1. KP says

    I love 30 Rock but I think they are taking a big risk by using the Tracy Morgan incident as a plot for one of their episodes. I will have to wait and see the episode but I feel it will not air without some controversy.

  2. says

    When a man jokes that little Gay children deserve stabbing to death, it is not fodder for humor. Both this forthcoming “30 Rock” episode and the snarky Web musical are inappropriate. Americans nowadays think everything is fodder for humor! Nobody knows when to be serious anymore. That’s what I call idiotic.

  3. says

    i forgive Mr. Morgan. I don’t feel he’s homophobic, but was indeed homo-ignorant: simply utterly disconnected from the very specific struggles facing LGBT people.

    he’s done more in the wake of this scandal to rectify it than most others who get called out for doing the same thing.

    i think this is actually a good way to address it.

    notice, folks, that nobody has ever criticized Kevin Hart for his unfunny gay “jokes” , especially those on his best-selling comedy special “Seriously Funny”

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