Posts from February 15, 2012

What Homosexuality is Not: VIDEO


Remember the 'Gay Rights Movement' clip that went viral a month ago? Ryan James Yezak has posted two more clips in support of the documentary he's working on — one called 'what homosexuality is not' and another which riffs off the…

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1065

KISS IT FORWARD: A PSA from Marriage Equality USA and Revenge Is that celebrates all love being equal. NEW HAMPSHIRE: A recent rally by anti-gay Christianist opponents of marriage equality got an earful from a rightfully furious angry lesbian. You go…

World’s Tiniest Chameleon Discovered: PHOTO


The world's tiniest chameleon, and one of the smallest vertebrates on Earth has been discovered on a tiny island off of Madagascar: In addition to the discovery of Brookesia micra, now the tiniest chameleon ever discovered, the researchers also a…