1. says

    I think most know how I feel about this issue and the HUD Secretary. My neighbor, openly gay and employed by HUD for the last 29 years, has been discriminated against repeatedly by his own HUD co-workers and HUD officials. Donovan can trumpet a non-discrimination policy but without credibility or belief by his own employees, it is useless. HUD needs to ensure every openly gay HUD employee is treated as fairly as Donovan claims HUD housing is to be for America’s citizens.

  2. Mary says

    This is good news. It is very hard to justify housing discrimination against anyone. Housing is a human need, not a luxury.

  3. Carl says

    OS2GUY, you cite one example of one HUD employee–a “neighbor” whose hearsay you obviously have chosen to believe–as evidence that HUD’s policy change is not credible.

    Even if your neighbor’s story is true, does it carry as much weight as a sweeping change in policy that affects tens of thousands of people who interact with HUD?

    I’m sick to death of nay-sayers. For crying out loud, can’t we just celebrate a victory–and be happy–once in a while?

    Sometimes I wonder: Are some of us so addicted to being marginalized that we can’t even acknowledge a win?

  4. ROGER hurd says

    does anyone ever review the pet policy;visiting pet”s not aloud it keep”s family from visiting on holiday”s xmas easter thansgiving and so on- family from out of state have no choice but to take dog with then someone with the power please review dog policy and reconsider so we can see are families once in awhile thank you so very much roger hurd