1. shle896 says

    He “fights for his brother’s right to marry”, but continues to vote Republican? If he really cared about his brother’s right to marry, he wouldn’t vote for the very people who are so vehemently trying to take that away from him. What a joke.

  2. Andrew says

    Yeah, you’re right. We should just tell Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and her kind that they can take their support and shove it. Sounds like a winning strategy to me!

  3. Frank J. Schneider says

    Why on earth does this guy identify as a “conservative Republican?” I believe in a small government too, but I’m a Democrat! Come-on Craig come on over to the “dark side!” – you can actually have all of the same beliefs that you currently have now; support your brother, keep government out of people’s private lives and ALSO be a Democrat or at the very least be Independent!

  4. Paul Allen says

    Yeah makes sense to be a democrat. So many strides have happened….the bigger joke is that democrats would rather deal with half-hearted lies then really have a candidate that believes in something. At least the Republicans aren’t two-faces like the democrats. Neither are great, but Democrats are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

  5. JP says

    Do people realize that not every Republican is a bigot? Some of them honestly believe that Republicans have better positions on a variety of issues including economic issues and foreign policy.

    I happen to be a Democrat, but it is wrong to judge an entire party as bigoted.

  6. says


    I’m a foreigner , living here when I’m allowed …
    I have heard none of the Republican candidates support gay rights…..i have heard them speak against equality….even speak against the repeal of DADT.

    I have heard then pander to the Messianic/Evangelicals…….just to court populist resentment. It seems to me there is no level to which the basest Republicans will not stoop.
    On the other hand, the Democrats seem to believe in the social contract;that by living in a society we accept that there are basic social obligations; looking after the poor, health care for all; everyone to pay taxes according to their income and expenditure.

    And the extremist Republicans besmirch this idea with their (false) epithets, socialism, communism, European !!!

    It’s time for the Republicans to accept the Social Contract or be consigned to history and make room for more liberal progressive radicals like Madison, Jefferson and yes, Hamilton.

  7. NiceRed says

    When a political party allows itself to be hijacked by bigoted religious zealots, the entire party can quite safely be considered bigoted. If they don’t like that label, then they can decide not to endorse people like Hermann Cain and Rick Santorum.

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