News: Oklahoma, Totes Amazeballs, Andy Warhol, LOGO

RoadBill to reinstate 'DADT' in Oklahoma National Guard is shelved.

TotesamazeballsRoadKellogg's creates 'Totes Amazeballs' cereal for Twitter user.

RoadAdam Levine joins the contraception debate, endorses the withdrawal method.

RoadAction on "Don't Say Gay" bill delayed for amendment: "The House Education Committee put off discussion of a measure meant to curb discussions about homosexuality in elementary and middle school for a week so new language can be added specifically protecting some talks between students and their teachers, school nurses and guidance counselors."

RoadChace Crawford plays shirtless football, poses for paparazzi in Cabo San Lucas.

RoadMark Ronson talks about his work on the new Rufus Wainwright album. "It has a sort of really warm, mid '70s T Rex, Young Americans, Lauren Canyon kind of vibe to it."

RoadSerbia to open first shelter for gays: "Dusica Davidovic, an official in the southern city of Nis, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) south of Belgrade, says the city needs a "safe house" where gays from the area could seek protection. A 19-year-old Serbian man was kicked out of his home last year after he publicly said he was gay. Stefan Radovic says his family has cut all ties with him and he has nowhere to live."

RoadNicki Minaj goes Smurf blue.

NortonRoad10 members of Congress pose for the NOH8 Campaign.

RoadAmazing Race advance producer Jeff Rice poisoned in Uganda after attempted shakedown. "Details are sketchy, but the source said that after refusing to give in to the demands of local thugs, Rice and another facilitator ended up very sick with poisoning of some kind."

RoadLOGO announces 2012 slate of shows, veers away from gay-specific programming: “These new projects are anchored by stories that go deep into today’s world: Wanting to start a family is a universal desire, no matter who you love. Families in business together during a recession could be the ultimate drama. Pets are now surrogate children for a lot of people—who go to great length to celebrate them.” Check out the new offerings here.

RoadVIDEO: Justin Theroux breakdances for Ellen DeGeneres.

SolanosRoadS.C.U.M. Manifesto: Andy Warhol shooter annotated her own book in the NY Public Library.

RoadAndy Warhol died 25 years ago today.

RoadScientists discover steamy "water world" planet.

RoadUK serial killer of gay men dies in prison: "He made a New Year’s Resolution on January 1, 1993 to become a serial killer and over the next six months killed five men he met at the Colherne pub in Earls Court. It was reported at the time he went back to his victim’s homes, got them to agree to be tied up, tortured and suffocated them."

RoadOpening statements could begin today in Tyler Clementi roommate case: "Jury selection in 19-year-old Dharun Ravi's trial began Tuesday in New Brunswick, N.J., where Ravi faces charges of bias intimidation, in addition to invasion of privacy. Because the two bias intimidation charges are considered hate crimes, each carries a potential prison term of 10 years.  "


  1. timmmeeeyyyyy! says

    Regarding LOGO’s new lineup:
    “These new projects are anchored by stories that go deep into today’s world.”

    Yes, dog makeovers, mafia princesses and child beauty queens really hit home for today’s LGBT community.

  2. Redebbm says

    I agree, LOGO has become a mess. It has never really been that good of a channel, but at least it had gay films and quirky shows that i had never seen (Pop Lab, Alien Boot Camp, Short Films, and of course Rick & Steve which was Brocka’s better work imo) All of which went away without any explanation. It then appeared that someone left the channel abandoned, while replaying Buffy wayyyy too much to which i didn’t even bother. When AbFab was put on i was like finally some good content, but then A-List killed my hopes. I had been thinking the channel needed another makeover but the new content sounds terrible, at least they will be replacing the reruns with Will & Grace, Golden Girls, 30 Rock, & AbFab. Which will forever be better than the new content they put out.

  3. uffda says

    So good to read that Serbia is considering a shelter for LGBT young people, and thank goodness that backward countries who want to join the EU have some housecleaning to do first.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    LOGO is so inept, they can’t even roll out the new AbFabs right. Whose idea was it to space out the new episodes by weeks and premiere them on different nights of the week as part of a block of reruns?

    Hell, they might as well let Edina and Patsy run the network– they couldn’t do any worse.

  5. Nat says

    It’s been fascinating watching the disintegration of specialty channels into non-specialized reality television channels. But in hindsight, it seems more than a little apparent that they were doomed. The explosion of options in the late 90s was occurring alongside increasing internet connectivity and decreasing revenues, and it was inevitable that reality television – cheap as it is to produce and license – would have to fill the gaps.

    I actually mourn the loss of integrity in some of the older channels more. I’m old enough to have had part of my childhood informed by A&E when they were airing Sherlock Holmes, not Dog the Bounty Hunter. But at the same time, if I want cultured programming, it’s only a few clicks away now, whenever I want.

  6. Paul R says

    The comments on Logo killed me with laughter. Thank you. Though lately I’ve starting watching 1 Girl, 5 Gays (yes, stupid title) and it amuses me after working too long. Thank you, Tivo.

  7. Robert says

    Well, Kellogg’s, you’ve done what age and maturity has so far been unable to get me to do, quit eating your cereal.

    As for Logo, ha! I knew it. It took more time than I thought, but, it’s finally happened. Yes, I’m a bitter old queen, but I’ve seen this happen way too many times.

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