Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1050

ONE HOUR PER SECOND: The amount of video being uploaded to YouTube.

JOAN RIVERS VS CHELSEA HANDLER: "Don't you come after me you whore."

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? The ABC News hidden camera show heads into gay marriage proposal territory this week.

ELIZABETH WARREN: It gets better.

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    My husband and I live in SF and he has his own architectural firm. We often attend ground breakings, project openings, award dinners and, I dunno, maybe it’s because he’s the head of the firm or maybe its that same-sex marriage is more acceptable here, but never once when he has introduced me before these groups (as his husband), has anyone boo’d or made disparaging remarks. There is a round of applause and later people go out of their way to meet us. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when Greg introduces our 4YO son and Steven buries his head embarrassed by the attention. The ohhhs and ahhhs are very sweet.

    I’m not stupid. I do know that if we arrived as a family in a red-neck state or city we could easily find ourselves in harm’s way. The clip above with the woman chastising the homophobic guy over his dislike for the public marriage proposal gives me much hope. I applaud ABC for broadcasting this particular television moment. It should appear this Friday night on ABC (Channel 7 in SF).

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