1. Xavi says

    So, just how foolish is the Mittens PAC? Voters are impressed by multi-lingual, educated, and experienced candidates, not put off.

    Huntsman is way more impressive than any of the GOP bozos [and they are bozos]. Penn undergrad, gov of that dreadfully LDS’y state, UT, ambassador to BOTH Singapore and Beijing. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Can other candidates claim this kind of expertise?

    Of all the GOP’ers, he appears the least anti-gay rabid, although I suspect he panders to the christianists, just as they all do.

  2. says

    Just as the GOPols stop seeming hilarious and start seeming really scary, along comes Huntsman to show there seems a commendable candidate. I doubt that the republicans will be able to see him, though, through that forest of fools…

  3. Gregoire says

    The problem is, Jon Huntsman is a commendable candidate compared to this GOP playing field. But compared to say, oh, people who should reasonably become president, I’m not so sure.

    This all just feels like 2004 all over again, with inferior alternatives to the incumbent (granted, the incumbent was pretty awful).

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