democratic fold and launching the first LDS Democratic Caucus."

BieberRoadJustin Bieber: Jesus put me in this position.

RoadFrank Sieple, longtime HIV/AIDS activist with ACT UP/Chicago, dies at 51.

Roadkd lang dissolves domestic partnership with Katie Price. "According to the docs, the couple registered for a domestic partnership in 2009 — and separated 1 year and 9 months later … in August 2011."

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry reveals that RoadDoug Blasdell, the Work Out trainer who died suddenly in 2007, died at his home from salmonella poisoning.

RoadVIDEO: Channing Tatum talks Magic Mike with Jimmy Kimmel.

RoadImage of Morrissey hidden in Google Earth: "A pixilated image of The Smiths singer can be seen outside the venue's posting on the site, apparently hidden by a clever fan of the band working for the company. You can see the frontman by going to the address of the club on Google Maps and then enabling the 3D buildings mode. Salford Lads Club is an iconic site in the mythology of The Smiths. It appeared in the music video for 'I Started Something I Couldn't Finish' and on the sleeve of their album 'The Queen Is Dead'."

RoadSpice Girls to reunite for London 2012 Olympics?

RoadMichael Fassbender in the Spotlight.

AndrewindragRoadMagnetic Fields: the only girl I'll ever love is Andrew in Drag.

RoadAnoka-Hennepin teachers don't want controversial policies regarding homosexuality or other topics: "Union representatives of the 2,800-member teaching staff voted Monday against having any policy that would place dictates on classroom conversations about sexual orientation or any other topic deemed controversial, according to Julie Blaha, president of Anoka-Hennepin Education Minnesota."

RoadEffects of California's LGBT history law in schools slow to arrive: "The law officially took effect Jan. 1. But the California Department of Education hasn't laid out a companion curriculum, and state officials say they are leaving it up to school districts to determine how to comply."

RoadQueen Latifah hits gay Miami Beach club Twist.

PittRoadBrad Pitt remembers being cruised on Christopher Street. “My God, there’s a lot of guys in New York,…But they’re so nice!”

RoadMale model fix: Jamie Hanson.

RoadBritain's domestic spy agency MI5 named one of UK's most gay-friendly employers.

RoadAmerican Airlines competition names Tel Aviv best gay city: "The Israeli metropolis won 43% of the votes, leaving New York City behind in the second place with only 14% of the votes. The top 10 cities also included Toronto, Sao Paulo, Madrid, London, New Orleans and Mexico City. Voting was held last month on the company's website."

RoadOpenly gay cricket player Steven Davies competes in United Arab Emirates: "Alzareei does not believe Davies' sexuality will become an issue, despite the lack of recognition for gay people in the UAE, and believes his status will ensure he is treated respectfully."


  1. Sean says

    Oh, how the logic of religious celebrities makes my head hurt. What’s wrong with every other 16 year old kid that Jesus chose him? I guess it probably not that difficult to become convinced that you ooze some sort of divine ‘specialness’ when you’re young, famous and super-rich.

  2. Nick says

    The magic man in the sky is with Justin every day now that he has a really bad tattoo on his body of the popular image of said magic man What’s next a unicorn?

  3. Kevin says

    Jesus must not be blamed in any way shape or form for the atrocity committed on humanity that was/is the Justin Bieber Christmas CD. One listen to the “Little Drummer Boy” reveals Bieber’s true master: The dark lord of evil and frothy mixes.

  4. SFshawn says

    It would be interesting to see what other topics besides homosex is ‘deemed controversial’ by those pathetic educators in the great state of Minnesota?
    Ms Richfield 1981 must be wondering if her state is turning communist?

  5. Keppler says

    Hmmm…. Steven Davies choice to play cricket in the UAE seems flat out insane. While, as Alzareei suggests, his sexuality may not “become an issue,” if it does, he could be executed for it given his presence in one of the seven countries in the world in which execution is the prescribed penalty. I’m actually a little shocked that his club would let him go. None of the companies I worked for would let me near the UAE or Saudia Arabia, though they were happy to send me anywhere else.

  6. tommyboy10 says

    hmmm, so Marc Cherry’s personal trainer was Doug from workout…hate to be bitchy, but she didn’t really benefit too much from having a trainer…still not in shape.
    Doug’s death was really sad…when I watched “Work Out” I felt really bad about his death. I know most people do not care for the show…I loved it, being it fitness myself…there is a lot of drama in fitness and the lives of fitness professionals. I do respect Jackie Warner…i believe she “talks the talk” and “walks the walk”!!

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