1. jason says

    Obama does not deserve to be re-elected. He has turned the economy into a basket-case. His record on gay rights is awful. His lies and deceptions are well known in relation to his failure to act on his promised “fierce gay advocacy”.

    He deserves to be a one-term President. Oh, and why aren’t there any gay men present? Didn’t want to offend true homophobes? This reminds me of the first same-sex Navy kiss which Obama ordered be female-female and not male-male.

    The man is a true homophobe.

  2. says

    Jason, hating Obama won’t make your dad love you. You should know this by now. you were born a disappointment and you’ll die a disappointment, and hating blacks, liberals and women won’t change that.


  3. George M says

    You really are an angry man, you might want to look in to that.
    You’ll be better off after he wins a 2nd term, but tell me how do you know he “ordered” the kiss to happen?

  4. jason says

    It is well known that the Obama administration was apoplectic about the notion of the first Navy kiss being a male-male one. I have sources.

    As for his economic record, it’s dismal.

  5. say what says

    jason forgot to take his meds again

    anyway; 1 of the best state of the union speeches

    & now pasty troll ghost daniels in blah blah blahing. What a horid choice for the R rebuttal. The worse hair plugs ever, boring, and known for being “P whipped” by his cheating wife who he took back after her affair

  6. Paul R says

    @Kiwi, you’re obviously bright, but these constant references to daddy issues have gotten old. It makes you resemble Rick/Jason in obsessiveness. Sorry, but move on. You have so much more to say.

  7. Steve says

    Obama focused on (1) getting Congress to do its job and (2) tax equity for everyone. Seems like a good message. Solid speech.

    I only saw Boehner roll his eyes once.

    Jason – what’s your damage? Did you forget that the stock market crash happened in 2007, under Bush’s watch?

  8. TJ says

    Yeah, great speech. But even before he gave it, Boner was out there spouting the “same old failed policies” meme. Whatever his flaws, Obama has always had an impossible uphill climb. I really wish people listened, especially to the ending, when he talked about working together and watching each other’s backs. It truly is how we can be great. “Rugged individualism” and “me first” relies on crumbs falling off the table in order to get away with looting the spoils. And as we have seen since the mortgage/banking debacle, “me first” really means Firetruck you.

  9. ratbastard says

    PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED strategy for President Obama’s 2012 campaign is to ‘court’ so-called minorities [especially Hispanic; black folks are old news and have been eclipsed in the ‘minority’ department by Hispanics], women [white women are very important swing vote]; and to right off, even demonize, ‘white’ so-called working-class [pretty much any white who isn’t living in the suburbs and employed in a ‘profession’] especially, of course, white males [those evil white devils]. Gays are too small in numbers and as far as a ‘rainbow’ coalition, here’s a newsflash: Most fellow so-called minorities are just as homophobic if not more-so than anyone else. The only time they pay attention to gays [correction: pretend they care] is when they need $$$ or a vote turns out to be very close and then every ‘progressive’ vote counts.

  10. Max says

    Jason, Obama didn’t turn the economy into a basket-case. Bush did that. Obama just made it worse. I’ll agree that he is a very disappointing “fierce advocate.”

    Little Kiwi brings up daddy issues in two comments and racism in one. Completely acrid and off topic as usual. Dude needs some meds.

  11. Jim says

    MORE has been done for Gay Rights during the Obama administration than ANY time in history. Period! The Gay Community had better get behind this man or you will all end up with the sad excuses from the Republican party. STOP this bashing of the President!

  12. say what says

    ratbastard well then white working class males will be left as orphans since the latest polls show them totally turned off by the repubs

    Anyway; your observation is a false one. In fact I could make an argument that a large part of the reason obama is center right economicaly (even Reaganesque, the real reagan of history who could never make it as a repub today not the zombie reagan myth) because he is trying to fulfill some subconscious need for approval from white males

  13. say what says

    M scott

    yeah , having an openly gay military man sitting in the First Lady’s box is totally nothing .

    It has always been done and doesn’t signify the repeal of DADT at all

    Nothing what so ever

    (snark tag) in case you are snark impaired

  14. TJ says

    MARKUS: Um, I don’t think that daddy issues are KIWI’s problem. But the indication I’m getting that the message is getting lost might be worth looking into (hint hint KIWI).

  15. Larry says

    Lets not forget President Obama made it possible for the LGBT community to visit their sick or ill partners in the hospital without familys permission. Thank you President Obama.

    If it wasn’t for this President we would be still waiting outside in the waiting room area begging the nurse to let us in.

  16. tommyboy10T says

    Excuse me… you cannot the president for the failed economic policies, he can only do so much. And if you have no support from Congress and in fact a Congress who has blantanly blocked every effort … you cannot expect anything to get better. The republican controlled House made it quite clear their goal is to block the president at every turn.
    Now, Election will be very interesting because many of the congress is up for re-election and most people have vowed to vote them out of office and start fresh… I say with a new term for the president and a new congress we have a fighting chance…
    With a Newt (slimy character) you will have the same ole same ole … Newt Gingridge has no intension of helping anybody but himself … how people cannot see that, is beyond me!!
    the president in a second term, has nothing to lose … so all president do very little their first term and then really nail things their second term!! hopefully, this will be the case…in the last few months the president has really started to challenge the congress … he is not backing down, and he shouldn’t. He has leadership potential…but without support, you cannot win!! I have been there on a smaller scale, and you have be very clever to make an impact.

  17. rocko says

    My opinion..Obama in a few month will be fighting for his job. His opponents so far are all ultra conservative and have riled much of the country.
    Let’s focus on what he has done, in under 4 yrs, and make sure he gets re-elected so he can do a little more..Ours is not the only agenda, and it is hard to get anything pushed through with congress being what it is..
    4 yrs is not a long time to inflict change, it took George 2 terms to put the country in the shitter..
    I would hope people can see the big picture and not just their own plight in this time frame..
    Also as I have said before..if the gays had started with domestic partnerships instead of marriage, we would be a lot further along in this fight.

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