Rosie O’Donnell Slams Anti-Gay Rhetoric in 2012 GOP Presidential Race: VIDEO


Rosie O'Donnell spoke with CNN's Piers Morgan last night about the anti-gay rhetoric in the GOP presidential campaign, Mediaite reports.

Said O'Donnell: "We’re a backward nation in many ways. That’s one of the ways most evident nowadays especially with the election — to think you can turn on the presidential debate and you can have people actually say they think being gay is wrong is shocking in 2012. It’s shocking to me."

She said she was shocked by Rick Perry's widely-mocked anti-gay ad: “I remember being at home and announced we were engaged and being in Chicago and getting overwhelming support from everyone and watching this ad saying I don’t believe you people have the same rights as other people in this country. That’s not what America was founded on. It was hurtful and shocking. In the wake of teen suicides and gay bullying, I don’t understand why politicians or anybody thinks they can get away with that.”

And troubled by the lack of contenders:

“I wish that there would be a real contender so there could be real issues brought up and not everyone sidetracked with these absurd anti-gay rhetoric or whether or not evolution is real.”