1. Carlos says

    I may very well be in the minority when I post this comment, but here it goes: Just as we GLBT folk have been shamed for being ourselves, I hope this film, in some way, turns the tables on those in society who would shame us.

  2. jack says

    If you want to know how backward Islam is, check out this story. It takes place in Turkey, the muslim nation freest from the stagnating influence of Islamic dogma.

  3. John says


    I don’t agree with you. During the Ottoman times Turkey had the most gay men in the world! Secondly, Turkey is not a Islamic country, how would you know what religion that particular family is? Lastly, even in America gay people can get shot. If you don’t believe me then read this:

    Horrible things like this should never happen in any part of the world. Unfortunately, there will always be haters no matter what or who you are.

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