Michele Bachmann Out? Candidate Calls 11am Press Conference, Cancels Trip to South Carolina


Michele Bachmann, who finished last among the candidates campaigning in the GOP Iowa caucuses, has scheduled an 11am (ET) press conference and canceled a planned trip to South Carolina, fueling rumors that she may drop out of the race.

More as it develops…


  1. say what says

    but but she swore there was a miracle going to happen


    Took a look at red state and the razor blades to wrists is amazing

    so many wanted perry and many more realizing they should only focus on down ticket repubs because the presidency is lost to them 2012

  2. Mary says

    The logical place for Bachmann supporters to go is to Santorum. This is not good news for Romney. Perry will probably drop out and his supporters should also go to RS. The real question is where do Gingrich and Paul supporters go. But it does look like Bachmann is toast.

  3. Morning Tundra says

    Now there just needs to be someone in the Paul or Romney wing of the GOP up there in St. Paul/St. Cloud who will primary her for her congressional seat, or a viable Democrat for November, so that she can work on Marcus’s debt collection arm at the family de-gaying outfit (consumer protection investigation for claims of success v. results? — see Marcus himself). Or she can help Marcky Marc pick out accoutrements for their pooch (a really gay breed, no doubt) full time. Hope she loses her seat in Congress and is rendered null and void.

  4. Matt26 says

    I surely hope so. I wonder who she will blame, after all “I am not a politician”. lol

  5. Morning Tundra says

    [The logical place for Bachmann supporters to go is to Santorum. This is not good news for Romney.]

    Interesting theory, Mary, but Bachmann received numerically around the same votes that she got in the Ames Straw Poll. And Iowa does not translate to South Carolina or Florida. Santorum, surging late, has not been picked apart by the media or the likes of Mittens’s Super Pac. And we will see if the strong core of evangelical supporters for Michele and Perry will go for a rabid Catholic Opus Deier like Rick, especially southern fundamentalists. Newt at least was a former WASP.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    Uh, oh. With Governor Perry cancelling his South Carolina appearances by announcing his return here to Texas (no doubt to ponder “intelligent design” for his next political campaign) and now the Michele-and-Marcus road show cancelling its trip to the Palmetto State, it would appear that the occupants of the GOPer presidential nominee clown car are decreasing in number. I agree with previous posters than can only be good news for “spreading Santorum” in upcoming Rethuggist primaries and bad news for Mittens. The “clown car” race now is really gonna get serious. More popcorn, please.

  7. says

    Bachmann was toast long ago, as was Perry. For all the pretense that this is still a race, Santorum will froth out at #2 (no pun intended), Paul will get more attention but not more votes, and Romney will emerge victorious. The Republican power base was never and isn’t going to allow a completely unelectable candidate (Frothy, Paul etc.) be the nominee, however much some of us would love that match. But let ’em keep up the hot mess for as long as possible . . .