1. The Milkman says

    Ridiculous question. Of course he wouldn’t abort a gay baby. He’d let it be born, grow up bulled by classmates and shunned by family, and then spend the rest of his life seeing to it that the kid never had a chance at enjoying equal protection under the civil law.

  2. Gregoire says

    I just love that he is being grilled and harassed on the campaign trail about these issues. People of New Hampshire, well done! He should be accountable for all the nasty, hateful things he has accumulated.

  3. MichaelJ says

    Santorum would want to do much more than that, Milkman. He’d make sure that the unaborted gay kid was constantly being taught that heterosexuality was the norm for everyone and that homosexuality was a sin and a sick perversion. He’d make it next to impossible for the gay kid to find anyone else, young or old, like him- or herself so that he or she believed they were all along in the world and had to live in fear. He’d make sure that they had could envision no life for themselves other than the priesthood, the convent or a passionless life with someone of the opposite sex.

  4. David says

    It’s true. How can we give the repuglicans grief not being for gay marriage when President Obama has the same position?

  5. Michael in Toronto says

    I’m so pleased that New Hampshirites (is there such a word?) are giving him GRIEF.

  6. says

    He and his wife already had one abortion (oh, I mean an induced labor of a non-viable fetus), so what’s to prevent him from aborting another?

  7. says

    Well said, Milkman. And, David, Frothy’s and Romney’s positions are not the same as Obama’s. Those who can’t distinguish the difference are either being disingenuous or dumb.

  8. Robert in NYC says

    David, President Obama may not currently support same-sex marriage, but at least he’s apparently “evolving” on the issue. You won’t even get that from any of the clowns running for the presidency. If he were governor of a state, I doubt if he’d veto a marriage equality bill if passed as the republicans would do. Just look at Governor Christie of New Jersey who’s vowed to veto any bill legislated for marriage equality. No candidate running for marriage equality, democrat or otherwise would get the nomination. Who knows, he may even have fully evolved if he’s re-elected. He’ll have nothing to lose after that.

  9. says

    “The only difference is between myself and any of them is that when somebody asks me a question I answer it.”

    — he said as he refused to answer the question of whether he’d abort a gay baby.

  10. Gregoire says

    Obama kicked DADT to the curb and has rendered DOM mostly useless. Anybody continuing to ignore those facts is just being ludicrous for absurdity’s sake.

  11. Married in MA says

    @ David – He does not answer a question he doesn’t like. Instead, he answers the question with a question in order to change the sunject. Or uses some other tactic. He’s a dipwad, as you know! LOL

  12. BobN says

    And a big thank you to the moron who asked the stupid question.


  13. jaragon says

    He would never abort a gay baby because in his mind a baby is innocent and it’s only later when he is exposed to the morally corrupt culture that he will choose to become a homosexual person.

  14. Mary says

    Sometimes I think the gay rights movement is being run by Karl Rove. Here’s why its really not a great idea to ask Santorum whether or not he’d abort a gay fetus: because a lot of voters will ask gays if THEY would abort a fetus that they knew would grow up to be politically conservative. and hence, a likely homophobe. Many people are asking this question in their living rooms and kitchens, if not necessarily out in public.

    Don’t blame the messenger. I’m just letting you know that you’re not likely to have the effect you’re after with this question. Personally, I doubt Santorum would abort a gay fetus. And any pro-lifer who would is a hypocrite who deserves to be called out for it. All human life is sacred – and that include gay human life.

    End of Reverend Mary’s sermon!

  15. classychazy says

    I think someone who does not automatically “hell no”!! Does not deserve to be parent.

  16. Anonymous says

    Rick Santorum was not welcome at Rivier College, the students did not have a say if he came or not. I am confused as to why he was even let on campus as supposedly our college is a place of acceptance, faith, and love. His values seem to contradict everything that is good about my school. He has tainted the campus with his fear of gay people and his general ignorance of just about every subject. Truly, a class act, in the worst possible way.

  17. says

    Mary, the gay rights movement didn’t ask the abortion question, one person did. Alas, with free speech and all, we can’t regulate questions for intelligence any more than we can monitor politicians’ answers for truthfulness or intelligence. (If we could Rick would have melted into a frothy puddle and evaporated long ago.) Not a question I would have asked him, because the only answer is both obvious and meaningless, but if someone judges the whole gay rights movement over it, they weren’t on our side to begin with.

  18. sara says

    @Mary Your analogy doesn’t make sense as no one is born conservative or homophobic. Hate is a learned behavior.

    And are people really discussing whether gay people will abort a baby? What a waste of time. Two women or two men are not going to spontaneously have children, it’s going to have to be planned (surrogacy, adoption etc). I’ll go out on a limb and say most people who plan to have children and go through that much trouble aren’t going to be aborting them.

    Also it’s one individual spontaneously asking a question of Santorum. It’s hardly a Karl Rove strategy. Santorum’s numbers in New Hampshire has flatlined since people have been asking these gay rights questions so I don’t see the harm, even with silly questions. Wasn’t it Ms. Ann Coulter who recently said that gay babies would be aborted by liberals.Why aren’t you on her website saying how much harm she’s doing to conservative causes by saying stupid things?

  19. Jack says

    Rick Santorum has no business preaching about the evils of homosexuality when he was out there ENDORSING PEDOPHILES FOR AWARDS…

    Santorum Gave Sandusky Award

    At a campaign stop in Iowa last week, Rick Santorum was questioned by a voter about why he gave an Angels in Adoption award to former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, recently indicted on charges of molesting eight children. “Santorum explained that he lacked knowledge of the situation at the time and noted that the award has since been withdrawn,” the University of Northern Iowa newspaper reported. The questioner replied, “So we shouldn’t trust Obama with our kids, but we can trust you?”

  20. Mary says

    I can seet that my post was poorly worded and gave the wrong impression. My apologies. I didn’t mean to imply that the gay community as a whole is responsible for everything a single person may shout out regarding gay rights. I just meant that what this woman asked about aborting gay babies was not a question likely to help your cause and that it would be good to at least advise people against tactics like this. Most voters are weary of culture war issues and whoever seems most aggressive in bringing them up is likely to be resented.

    And as for Ann Coulter, although she and I are ideologically aligned, I often find her writings abrasive and sometimes bizarre. However, she doesn’t show up at campaign stops shouting things out to candidates. People who like what she’s selling go to HER website. But I agree with you that she has said some really stupid things. The right-wing has its own set of self-destructive tendencies.

  21. Mary says

    How about this? A gay couple goes to a Santorum rally or meeting. When called upon to ask a question one of them says:

    “Senator, this is my husband Steve. He and I have been togther for 34 years, married for 2 years when it became legal in Iowa. Together we’ve held 6 jobs, started two businesses, and raised 3 sons. We now have 5 grandchildren. We respect what your family has contributed to American society. We hope that one day you will be able to respect what ours has contributed.”

    I thought I’d try offering a suggestion rather than being critical. Now excuse me while I go into hiding because if any social consservatives found out what I just advised you to do they’d have me killed and buried in the basement of the Heritage Foundation! (…..well, maybe I’m kidding)

  22. uffda says

    Sara@ I respectfully disagree, while people may not be born homophobic I think they are born with a penchant for either a conservative or liberal view. Gilber and Sullivan put it well – “For every boy and every girl/born into the world alive/ Is either a little liberal/or else a little conservative.” Just one of the many kinds of biases we may, indeed, be born with. It’s not all nuture. But we can also change intentionally.

    What’s really interesting is when restrained, suspicious kinds of children are born into a liberal household of “free thinking” parents and it doesn’t take: the kids are ashamed of mom and dad. I’ve seen this up close, the parents were astounded and could not account for it. More common perhaps is the bad-ass preacher’s kid, a fact of life and folklore.

  23. TJ says

    Um, MARY, nice try. But when confronted, even with reality, people defend. I doubt that Frothy would budge an inch. But I dont negate your strategy, especially if an observer, not too identified with the person confronted, and of an open mind, saw the obvious decency and said, “Wait.”

    I have many straight friends. They see and interact with me and my partner of nearly 25 years. They see our decency, our relevancy, and our legitimacy.

    The person who asked the provocative question merely created controversy. It drew attention. As you pointed out, the hyperbolic nature was likely polarizing. But I hope you can begin to understand the frustration behind a statement that seeks to underscore the horribly judgmental and ultimately immoral nature of an ideologue such as Frothy. Moral delimma, religious conservatives: Many of you would sanction our extermination, because you feel we are an abomination. So, what if we were gay from birth? How do you feel about abortion now?

  24. TJ says

    UFFDA – seriously, you try my patience, and not just because of your (shudder) Gilbert and Sullvan reference. What do you know of temperament and child development? Born with bias? My Aunt Fanny!

  25. says

    Mary, your suggestion is fine (though I would never include “respect” and a reference to Rick Santorum in the same question–one can be diplomatic, but far-fetched lying is another matter . . . ), but you’re really reinventing the wheel. Marriage equality supporters have been making such points/asking such questions for years. Most of us aren’t out screaming inflammatory questions (not that they can’t have their place) but effectively working away. The successful push for equality in VT was led by people who never strayed off message or lost their cool. We didn’t sit at county fairs next to tractor booths for 20 years for nothing. In other words, we know what we’re doing, though mistakes will be made (some idiotic ads in CA etc.). On another note, the push-back against Santorum has been very effective in NH. Any surge that frothed up in IA is likely to be extinguished by NH–he and his sweater vests will be back in mothballs soon.

  26. Skooter McGoo says

    Little Ricky can’t answer that true to his heart because he knows that his “yes I would” comment could open up a whole new bag of Santorum upon his campaign to become the Catholic Dictator of the United States of Dominionist dogma.
    @Little KIWI I hadn’t put the numbers together like that but makes perfect sense in the realm of God’s law that Santorum wants made into USA law.