1. jason says

    And what has Rosie O’Donnell ever done for gay rights? She’s been conspicuous by her absence. She’d have more credibility if she criticized Obama for going back on so many promises to us.

  2. Jeff R. says

    Really, Jason, where have you been? Check your facts about Rosie. And President Obama NEVER made ANY promises to the gay community. What’s disturbing, Jason, is that with all the soundbites we have now, catching these Republican bastards saying hateful things about us, we still have gay people voting Republican. Gay Republicans… SHAME ON YOU.

  3. Vern Dufford says

    Watched thought she was just great and very moving I was even thinking her life struggles might may a fine screenplay.Rosie should consider this now so she could play herself in midlife.

  4. cranky1 says

    I believe that this is the first election where the anti-gay sentiment is so openly expressed by a political party’s major candidates. Before, it was just the loony fringes – now we are being insulted and basically threatened by all of the leading contenders on a daily basis. Scary stuff.

  5. excy says

    Rosie is right. I am presently in Argentina, a wonderful country in South America where same-sex marriage was legalized in 2010. I am a citizen of Canada, a north american country where equal marriage for same-sex couples was legalized in 2005. Achieving equality was not an easy task but the respective federal goverments had the insight and the intellect to move ahead.

    It is discouraging to see that it is taking so long but change will happen in the USA. It is inevitable.

  6. jason says

    Oh, please, you are such dumb gay guys. You’d keep voting for Obummer if he kept dangling a pro-gay carrot in front of you for eternity. After an eternity, you still wouldn’t have your rights. But you’d keep on genuflecting before him like the useful idiots that you are.

    Think of the honesty of Republicans – even though most of them are vile creatures – and compare it to the dishonesty of Democrats. Either way, you’re screwed.

  7. Kenny says

    With all due respect Jason supporting people who hate you is not right.That type of thing just makes these already hateful people think they can hate us more and get away with more then they already do.

  8. Howard says

    Rosie is a force for good in the gay community. Sure, she didn’t come out until she was financially secure for life, but we all do these things on our own timetable. She’s speaking out now, and that’s what matters. Cut her some slack.

  9. Guest says

    ROSIE O’DONNELL is nasty woman inside and out, it would be wise for her to go get some Therapy one, and 2 she has no Idea what she is talking about Founding fathers of America laid the foundation of what our country suppose to be like, I agree with her on one thing, we have gone back wards and we have abandoned our ancestors and what they left and fought for, we have allowed perverted people to infiltrate and indoctrinate our kids to be godless perverted drug abusers who could care less about anything if they get to play their video game…yes we have gone back wards and it’s time to take our country back, rid of these perverts from our government institutions and uphold moral values which this nation was built on.

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