2,300 Gay Couples Married in New York Outside of NYC Since July

Some new statistics have been released about the number of gay and lesbian couples who married in New York state in other communities outside of New York City, the NYT reports:

Ny…statistics released by the state on Wednesday show that more than 2,300 same-sex couples have wed in other communities in the state since the Marriage Equality Act took effect.

Of the same-sex couples who specified their gender, 1,393 were made up of two women, and 983 of two men, according to the State Health Department, which compiled the statistics. The same-sex marriages made up about 7 percent of the more than 34,000 unions that the state has recorded since July 24, the day gay men and lesbians were first allowed to marry.

New York City tracks its licenses separately from the state, and did not have statistics available on Wednesday.

The numbers are likely undercounted, the paper adds, because specifying a gender is not required on marriage licenses and 20 percent of those issued since the marriage equality law took effect did not specify the gender of the couple joining in marriage.

Note: The AP, in its report, counts 2,400.


  1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    does anybody else here think that IPHONE, JAILBREAK and GOOGLE, all three of whom have posted above, are the same illiterate person?

  2. Robert in NYC says

    Daniel, quite possible but it is transparent why they’re here? Closeted self-loathers who just can’t stay away from the men by trolling gay sites. A well-adjusted normal straight male wouldn’t even conceive of coming here.

  3. Randy says

    Why wouldn’t a well-adjusted straight male come here on occasion? They may not read regularly, but I’ve seen blogs hosted by comfortably straight men refer to Towleroad articles.

  4. Mary says

    Towleroad is fascinating and informative – both the articles posted and comments section. Any straight person, male or female, would benefit from reading it at least occasionally.

  5. Lance says

    As one-half of one of those couples … yes, there is gay life in New York beyond the city … 😉