1. christopher says

    The self delusion it takes to believe that Gnewt is a moral person is only exceeded by the self delusion it takes to believe this end-of-times claptrap, there are no surprises here.

  2. says

    You may like my video about Newt’s three marriages at

    There are chickens in it. Everybody loves chickens!
    It also ends with a splash of Santorum!

  3. Joel says

    Wow! I had heard of the books, but I thought that they were just deliberate fantasy. Maybe like Babylon 5, only not so good. The idea that the author believes that nonsense is truly frightening.

  4. nick says

    The burning question is -who does the most famous devotee of LEFT BEHIND fairy tales endorse.
    Of course I am speaking of that actor that rivals Olivier – KIRK CAMERON- endorse? Or is he too busy makin’ babies with his good little Xtian wife to be concerned about this. Come to think of it- we haven’t seen much of Kirk the Jerk- maybe he has already been raptured up?

  5. Patrick says

    I’ve read the original Left Behind series – a good plot, but overall bad writing. And nary an explicit mention of homosexuality – go figure. But don’t let that fool you – LaHaye is just another Christian fundamentalist homophobe. Gingrich will cherish the endorsement.

  6. says

    i love how self-styled Christians directly oppose the VERY SPECIFIC words attributed to Jesus Christ about the need for prayer to be done IN PRIVATE.

    stunning, eh? “Christians” who utterly ignore and/or disregard and disobey His specific instructions in the Sermon on the Mount.

  7. uffda says

    Left Behind? What about the Right behind? Oh that’s Gingritch.

    While the production values of this film are impressive, creepy really, the story itself is the best comedy I have ever experienced: American evangelical hysteria at its most brainless and tortured. Yet it has a Nazi “Juden” appeal that should not be entirely minimised, and that isn’t funny at all.

  8. Chris says

    Maylieze I suspect was a desperate, and entirely unsuccessful, stab at spelling malaise. I guess he couldn’t bring himself to spell a French word correctly.
    Little Kiwi, the bible quotes you are looking for come from Matthew 6:5 and 6:6. It begins ‘When you pray, do not pray in public as the hypocrites do…’

  9. JakePHX says

    From the context, I think that “maylieze” is how the illiterate spell “malaise”. Y’know, that word Jimmy Carter got in trouble for using?

  10. Brad says

    Wait, am I missing something? Gingrich is one of the two obvious front runners in the republican primary? Has he placed better than 3rd or 4th in any contest yet? Isn’t he third or fourth in south Carolina right now too?

  11. Robert in NYC says

    Who but a republican would think and speak like that? It’s a party of loonies and hate mongers.

  12. Bart says

    Supporting Newt as a Christian leaves only one question: Does this guy know he’s been divorced — not a Biblical must-do — twice???? Seriously? How dumb are these people?

    Never mind, I just watched this movie clip. Enough said.

  13. Mary says

    I’m perplexed by this endorsement. Surely LaHaye is aware of Newt’s personal history. The man dumped two wives for younger, more attractive models – he wasn’t simply divorced two times due to bad luck. LaHaye was one of the founders of Moral Majority in 1979. I can’t imagine Jerry Falwell ever endorsing a serial adulterer.

    Why wouldn’t LaHaye endorse Rick Santorum, who just received the imprimatur of a group of influential Christian Right leaders after a big pow-wow? I wonder if it could be anti-Catholic or anti-Italian prejudice. I’ve always had a high regard for Tim LaHaye and hope I’m wrong about his motives.

  14. Red Sierra says

    I don’t understand who or what this idiot endorses should be of any interest to me as a gay person.

  15. Mike says

    Tim LaHaye lost any and all credibility forever when he publicly thanked God for Capitalism. Another Bible-thumper who claims God wants him to be rich despite what it actually says in the Bible.

  16. John says

    It’s not just the divorces — it’s the much more serious fact that Newt was committing fairly flagrant adultery while still in the now-terminated marriage(s). Divorce can happen to anyone if the other partner is unwilling to make the marriage work. But in Newt’s case, it seems as though HE was the one who disrespected his marital vows and dishonored his commitments to wives 1 and 2. Surely we can do better in picking a President. The national CEO is, after all, inevitably viewed as a moral role model for the nation and especially its youth, for better or (in the case of Bill Clinton) worse.

  17. says

    Lahaye wants a Newt sandwich, hold the maylieze!

    Let them feed off of each other’s delusions. The End Times are already here for Newt’s campaign.

  18. john patrick says

    Tim LaHaye is speaking nonsense. He wrote The Unhappy Gays some years ago. It was full of lies an contradictions about gay people. A local Catholic religious goods store had it on their shelves. I took a copy of the book to them and asked to speak with the person who purchased his books. When he came to speak with me, I pointed out the nonsense in the book and asked him if he would stock an antisemitic book. While we were speaking, another gay man, who taught an LGBT history course at a local college, joined in the conversation confirming what I was saying. The book was removed from their shelves. Tim LaHaye has a long history of antigay activism.

    His drivel about the “religious” remarried Reagan who didn’t go to church, and his drivel about “socialism” and Obama is just as outrageous and false. His support of the serial polygamist Gingrich is laughable. Gingrich has a set of “moral values” for our nation, but not for himself. LaHaye might well read the Gospels, wherein Jesus says it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom, and in which he extols the virtues of the poor, and makes clear that he is on the side of the poor and the needy.

  19. Ninong says

    @ANON: I’m sure Tim LaHaye’s gay son, Lee, was not too pleased to see his father write a book titled “The Unhappy Gays.”

    Speaking of Rick “Frothy” Santorum, he was just anointed as The Chosen One by a group of 150 Talibangelical leaders at their conclave near Houston this weekend. Unless one of them is ready to dump about $10 million into Frothy’s campaign coffers I don’t think it will make any difference. They’re a few months late and several million dollars short of making a difference.

  20. jack says

    With As.holes like LaHaye on your side you can’t win. He is a loser and so is that adulterer Newt. The bleached blond bimbo homewrecker who is the Newsters present wife is also a stone tied around his neck. Obama is unlucky to be presiding over such a bad economy, but is very lucky to have such morally bankrupt opponents.

  21. EconProf says

    LaHayewire: “It’s the lie of evolution that all man are just evolved and that they’re all equal, and that all creatures are equal.” He’s one of the special ones that gets to go to heaven, remember? And having Noot the warhawk will more quickly assure the Armageddon necessary for Jeebus to return. It’s theocratic neofascism at it’s finest! Bring on the horsemen!

  22. EconProf says

    maylieze –[may lies] noun 1. lies repeated so often that they are believed to be true. 2. the information presented by Faux News and the Christian Dominionists – usage: “We’ll begin very early in the campaign with the maylieze, but by November, EVERYONE will believe them!”

  23. Truth says

    Obama,Gingrich,Romney etc.They are all the same.It doesn’t matter who rules in the white house.Democracy is simply the freedom of the people to vote for their next dictator who is always enslaved to the agenda of those who really rule.Instead of using Christianity to play dirty politics it is time for Christians to go back to the Bible and follow what it says about the end times: