News: Super Bowl, Jack Frew, Germany, Christine Quinn, Bjork

RoadLGBT activists protest outside National Prayer Breakfast.

MonalisaRoadMona Lisa copy discovered at the Prado.

RoadOutsports gay guide to the Super Bowl. "Gay-friendly owners. Madonna. David Beckham in his underwear and 106 players in tight pants. Welcome to this year’s Super Bowl. Gay enough for you? For those who want to dazzle fellow Super Bowl partiers with obscure porn references and some insight to the game, I present my annual Super Bowl for the Clueless."

RoadBuzzfeed: Hotties of the Super Bowl.

RoadEbony: Four Black pastors at the forefront of LGBT equality.

RoadSarah Jessica Parker as feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

RoadMatt Bomer and Darren Criss to tackle Duran Duran on Glee: "A show source says the Duran Duran number will be 'very sexy and fun and big,' adding that Bomer is a 'big dancer,' and that Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, is a major Duran aficionado who 'has long hungered for some of these songs.'"

RoadJake Gyllenhaal reminds us it's actually winter somewhere.

Martin_curtisRoadMan enters plea in Santa Barbara hate crime murder: "The Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office says Curtis Martin pled no contest to first degree attempted murder and admitted a hate crime allegation. In September 2010, Martin stabbed a male employee twice in the neck, telling detectives he did it 'because he's gay, I don't like gay people…I hope he dies.' Martin is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 8. He faces a 26 years to life sentence.

RoadLiza Minnelli talks to the HuffPo about her mother, Judy Garland: "The biggest misconception people have about my mother is that she was so unhappy. I think people enjoy thinking that — some of them, anyway. They see the tragedy as opposed to the fact that she understood how to play tragedy."

RoadVIDEO: Bjork interviewed by Stephen Colbert, performs "Cosmogony".

FrewRoadScottish teen gets mandatory life sentence for murder of gay classmate Jack Frew: "Roy's defence team said he was worried that Jack (pictured) would tell his boyfriend, Christopher Hannah, about their previous sexual contact."

RoadGerman dad wants daughter institutionalized because she is trangender: "The Berlin Youth Office apparently agrees, and according to IGLYO, Alexandra is about to be committed. Afterwards, the Youth Office allegedly recommends that Alexandra be forced to go through puberty as a man, and then plied with 'football and cars' to make her more masculine. It also wants her placed with a foster family.."

RoadNational LGBT Cancer Network conducting survey focusing on the experience of LGBT people at the moment of a cancer diagnosis. If you know an LGBT person who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, they can participate here.

RoadNYT studies the relationship between City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her lobbyist friend Emily Giske: "Over the two decades of their friendship, each woman has become powerful — Ms. Quinn is the speaker of the City Council, while Ms. Giske is one of the best-connected and most popular lobbyists at City Hall and in Albany. And now, as Ms. Quinn seeks to solidify her status as a leading contender in the 2013 campaign for New York mayor, their close but complex relationship poses a challenge to both women, in a contemporary twist on a perennial political story line that will test Ms. Quinn’s leadership abilities if she is elected mayor."


  1. jason says

    There is nothing gay about Madonna, men in tight pants or David Beckham. Stop selling the gay community short. Fact: there are no openly gay or bisexual men in the NFL. This is the stat that should be uppermost in one’s minds, not this nonsense about men in tight pants being gay.

    I would have expected a little bit better from Towleroad, frankly.

  2. Mike says

    There’s a lot more to this story about the family in Berlin. For one thing, if you read the original article in taz,de, not the one you used as a source, but the original article it used, the father was absent for most of the child’s life, and only now wants to get involved. For the child’s own safety a foster family might be best. Also, the child is apparently already going through puberty, and wants to begin hormone treatments. That is what the Youth Authority ruled against. The issue is now going being appealed through the courts.

    Also, the original article doesn’t cite any other sources, and Google Translate mangles the article a little, including generating the phrase, “Professor smoked meat”. I have no idea how reliable is in the first place.

    Here is the original article, run through Google Translate:

  3. says

    why AREN’T there openly gay or bisexual men in the NFL? it’s not as if being Out will suddenly mean that fans won’t “think they can catch a pass anymore.”

    One surely can’t blame the lack of Out football players on “straight women” as Jason/Rick always wants to.

    So, why aren’t they Out? if they’re such big, tough, strong, physically imposing and financially well-off males then what, truly, is stopping them from being Out?

    I don’t understand. If a glittery little wisp of a twink can be Out, and LIVE Out, then what’s stopping these big strapping althletes from doing the same?

    Don’t tell me that there massively-built guys are afraid of “physical threat” when clearly enough non-built young’uns live in the same world and don’t give such excuses.

    they can’t even give the “marketing” excuse given by film producers: “Nobody will buy him as a leading man if they know he’s gay.”

    uh…”nobody will believe he’s a great quarterback if they know he’s gay…”?

    doesn’t one’s ability in the sport speak for itself?

    in other words Bjork continues to be rad as hell.

  4. uffda says

    There are too many reasons to list for why an NFL player – or anyone else – might choose to not be Out. Totally intolerant L. Kiwi would not undestand, however, (so why bother) because he CAN’T understand. His blockage baggage is too big, he’s too one-dimensional, (and not a little sociopathic towards those who do not subscribe to his views) to accept the varieties of gay men and the reasons for their choices. He’s a virulent simpleton in such matters with one overriding skilll: He’s a scold, flashes of brilliance notwithstanding.

  5. Paul R says

    If I were Gloria Steinem, I would be suing to block Sarah Jessica Parker from playing me.

    The picture of the hate crimes gay is scary, Liza is delusional, and I can’t wait to see Matt Bomer doing Duran Duran.

  6. says

    UFFDA – please explain the list of justifiable *reasons* that a fully-grown and financially successful (not to mention physically imposing) adult male in the NFL would have for not being Out.

    it’s clearly not *my* “intolerance” that’s stopping these grown adults from doing what countless young people are doing, and have done, for decades.

    so, if there’s “too many to list” you can start by simply giving me at least five. FIVE.

    five rational, logical, intelligent and justifiable “reasons” why these adult men cannot do what countless others have done for decades, in times and places far more violent and unforgiving than the one we’re currently in..

    by all means, dazzle me.

  7. Max says


    How reliable is the taz?
    Not very.

    If I remember correctly it is some kind of tabloid-ish newspaper.
    Like the New York Post maybe?
    Or, The Sun, above the DailyMail, below everything else.

  8. uffda says

    OK Little One, I’ll do it, but not right now. It will be very, very easy but you will be disappointed because by no means will many of the reasons be uniformly, or even remotely “rational, logical, intelligent or justifiable”. It doesn’t work that way, people don’t work that way, that’s what you don’t get.

    Many reasons will boil down to fear which itself has endless permutations wholly inaccesible to your expressed standards. Yes, it will be a waste of my time, which is why you’ll have to wait until bedtime (or first thing in the morning) when I will then be more willing to take on the heavy load of your contemptuous incredulity.

    As for what has to also be described as my own incredulity (not contemptuous but certainly puzzled), I was just just thinking what an outlandish, almost hilarious, question you have posed…”why AREN’T any NFL men out?… Baby, you must truly have parts missing to ask such a question. You should easily be able to answer it yourself, many times over. How are you ever going to be a playwright if you don’t understand people? Enough for my preamble. Stand by…

  9. Henry Holland says

    Little Kiwi:

    1. The NFL has a very large contingent of Bible thumpers, across racial lines (see: Tim Tebow). As you might have noticed, *as a group* Bible thumpers are not exactly gay friendly. Team is EVERYTHING in the NFL, if you’re perceived as not being part of that team, you are toast, full stop.

    2. Body size varies greatly, this isn’t baseball or hockey where it’s pretty much the same body type across the board. There’s 5’8″ 195 lbs. running backs and 6’9″ 350 lbs. d-linemen. Are you seriously going to claim that the running back is going to be able to hold his own if the d-lineman gets in his grill and physically threatens him?

    [end of part 1]

  10. MarkUs says

    Everything about that Mona Lisa copy is so convenient it just spells to me we’ll be reading later of the hoax. A duplicate of the world’s most valuable and famous painting has been sitting there forever just waiting to be uncovered? It is a good story.

  11. Henry Holland says

    [Part 2]

    3. The average NFL career last 3 years = 3 years of earning power [vs. Madonna’s 30 years > she dies]. Only a fraction of players make the big bucks. There are no guaranteed contracts in the NFL, they can be cut loose without warning. THEY ARE TOTALLY EXPENDABLE, even the best QB ever Peyton Manning, and they know it. The NFL abhors controversy, why would a player risk getting cut for coming out?

    4. The NFL is an incredibly violent sport, duh. Those piles after a running play? People are biting each other, twisting ankles, trying to gouge opponents eyes out etc. Some dude comes out, a guy in a pileup who hates gays can snap his leg like twig, bang! career over. Again, why risk that? What does that player gain by coming out? Hint: not a damn thing.

    5. I’m the friend-of-a-friend of a former NFL player. As he made clear, most players have had to have tunnel vision to make it to the NFL, so when their career ends, they’re not prepared for “real life”. That’s why the Good Old Boy network is so important, it leads to work (either in the NFL or college as a coach/assistant or outside of football) after they stop playing. The f-o-a-f player found himself frozen out for years after he came out, he had to take a job he didn’t want just to survive; he wanted to coach but there’s no way he was going to get a job after he came out.

    I could go on and on, but there’s your 5 answers.

  12. uffda says

    Thanks Mr. Holland! I was thinking that a few others might post FIVE or more good reasons, at least. You’rs are good but I wouldn’t have thought of them, so thanks. Continue please…Kiwi could easily be buried with how many there are. Alas I fear he cannot either hear or learn. Indeed, dazzle us Kiwi by proving me wrong.

  13. says

    how are those “five answers” any way different from what your average LGBT person in north america faces?

    i don’t see five answers. i see five excuses.

    let’s hear yours, UFFDA. rather than ramble about me give me legit reasons, not excuses.

    the excuses given? it’s harrrrd, there are lots of chrissstians, it’s violent i might get beat up, omg i might get HIT by men, omg i might not make enough money,

    seriously, you proved me right. i don’t think you even realize it.

    you’re telling me that pro football players are scared to come out because they’re afraid that…..they’ll have to deal with the same prejudice, bigotry and possible violence that every other LGBT person in america has to deal with? the risk we ALL take when we Come Out?

    i don’t know if you intended, but you just painted pro football players as complete and utter wimps.


  14. says

    the grown-adult men can be so selfish that they can give cowardly excuses to not Come Out is frankly pathetic in 2012.

    people have been coming out for decades. the youth suicide rate remains disproportionately high.
    and grown-ass men are saying “i can’t come out, it’s like hard. i play football, i might get, like, hurt”

    grow some balls.

  15. says

    just so we can be clear, your excuses for “why it’s hard for pro-football players to Come Out” is that: it makes things harder.

    wow. what a thrilling observation.

    makes you really appreciate the work done by those who are Out, eh? you know, the people who accept that it’s not just about them, and their own personal financial gain, and their own personal safety: it’s about affecting a culture of a change so the b.s. we go through won’t be passed onto another generation.

    i guess football players get a pass, though. or something.

    one wonders how anybody ever came out, at any point in time, ever, since you apparently think that “it’s hard” and “people are anti-gay” and “i make more money if people think i’m straight” and “i might get beat up” are valid and justifiable reasons for a grown adult male to be giving, in the USA, in 2012.

    ooohhh…the guy who plays pro-football is suddenly scared someone will be overly aggressive or violent with him? Mary, please.

    you sound like the Republicans insisting that repealing DADT would ruin everything, because (you know) going into battle in warzones and running the risk of death isn’t as scary as peeing or sleeping next to a dude you know is gay.

    truly. thanks for the excuses you gave me. they were gloriously pathetic. i now await UFFDA’s usual obsessive rant about me, wherein he calls me names and yet avoids the reality that the selfish, delusional and indeed arrogantly closed-minded ones are not me, but the Closted football players who are thinking only of themselves, and not of changing the culture of prejudice and bigotry and Lack of Voice that put them in their “Situation” in the first place.

    on that hand, i do get it – some people just aren’t strong enough to Come Out and be Vanguards.

    You could just have said that, you know. “they’re not strong enough”. that’ll do, pig. that’ll do.

  16. Henry Holland says

    Why didn’t you just type “Whatevs” and be done with it?

    “since you apparently think”

    Yeah, why bother asking, you already had your mind made up. You asked for examples, I gave ’em, just like I would if the subject was “lead singers in heavy metal bands”.

    Here’s a hint: my opinion is almost the same as yours, but again, you didn’t bother to ask because that would interfere with you typing out your demented rants.

    So, whatevs.

  17. says

    if those excuses you gave were “reasons” then there’d be no Out gay people, in any profession or walk of life, anywhere. truly.

    you’re basically saying that Football players’ “reasons” are that they don’t want to… with the exact same things every other openly LGBT person deals with. really?

    those aren’t reasons. they’re excuses.

    by your own flawed logic, there will never be any openly-gay football players. ever. “because it’s too hard”

    useless. in case you didn’t know, people have been coming out for decades, in times and places far mor unforgiving than our own.
    there are brave men and women overseas in places where homosexuality is still criminalized. and yet, they still Come Out.

    that they can do it, and yet here we have grown men in 2012 in the United States of America who are built and strong enough to play professional football for a living being given “excuses” by you for why they’re not Out.

    excuses. not reasons.

  18. Henry Holland says

    Whatevs, Little Kiwi. Nowhere in my original post or my reply did I say “reasons”, that was Uffda, you just made nonsense up so you could type out another boring, pedantic rant. You’re dishonest, so why should I give a damn about your opinion (even though I agree with the gist of what you’re saying)?

    I AGREE WITH YOU so enough with your word diarrhea.

    Again, in case you’re so dense you missed it, I AGREE WITH YOU.

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