1. RyanInSacto says

    That trailer accomplished something that, up until now, I thought would be impossible… it made me feel a tinge of sympathy for Sarah Palin. Now that’s some filmmaking!

  2. gr8guyca says

    While this seems to be a damning portrayal of Palin, it might accomplish the opposite; it will thrust her back into the spotlight.
    I was hoping that she might fade away.

    She’s not a politician, she’s an entertainer.

  3. lilly lily says

    She is a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, even now without any major role.

    What she will accomplish?

    In her rage and rabid onslaughts, the destruction of the Republican party.

  4. David in NYC says

    poor sarah…

    i look at that and i makes me think i would come off as a nympho neurotic pathological liar drunk junkie under a media microscope.

    though i think most people who know me would consider me the biggest prude in the US… as much as we talk about her i’m sure we all know some wonderful conservatives who would come off just as dumb and evil…

  5. says

    I don’t know if HBO can Sell Sarah better than she sells herself. Just when we thought she her starlight was fading, this opportunistic movie may push Palin back into the spotlight depending on how she is portrayed. How does America’s Top MILF do it? She’s cut-throat when it comes to her money and you can see just how scandalous she’ll get for the cash with The Ecstasy of Sarah Palin at

  6. Dale says

    “She’s a great actress. Why don’t we just give her some lines?”

    That’s exactly Palin. No logical thoughts of her own. She repeats talking points and adds “Ya Betcha” at the end.

    Thank God for the 2008 Election Results.

  7. Matt says


    I not only forgive McCain for giving us Palin, I thank him!

    His pick for VP showed America his serious lack of judgment, intelligence and insight. This devastating move on his part handed the presidency to Obama.

    And, it was incredibly entertaining to watch!

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