1. alan says

    I guess the days when Bruce Willis was in a white tank, oiled up, muscled with a gun, throwing terrorists around like rag dolls is over.

  2. Tonic says

    Seeing this made my day! As per usual, it looks fantastic and unique. Wes Anderson’s movies are the closet things to cinematic novels. Love them.

    I gush.

  3. dms says

    It’s a miracle this guy can finagle people to give him money to make movies. Apart from Royal Tenenbaums, the guy has never had a hit. In fact, all of his other movies have been financial disasters, the latest being Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    Now, I do think the movie looks slightly charming, but it also looks to make about two cents.

    I’m not saying anything about the quality, it’s just interesting he can keep making movies when he’s a sure fire money loser.

  4. daedelus says

    DMS: You don’t understand the industry. All of Wes Anderson’s movies except Life Aquatic have made profits between domestic and international box office and dvd sales. But more importantly, he is doing something original, charming, and artistic. I’m thankful he keeps doing it.