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Man Screaming 'No Hate' is Dragged Out of Santorum Event: VIDEO


A man chanting "no hate" was dragged from a Rick Santorum event in Lady Lake, Florida today, Think Progress LGBT reports. The incident comes two days after the candidate was glitterbombed in South Carolina.


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  1. Gay people should start showing up at every GOP stop and scream their heads off over and over and over at all the hate the GOP and the Religious fanatics are spewing. Make the stops for these haters so unbearable that no one will show up. Alert the media!

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Jan 23, 2012 8:03:05 PM

  2. Much better than glitter bombing.

    Posted by: candide001 | Jan 23, 2012 8:34:05 PM

  3. What a silly waste. STOP trying to tear down walls of the enemy (it's a waste) and START building forces for the Gay Civil rights Struggle. To stand and yell "No Hate" is childish. This is NOT ACTUP nor the AIDS crisis.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Jan 23, 2012 9:01:10 PM

  4. Geez Sargon. Why dont ya just say "cant we all just get along?". I'd like to see you "turn the other cheek" when these cretins nail YOUR KID or YOUR PARTNER to a fence post. I'm with OS2GUY. You sound like a pacifist that says thank you for table scraps. Not realizing they're fattening you up for the slaughter. LMAO. Then again, you just might be a troll. I'm all for keeping my opinions to myself when they wont really matter, but...I never underestimate the power of a well placed "go F_ _ K yourself". Which is exactly what I am gonna do if this prick shows up in MY community.

    Posted by: Steven | Jan 24, 2012 2:07:43 AM

    Santorum and his ilk are the people who incite hatred, hiding under the guise of free speech. Every one of their irrational, "faith based" notions should be challenged at every opportunity.
    They quote their "one book"-based self satisfied rules to deprive equal rights for others and to harm us; they are still killing gays all over the world, still beating us up, still bulling young gays in High School.Santorum is preaching a Christian philosophy that we are not equal or entitled to equality with straights.

    Everything is ACT UP; a young boy who is hounded into suicide is as much entitled to his life as anyone in the Aids crisis....and just as entitled to our screaming protests.
    You know the poem, "When they came for the gypsies, you were silent; When they came for the Jews you were silent......etc.

    Well we are on notice; but when they come for us, to deprive us of our rights we will not be silent.
    Sargon; your complacent comment shames us.
    @STEVEN: I totally agree.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Jan 24, 2012 4:48:52 AM

  6. I don't get why some posters on here feel the need to call others names for adding their comments. You can make a valid, logical point and lose all credibility by going to that level. If you're so against these politicians for giving platforms to bullies, you might want to realise that calling someone names is maybe the most pervasive form of bullying. You don't have to agree but you can show respect.

    Posted by: Tim | Jan 24, 2012 8:10:01 AM

  7. What Tim said.

    Posted by: John | Jan 24, 2012 8:40:27 AM

  8. I'm sure the same thing happened back in 1920's Munich every time Hitler spoke.

    Posted by: Peter | Jan 24, 2012 8:44:59 AM

  9. Preaching to the deacons will get us nothing. We have to get as many of our own to vote Democratic no matter what, because if we lose in 2012, bullying, suicide, and general persecution against us will be the accepted rule.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jan 24, 2012 5:02:41 PM

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