1. MarkUs says

    Love when people make a truckload of dough and move to hotels, I mean “homes”, like the one above for “privacy”. Well, I suppose so, with a hundred rooms we’d never find you.

  2. Andreas says

    Of course she screams. But I (and at least 18 million other people last year) just LOVE the sound of her screams at album length! Also, I am pretty confident that almost everyone we talk about today will be forgotten in 50 years. But today, today Adele is awesome.

  3. theotherlee says

    Thank you ANDREAS for responding to MEGAMIKE… I so wanted to, but what was coming to mind wasn’t very nice.

    Safe to say, ‘to each their own’ as far as musical tastes go, but I’m with you, and the other 18 million people that LOVELOVELOVE Adele, her “screaming” and all.


  4. Aaron says

    I think she needs the guidance of Leontyne Price. Her voice has changed drastically over the last couple of years – forcing the power through her diaphragm uncontrolled will destroy her voice. Price was able to maintain her voice into her late 50’s and even much later as well.

  5. Mitch says

    @Andreas, agree that today she is awesome. Been loving her since her first CD. I like her style and music. Selfishly, I hope for her longevity.

    @Tom, I too lol’ed at the “sponsored by viagra”.

    After watching the interview, I suspect that Adele would also get a good laugh from the sponsorship!

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    She’s the latest Pet Rock of singers….millions sold. That being reminded over the weekend of what an ACTUAL great voice and talent is like in the original version of Whitney Houston didn’t wake more up out of the mass self-hypnosis over Adele is the musical equivalent of the election to two terms of George Bush II. Cooper claims she has an amazingly powerful voice? Yeh, and he’s heterosexual, too.

  7. Paul R says

    Whitney Houston had a relatively brief career, then became an entitled, abusive addict. She did next to nothing for at least the past 10 years, likely longer. I have no idea why people have been acting like the sky is falling because she overdosed. Yes, she once had a lovely voice. But she wrecked herself. She had the means to control her disease and chose not to do so.

    I’ve known a lot of addicts in far more dire situations who have corrected their lives. It’s been clear for ages that Houston was on a very severe downward spiral.

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