1. Alex says

    Extremely disturbing. No one called 911. Perhaps the guy passed out from alcohol, but it could be something far worse, like a diabetic experiencing insulin-induced hypoglycemia, or some other urgent health condition.

  2. Bakeley says

    I’m not so stupid and full of hate that I think this kind of thing only happens in Alabama. It happens anywhere there are dumb drunk kids. Making this an anti-Southern thing is as prejudiced as the people who are against US. Brandon, your posts are never as measured and as fair as Andy’s.

  3. Kyle says

    You really do an injustice to true victims of sexual assault, shame on you Andy for this. I think what you wrote here is worse than what these idiots did.

  4. Grady says

    This is from last Monday night’s BCS title game – the Superbowl of college football – where Alabama upset LSU 21-0. “In vino veritas” indeed. Aside from being absolutely mortified, these kids are in a lot of trouble.

  5. says

    Bakeley: Thanks for reading. I am a southerner myself, and glad for it. And I have witnessed, first-hand, how my fellow southerners seem to believe that moral depravity is a uniquely northern problem. So I try to point out contrary evidence whenever possible. – BKT

  6. says

    by definition it *is* sexual assault.

    or is it only sexual assault if a gay person “hits on” a straight person, of if the unconscious person is a female?

    i dunno. passed-out person is humped by someone with their genitals exposed.

    is that NOT sexual assault?

  7. Scott Amundsen says

    Vot a mishegoss: I hope the guy that committed this assault isn’t kidding himself that he’s straight because when he opened his pants he was sporting a pretty obvious erection.

  8. Joey Y says

    @JP, you wouldn’t call putting your naked genitals on someone else’s face when they are incapacitated sexual assault? Wow. I feel sorry for everyone around you.

  9. TJ says

    Their parents must be so proud.

    The thin veneer of civilization… what you have here is alcohol-fueled group dynamics. This would be a great video to show in a social psychology class, if it wasn’t so disgusting and offensive. It would be nice to dismiss this as “Well, that’s Alabama,” but this can, and does, happen everywhere, particularly in the “Greek System” (sorry frat boys and girls, but you have the reputation you’ve earned). If just one person had intervened, things might have gone differently. But people take their social cues from those around them, and alcohol certainly doesn’t help with judgement.

    That having been said, I have never been so drunk as to do something this vile and stupid. And in a way, I feel fortunate that not being one of the group from an early age made me question the value of belonging rather than yearn to be accepted, so I have been somewhat less susceptible to group pressure. According to the comments, the video has been reported to the universities. I hope they track these people down, and that they all face charges. Something else encouraging – the video has overwhelmingly been rated “thumbs down.”

  10. TJ says

    KYLE, JP: How is this NOT a sexual assault? You know, the ignorance of such statements is truly disturbing. The dude rubbed his genitals on an unconscious, unable to consent victim. This was clearly physical contact intended to humiliate and cause harm to the victim sexually. And the video was posted on the Internet – you can hear the people talking about posting the video as the assault is happening, and of how this will ruin the victim – adding to the humiliation and degradation. Insult to injury.

    I have counseled too many victims of sexual assault to think that there is much solace just because there wasn’t full penetration. Please get a clue.

  11. gayalltheway says


    Why do people think it is ok and/or “cool” to do something like that to another person, especially the other person is incapacitated by his/her own doing or otherwise? Does the perpetrator know that STDs can be transmitted just by skin contact?

    Then again, alcohol abuses do bring out the worst in people.

  12. Marc C says

    @KEVIN: You can still view the video at the link titled “this occured in a Krystal fast food joint on Bourbon Street in New Orleans” that Andy or whomever provided above.

  13. jaragon says

    If that poor guy had passed out in a frat house he would probably have been getting more than just teabagged…it’s disturbing that no one around him tried to help him. The “rapist” is obviously a bully.

  14. JP says

    I think the circumstances matter when defining the conduct. This does not appear to be done for any sexual gratification. I am not aware of any state that would prosecute this is sexual assault. If anyone has more knowledge as a prosecutor, let us know. My guess is this will not be prosecuted or it will be prosecuted as indecent exposure.

  15. jason says

    I’ve seen much worse in Folsom Street in San Francisco. Granted, it’s usually consenting, but that makes it worse in my view. Being whipped, smacked and caned until your skin is breaking and bleeding is still assault regardless of whether it’s consenting or not.

    As for this incident in New Orleans (which Towleroad initially suggested occurred in Alabama), it seems like a harmless prank by some stupid jocks. Of course, there’s the obligatory mindless females trying to look cool by going along with these clowns. It’s a true indication of the decline of the female when she sits around laughing when she should be caring.

    The “victim” should not have been passed out in public like that. Hopefully he is OK but it’s not wise to be so apparently pissed that you can’t even defend yourself.

  16. Kevin says

    Touching someone who does not consent with your genitals is, most certainly, sexual assault in all 50 states. If there were any penetration, no matter how slight, then it would become rape.

  17. Fruit-for-Peace says

    Kyle, I don’t think you should confine your doom statement to just this nation. I think we are a doomed species, and the rest of creation is probably celebrating that fact. The rest of creation will probably have an annual celebration day of “End of Humanity!”

  18. TJ says

    JP – So, if not done for sexual gratification, it’s not sexual assault? So if a rapist didn’t climax, even though he penetrated, it isnt rape? Your ignorance is appalling. Sexual assault has more to do with power and domination than sex, and assault more than sexual gratification. Ever hear of soldiers raping the women of the enemy? Of “corrective” rape of lebians? In this case, sexual organs were obviously involved; how can there be any question?

    And JASON, your ignorance and victim-blaming is appalling, too. But we’ve come to expect nothing less from you.

  19. jason says

    TJ and Kiwi,

    You are both rolled gold examples of victim-card playing geese.

    Violent play between consenting adults in Folsom Street is still an assault. It’s an agreed assault. Don’t try to make it seem that the Folsom Street gay crowd is somehow on a higher moral ground here. They ain’t.

    And, yes, I do blame the passed-out guy for making himself vulnerable. Unless his passing out is due to uncontrollable circumstances, he made the choice to presumably drink and get drunk to the point of unconsciousness. This appears to have been a very poor choice on his part.

    Of course, we still need more details as to why he was passed out in public like that.

    I don’t resile one iota from what I’ve said. I’m not a card-carrying member of Victimhood Inc.

  20. says

    thank you, Jason, for proving us all right once again.

    you can’t tell the difference between sexual assault against an unconscious person and consenting adults engaging in sexual roleplay.

    just because you hate the Folsom crowd doesn’t change the fact that every time another gay suicide is reported your father hangs his head, sighs, and says “it shoulda been Jason/Rick” cuz you’re both . so there 😀

  21. jason says

    Sexual roleplay? LOL. So when the skin breaks and it bleeds, it’s sexual roleplay? Oh, dear. You know, why not go ahead and chop off the poor guy’s arm? So long as he agrees to it, it can’t be all bad, can it? Sheesh.

    Honestly, when I look at the fetishes and self-justification of the sleazy gay male crowd, I scratch my head and wonder whether it was all worth it.

    Sleazy, kooky, cultish…all apt to describe modern gay men of the fetishistic ilk. If I had the power, I’d arrest you all and throw you into jail.

  22. says

    how often do you attend Folsom, JasonRick? I mean, you clearly attend and manage to find the one guy bleeding.

    so, you attend? or is this horrid role-play that you claim exists what your dad tells you what happens, and then you agree and say “yeah dad! those gays are gross!’ and then he says “yes, they are. and even though you’re not one of them I still don’t love you.”


  23. RyanInSacto says

    @Jason: You’re quite confused. You think that people who consent to BDSM play at Folsom Street Fair are victims of “assault,” yet someone who is passed out and having his face humped on video is not a victim of sexual assault? Um, what?

    If I consent to sex, it’s sex. If I do not, it is rape.
    If I consent to pain, it’s BDSM play. If I do not, it’s assault.

    This is how consent works. Duh. And just because you may not enjoy the same kind of activity that another person might does not change what that person experiences into “assault.” Your judgment is not a magical power of some sort.

  24. OtherJason says

    Meh, The lady who used to cut my hair would rub her boobs on my back, and I certainly didn’t want it, but it’s far from sexual assault.

    The idiot shouldn’t have passed out in public, and the testicle-dude was wrong to t-bag the passed out guy, but no need to ruin his life by having him legally labeled a sex offender. Criminal mischief? Sure. But the passed out guy suffered no real harm physical or psychological from it. If there was any kind of penetration or the passed out guy was exposed, then yes, someone should go to prison. But keep it in perspective – I go to strip clubs and tip guys who do that to me.

  25. jason says


    I simply said that smacking and whipping someone to the point of bleeding is an assault regardless of whether you consent or not. Not difficult to understand, is it? You need to brush up on your word knowledge. Don’t rely on the sleazy gay community’s definition. The dictionary will give you an accurate meaning.

    On the basis of your logic, if I consent to having my arm chopped off, its BDSM play, right? Dear, dear. I hope we’re not entering fruit loop territory but I fear we might.

  26. says

    so is this an activity that you’ve witnessed every time you go to Folsom? or is this what your dad tells you happens at Folsom?

    hey folks, ever notice how resentful insecure homosexual men never attend pride, or any other Big Gay Things, and yet always have horror stories to tell about them?

    hilarious. 😀

  27. RyanInSacto says

    OtherJason: If you asked her to stop putting her boobs on your back and she kept doing it, then it would technically be assault.

    The thing about passing out is that it’s generally not a voluntary activity. I think what you mean is that he shouldn’t have gotten so drunk that he couldn’t make it home or back to his hotel room to pass out in private. On the other hand, I don’t know if anyone expects to get teabagged at a fast food restaurant, whether passed out or not.

    If he never knew what happened to him, it’s a good question of whether this was assault or not. Kind of a “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound” scenario. However, the minute this showed up on YouTube, not only did he know what had happened to him, but so did thousands (and potentially millions) of other people.

    Finally, it’s great that you like tip guys to teabag you. It’s great when we want something and we can find someone who will consent to do it (even if we have to pay cash for it). But that’s a different story then what happened here. If you can’t grasp that, you should hang out with Jason… somewhere far away from other human beings.

  28. RyanInSacto says

    Jason: And I simply said to you that you can’t determine that something is assault just because it doesn’t appeal to you. What’s so confusing about that?

    As for the “sleazy gay community,” are you under the impression that heterosexuals do not engage in BDSM? You should use the Google and relieve yourself of your misunderstanding.

  29. TJ says

    No point arguing with JASON. He is clearly ignorant and incapable of reason. But it seems there are others here who are ignorant as well. It may give you comfort to blame the victim here (it was something HE did, i.e., presumably get drunk and pass out) because it fits nicely with a Just World perspective: people earn what happens to them. It’s a way to distance yourself from them as well as the unpredictability of life. Or perhaps you have done something similarly reprehensible and don’t want to believe that you are an evil person, because only evil people do evil.

    But whatever your rational, please know that no one deserves what happened to that guy. It was disgusting and humiliating. How would you like that done to you when you had no ability to say yes or no? How would you like people to dump garbage on you and rub their genitals on you, and then post it on the Internet?

    What happened was wrong. The reasons, not excuses, for what happened may have included the influence of alcohol and mob mentality. That explains their behavior. What explains your minimizing of this, your justifying this? Time for a little introspection about your values.

  30. RyanInSacto says

    Kiwi: Or he just likes to f__k with us to get attention. As annoying as it is, I guess I would feel better if that was the case. I find it disturbing when people can’t grasp the concept of consent as it is a foundational concept in free societies.

  31. Andr_uu says

    Though Sexual Assault varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it boils down to anything that involves unwanted (or non-consensual) sexual contact that has not become rape (i.e. non-consensual penetration). : and I quote

    “unwanted sexual contact that stops short of rape or attempted rape. This includes sexual touching and fondling.”

    Thus, this is definitely sexual assault at the minimum.

    Persons in public should not have to worry about being assaulted in this manner, no matter the circumstance. That is, if they are inebriated or not, if they are high or not, no one has the right to conduct themselves in a matter as the ‘redneck’ in this video has toward anyone, be they male, female, high, drunk, or sleeping.

  32. TJ says

    JP – I live in a (civilized) state where legally, if you are under the influence, even if you say yes, a perpetrator can be prosecuted. The person in this situation obviously couldn’t say no, much less yes. With video evidence, along with witnesses, I’d say that in a civilized state, this could be prosecuted.

    But even if it wasn’t prosecutable, does that mean that it was no big deal, no harm done? Does moral behavior depend on law to define it?

  33. Randy says

    Charges will have to be filed now that this is all over the Internet.

    It is illegal to stick your finger up the nose of a person who is passed out from intoxication.

    It is illegal to place your genitals (this appears to be more than just teabagging, and included the tiny penis as well, and a humping motion) on somebody without their knowledge or consent.

  34. Darrell says

    How about emailing this to the local/state police and or PRESS in Alabama? The attacker is easy enough to identify.
    I’m sure it would go viral and the attacker would be caught. If the victim did supposedly die from the attack it is called murder.
    Then the shithead could enjoy the same things in prison though in an opposite manner (RAPED himself)

  35. alex says

    Brandon K Thorp is the reason why I stopped visiting Towleroad on the weekends. This post is an excellent example of why it is never okay to denigrate a huge group of people based on a single connective trait. Here, Brandon (incorrectly) targets the people of Alabama. I don’t believe it’s appropriate to defame an entire state or an entire University over the actions of a few. After all, wouldn’t the LGB community be livid if a video was posted of someone who might be gay (based solely on clothing…as that is what Brandon did) doing something horrible and then stating that all gay people are like that?

    Also, the South-bashing gets old fast. And, it’s even worse when the basher claims he is Southern. Those that bash us conveniently forget that one of the biggest recent legal affronts to the LGB community happened in the “liberal” State of Calfornia.

  36. TJ says

    And the ignorance continues ( in this case, no judgment included, because ignorance, in essence, is simply lack of knowledge. Willfull ignorance? That’s a whole ‘nother story). Ever heard of a “blackout” regarding (in this case, presumed) alcohol intoxication? That’s when people tell you about all of the crazy things you’ve done while drunk, about which you have no recollection. Imagine being passed out after alcohol abuse. Alcohol is a depressant, meaning, it depresses (inhibits, retards) response. Hence, the rational re: consent. Assuming intoxication, it is not at all surprising that the victim did not fight back.

  37. Ricco says

    This has nothing to do with the south. This kind of stuff happens throughout this great country of ours, where ever drunken louts, and sports fans gather.

    Far more than the tea bagging, I am appalled by the indifference of the crowd, that no one was concerned for this guy, or thought to call an ambulance.

    I hope he is alright, but even if he is, and his condition has to do with his choice to get drunk, then this may not be the last time that he places himself in a vulnerable, and quite dangerous situation. He could be any number of friends and family who laughed at me when I expressed concern for them.

    Even worse than the disrespect the man who tea bagged him showed, is the disrespect that many people have for themselves.

  38. Bart says

    Somehow college guys think they’re not really naked if they just show their balls but hide their penis. That’s what makes it not count as sexual assault… It’s one person touching another person with a funny body part. It’s just a college prank. This is where the bar has been set.

    Obviously the guy isn’t trying to be sexual… He wouldn’t rub his face with a hard penis in this situation because that would cross a line.

    Would you consider it sexual assault if the person was mooning the camera? Or even rubbing the guy with a butt cheek while mooning?

  39. Bart says

    It seems like most of the people commenting haven’t heard of “tea bagging”. It’s something a lot of college guys do all over their country. They poke their balls out of their pants and take pictures of their balls on top of other guys’ faces that are passed out.

    Yes it’s awful if that guy really died, but that’s beside the point. It’s be awful if they were writing funny things on his face with a marker or tying his shoelaces or doing anything else not realizing the poor guy’s dying.

    But to call this sexual assault, when there are other people in this world that are actually being sexually assaulted, is crazy. Get a grip, you guys.

  40. ratbastard says

    I see the following are working overtime now on TR:

    1) Shills

    2) Democratic party 2012 talking points sucking up to
    a] ‘Minorities’
    b] Woman
    c] Demonize/scapegoat white males, especially working-class [extra points if southern]

    3) Leftist gay elite agenda [yes, it actually exist]:

    Never waste any opportunity to demonize organized religion, especially Christianity. Demonize white males [especially southern and/or working class] when ever possible. Troll/make up fake outrages if possible.

    And no, I’m not:


    The party shills and true believers need new material; this 2012 not 1965.

  41. RyanInSacto says

    @Ratbastard: Saying that you aren’t something doesn’t mean that your aren’t. For example, Rick Santorum claims that he is not homophobic. Bill O’Reilly says he’s not a Republican. Marcus Bachmann claims not to be a homosexual. See how that works?

    Why are you bringing up race or gender anyway? Both the perpetrator and the victim were guys. Both guys were white. Both black and white people equally refused to help the passed out guy. No one here has made an argument about race or gender. There is a discussion of the South, but it’s been about the opinion that the region is lagging socially and culturally. And you’re the first person to even bring up partisanship. No one in this video is wearing a Democrat or Republican t-shirt – just one LSU shirt and a whole lot of Alabama gear.

  42. ratbastard says


    My posts often seem to hit raw nerves. I’m not a shill [paid or unpaid], or a troll, but an INDEPENDENT THINKER. The truth hurts.

    And your attempt to psychoanalysis me is lame.

  43. ratbastard says

    And Ryan, I bring up race and gender ONLY in the context of publicly admitted Democratic party talking points and 2012 election strategy:

    Suck up to ‘minorities’ [including females]

    Write off / scapegoat white males and ‘working class’ whites. And of course, southerners.

    The overall TONE of many TR stories [and corresponding posts] fit clearly into this strategy, IMHO.

  44. RyanInSacto says

    Ratbastard: You posted a comment that is hardly connected to the story or the discussion about the story. Tell me again, who is the shill here? It seems like it’s you.

    Psychoanalyze you? Yeah, right. I’m a political theorist, not a psychiatrist (or a miracle worker).

  45. TJ says

    I don’t use the behavior of drunk frat boys as a standard of what is acceptable behavior. I have participated in education seminars for college students who are surprised to learn what counts legally as sexual assault. Acceptable behavior for some males includes making sure that females at parties drink the “special” (high proof) punch, because it makes them easy. Acceptable behavior includes hazing, which led to the death of a student at the university I attended.

    Arguably, frat brothers/dorm mates willingly attending parties know what they are getting into, and what gets done to one results in payback in kind (although, truth be told, I’ve listened to the pain of victims of “party pranks” – male and female – and they didnt find the experience all that humorous). If I went to a bar and willingly tipped a go-go dancer to tea bag me, that would definitely be a whole ‘nother thing. But rubbing one’s genitals on a drunk stranger in an effort to humiliate him = harmless hyjinx? Really? If that happened to you, and it got broadcast over the Internet, would you be giggling?

  46. dizzyspins says

    this is shameful behavior, but Ive seen gay men do the same thing under the influence of alcohol. I dont think its right to single this out as Southern behavior or straight-guy behavior. Just shameful human behavior

  47. Joey says

    Two things…

    First off, you might want to update again because the twitter you posted is a guy that was just CLAIMING to be the man so he could gain more followers… now he’s bragging about how no one actually researched it (deadspin, etc) and he gained a ton of followers… he looks NOTHING like the man in the video.

    Now, although I agree that this is horrible, the reality is that this is the same kind of stupid college type thing that happens all over the country. It was just a couple of years ago that I was at parties (not from the south) and this type of thing would go on all of the time. There are also videos online of some famous soccer players in europe doing it to a friend that is sleeping, slapping their balls on his face… I get what you are all upset about, but it’s NOT a southern thing, it’s a drunk dumb thing, and the victim isn’t even upset about it from what I have read elsewhere. He saw it as a prank, which is what it was intended to be.

    I personally find the thing that is MORE upsetting is that this man CLEARLY was far over the limit in what he drank. He was passed out in a VERY loud public place being touched and stuff put on him without waking up. He should take some responsibility in getting that hammered, but I’m disgusted that no one called for help. I find that to be the worst part

  48. Bakeley says

    So are we to understand that half the facts as reported by Towleroad were incorrect? The wrong state, for one, and also the Twitter account named was that of an imposter? Where is the reporting that used to go into this site? And then then author insults an entire state full of people, but then performs some logical acrobatics to defend it by saying he’s Southern too. That’s a lot like people who say, “I can’t be racist. I have black friends!”. The standards at this site are sliding. If we’re going to win our fight for equality, it won’t be by publishing hastily researched, knee-jerk baiting like this.

  49. Bill Michael says

    At the very least, the manager on duty at Krystal should have called the police. Maybe they did, I don’t know, but they should have. Looks like the perp couldn’t get it up…

  50. Ninong says

    This apparently occurred the night of Jan. 9th, following the BCS game. Obviously some people don’t realize the BCS game was in New Orleans. As far as the guy on twitter (CK) who claims he’s the one who did it, anyone can see that he’s not the guy in the video. I guess he’s just doing the Twitter thing for publicity.

    The full video is still up here:

    The guy who sexually assaulted the passed out LSU kid left his genitals fully exposed for more than a minute before a Krystal employee finally asked him to zip up his pants. That happened more than 4-1/2 minutes into the video clip.

    The creep in the ‘Bama shirt climbed onto the counter and humped the LSU kid on the side of his neck with his naked genitals for more than a minute in full view of the Krystal employees!

    I don’t know why NOPD has not opened an investigation yet but they did say that IF the victim comes forward and files a complaint, they will investigate fully.

  51. Donald says

    Fantastic reporting. Really. Breaking News! This happened. And then update, actually, this didn’t happen at all but here’s some conjecture and hypothesis and rumor and blanket generalizations to cover up the fact that I’m just trying to squeeze some more posts out.

  52. thedavidvbf says

    It is an unbelievable breach of civility. I hope they can identify the Alabama fan and put him where he belongs. What is even more savage than the act itself is that no one…. NO ONE tried to put a stop to it. 911 was not called, the management of the restaurant did not come forward and a person who was passed out was subjected to that indignity.

    The fac t is, whether from alcohol or illness, the unconscious person could very well have been a medical emergency.

    And a short note fror the perpetrator… if he can read, Why in hell would you want to show that little thing to the world? Your mama must be so proud of you.

  53. Tyron says

    The behavior, while certainly juvenile, is absolutely sexual assault. Should someone decide to pursue this in court the only way it wouldn’t be prosecuted as sexual assault is if a very sharp attorney managed to bargain it down to a lesser charge. However, that would required acceptance on the part of the prosecuting attorney and the victim (or someone legally responsible for representing the victim). My experience is that the case (should it go to court) would move forward with a lesser charge because a guilty verdict could be difficult to obtain without a plea since two men were involved instead of a man and a woman – fair? Of course not but that is they way too many juries work – it is difficult to get them to see that sexual assault against a man (by a man) is an equal violation of the law.

  54. Kevin says

    Please. This in no way reflects “Southern values” (whatever those are) so don’t paint us all with the same brush. I am Southern, live in New Orleans, and I find this abhorrent.

    Don’t you remember the San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium by two drunken fans, simply for wearing a Giants jersey? The man almost died and has permanent brain damage. No one would say his beating reflects “California values” would they?

    We as gay men claim to be against stereotyping. Think before you write posts like this.

  55. Jeff says

    His prosecution is a total slippery slope. Now we’re defining sexual assault without there actually being any attempted sex? What the guy did was disrespectful and juvenile, but there sure as hell was no sex involved. I think that if he had poured water over the guy’s head, that would have been way more cruel. BUT, predictably, that act wouldn’t have brought out an equal amount of indignation. I’m appalled by the irrational mob mentality that supports someone being charged as a ‘sex offender’ over something like this. Next, we’re gonna be going after people for looking at someone else lustfully, and not only in a work setting. People really need to get a grip and get over this knee-jerk reaction to anything that seems like sex. He should have been charged with disorderly conduct or public intoxication, and sent home.

  56. Ninong says

    Here are the actual FACTS:

    The sexual battery took place the night of Jan. 9 (actually 1:00 a.m., Jan. 10) following the BCS Championship game. It happened at Krystal restaurant at 115 Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

    The victim is an 18-yr-old LSU student. The assailant is a 32-yr-old Alabama fan, Brian Downing.

    Downing first poked his finger into the ears and nostril of the victim to determine just how passed out he really was. Then he exposed his genitals fully, climbed up onto the restaurant counter and humped the left side of the victim’s face for a full minute in full view of Krystal employees and a crowd of cheering ‘Bama fans! Krystal employees alerted their manager who finally showed up and halted the assault and ordered the assailant to zip up his pants. That didn’t happen until more than 4 minutes into the video clip.

    The New Orleans Police Department made a public announcement asking for anyone with information to come forward, but that was after the local TV News programs aired the video with the offending parts blurred out.

    Someone in Alabama called Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor and told him that he needed to see the video because the assailant is his cousin! Sheriff Taylor was shocked, to say the least, and called his counsin in for questioning. Then he called the New Orleans police and informed them that cousin Brian, accompanied by his lawyer, was headed to New Orleans.

    Brian Downing was charged with one count of sexual battery and one count of obsenity and booked into Central Lockup at 1:00 a.m., Jan. 20. He spent the rest of the night in Orleans Parish Prison. He was released in the morning on $10,000 bond.

    It was the victim’s father who filed a complaint with LSU Campus Police the morning after the video aired on TV. That’s when the NOPD made a public announcement asking for anyone with information to come forward. An Alabama resident then called the sheriff to tell him that the assailant was his cousin Brian.

    Brian Downing’s employer saw the video, too. Downing has been fired from his job!

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