1. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    While I am loathe to defend anything Romney says, twisting what he said in the embedded video into what the thread title implies is kind of beneath what this site is about. There is a world of a difference between liking to fire people and liking to be able to “fire” companies that do not provide good service.

    We regularly complain about others twisting what we say. Let’s not get caught up in that same game. There is enough damning stuff coming out of their mouths already, we don’t need to manufacture falsehoods and strawmen.

  2. QJ201 says

    Could be twisted to say that Mitt is anti-union and against job protections. Even though most states have “at will” employment laws.

  3. Redebbm says

    Twisted? perhaps most words are. His record shows he is a job killer though and profits (yes present tense) off the destruction of the American Middle Class. He jokes about being unemployed and yet has the audacity to criticize Obama’s record when we have actually been adding more private jobs. So whats his asset again besides the buckets of money he has and says people need to run for office?

  4. cmoore says

    Wow.. he’s handed the Obama campaign a few nukes already for the general election.. “I like firing people”.. “corporations are people too”.. Bain capital firing people who struggle just to pay the bills… while he quadruples the size of (one of) his own mansions!

    Here is a guy who is completely out of touch with the average American/poor and middle class!

  5. Kelly Young says

    As GOP presidential contenders go, I kind of like Jon Huntsman, but this twisting and distorting of Mr. Romney’s statement is beneath him. Of course we all “like to fire people” who serve us poorly. That is why Harris Teeter competes with Giant competes with Whole Foods. That is what drives progress, reduces prices, and increase quality. I only WISH I could fire my health care insurance company so easily, instead of having to either quit my job or persuade my employer to change its benefit menu. But if you don’t “like to fire people” too, just hang out at a Post Office…just don’t make the rest of us join us by limiting our right to “fire people.”

  6. BC says

    Once again…out of context. He said he wants to fire people he hires to provide a service when they don’t provide that service effeciently and in a cost effective way. God damnit with the clips that don’t tell the whole story. If you hire someone to cut your grass and they only do a half assed job, are you going to fire them?

    Again, another completely irresponsible post on this website.