1. says

    the irony! right. because it’s us liberal gays with liberal families that are constantly apologizing for being gay, minimizing it, and downplaying it.


    if gay liberals with liberal parents are so fraught with pain how come we’re the ones that don’t hide?

    oh gay conservatives, keep pretending your parents love and respect you. truly. keep it up. 😉

  2. Lance says

    ERNESTINE: I fail to see what was sexist about that comment. Ann truly does look terrible and almost like a crack whore.

    Insulting a female != insulting being female.

  3. woodroad34d says

    Jeez! just replace “straight” for “gay” and all those people may have something. Aisha Taylor was right–straight people have really f**cked up marriage and pretty much everything else — not gays. Just look at Michelle & Marcusfuckedus Bachman, Man Coulter, Rick Frothymixture, Pope Childmolester or any of the rest of them.

  4. John B. says

    Ann Coulter turned 50 in December. I’m nearly the same age (turning 50 in a few days) but I’m in a happy 29 year relationship with another man. I wonder, what does Ms. Coulter have to show for her heterosexuality?

  5. Pete n SFO says

    NPR used a quote from the Family Research Council guy just today-

    Aren’t they the hate-group?

    What’s it going to take to get these ppl to stop supporting their hatred by giving them a mic & notoriety?


  6. jack says

    Coulter is just a bomb thrower. That’s how she gets media attention. But, i sure hope she was right when she said that if the republicans didn’t pick Christie, Romney would win the nomination and republicans would lose to Obama. I sure hope that this is one of the few times in her life that she was right.

  7. Ronny says

    Oliver and Air: you may consider Coulter physically unattractive, but that really has nothing to do with the argument being presented. That’s why those comments are considered sexist–especially since none of the males in the video were subject to the same scrutiny. And we as a society already tend to give greater leverage and weight to those who our culture has deemed physically attractive, which is really counterproductive to any notions of equality or civil rights. Let’s focus on how ugly the language is.

  8. classychazy says

    Wow!!!! Open moth and insert foot. The annoying fat Blondel is the reason I stopped watching SNL. Someone should cut those annoying vocal cords. It makes my ears bleed to hear her talk.

  9. bgk says

    Dismissing a woman because she’s ugly = sexist. Especially when said women says such vile, ugly things, its easy to retort her on the merits of her argument, and not her physical looks.

    Just like its homophobic to say. “Man that queer’s a pansy, he looks like he’s never thrown a football in his life.”

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