1. joesbrat67 says

    Right message, but delivered in the wrong location. He should have come to Portsmouth, NH and stopped by Colby’s restaurant. He would have received a standing ovation AND be able to get in because he is NOT a politician! LOL!

  2. Matt says

    What a stupid article, RON PAUL loves this country and supports a persons right to choose, grow up and learn how to do REAL research and you will find the truth. RON PAUL 2012

  3. say what says



    an honest to goodness Ronulan

    who either ignores away rp’s anti-semitism, racism, and desire to live in the a 12th century feudal society….or loves those qualities about rp

    ronulan’s OY

  4. say what says


    take a look at repub sites

    red state for example

    the repub party hates you ronulan’s and agrees with dems on how crazy you all are

  5. say what says

    @ Matt

    seriously look at redstate
    and or National Review

    here is just 1 example from repubs

    “…Ron Paul and his followers need to be purged from the GOP. Insanity and moral depravity are not good for any group….”

    The GOP has gotten tired it seems of the “libertarian” paulbots

    The rank and file are calling for a purge of you guys

  6. jason says

    Ru Paul is a media whore. Someone tell this idiot that his 15 minutes are up. Oh, and I don’t like his drag show, either. He’s a complete waste of space.

  7. Frank says

    @Jason. Gay people today enjoy more visibility and acceptance than we’ve ever known. I’d like to think that we owe part of that to people like Ru Paul, who were out and proud before it became trendy to be so. Do you find something wrong with his promotion of love and self acceptance? If you have a problem with is drag show, then don’t watch it.

  8. BearAspirin says

    Ru Paul is NOT Ron Paul. But have you ever seen Newt Gingrich and Mimi Imfurst in the same room together? Food for thought…

  9. ChrisMe says

    @ Bearaspirin bahahahahah! OMG that’s highlarious!

    Makes ya wonder! :)

    As a huge RU Paul *and* RON Paul fan, I love this!!

    I have learned so much and have grown so much because of both these people.

    They are truly my heros!!

    @say what, what are you talking about???