1. Mort says

    @James and Smokey: Imagine you’re Tyler Clementi’s brother, and you’ve just come to “Towleroad” for some support from your community and, God forbid, a little comforting. And the first thing you see in Comments is the most infantile sort of self-indulgent snark.

    Have you no empathy at all?

    And btw: Don’t you dare to presume to know what “we’re all thinking.”

  2. Ricco says

    It always comes down to looks with some of you people . . . and while your thoughts must sound off continually, and as loud as a screaming banshee inside your head, you should not assume that those same thoughts make up the gist of others thoughts. And just because one has a thought does not mean one ought to voice it.

    That is the lesson so many idiotic celebrities are learning the hard way with their incessant tweeting.

    Enough said . . . about this interview. It is kind of lame . . . an interview with someone talking about something someone else said?! Really?

    That may work for hard to reach people like the president of the United Stats and other world leaders, or a reclusive, and eccentric celebrity, but how hard would it have been for Anderson, or one of his producers to pick up the phone and call James Clementi?

    This interview could have been so much more effective had Anderson sat down with James Clementi himself.

  3. says

    “Marcus Bachmann” – Anderson Cooper also had a brother who leapt to his death. His response to “Sometimes I wake up and I feel like my brother’s still alive – and then the reality sets in” (i.e., “And that happens so often for a long time after a loss.), is deeply moving in its simplicity.

    Take your opinions about his being “closeted” or not and stuff them until you have the spine to post under your REAL name.

  4. Matt says

    James Clementi,

    I behalf of all caring, decent gay men I would like to apologize for the rude, superficial, shallow comments from a select few on this thread. I’m sure you’re still dealing with a lot of pain from the loss of your brother. My thoughts are with you and your family.


    It’s not my opinion that Anderson Cooper is a closeted homosexual. It’s a fact that he’s a closeted homosexual.

    It’s also rather sad that Anderson wrote that revealing tell-all (almost) and appeared on Oprah to talk about intimate details of his life including his brother’s suicide but omitted the fact that he’s a homosexual living with Benjamin Maisani. “Gay” should only be reserved for those that are out and proud. Anderson’s lie through omission is what keeps homophobia strong in this country and sends a clear message that same sex orientation is something shameful to be kept hidden. Poor, poor Anderson.


    Very interesting, MR. EHRENSTEIN. That would somewhat explain why they relegated themselves to opposite sides of their renovated fire house during the recent birthday party they threw for openly gay party promoter, Josh Wood.

  7. Jim says

    Cruel, insensitive comments like some of the ones posted on this thread are proof positive of why Internet comments should not be allowed – any idiot in the world can say anything, no matter how hurtful. Anderson’s coming out is his business and will happen on his own time, but no – the gay gestapo has determined how he should behave. James comes forward to say something positive in his brother’s memory and try to so some good, and all you can comment about is his looks? Gays have really achieved equality – many of them are just as idiotic as the most bigoted right winger.

  8. Andrew says

    Someone, PLEASE, needs to moderate these comments. No less on a thread about cyber-bullying. Personal attacks against Tyler’s brother are disgusting and unacceptable.

  9. Andrew says

    As for that tired trope about Anderson being closeted:

    has he ever claimed to be straight or paraded around a fake girlfriend? Your “facts” could use some evidence.

  10. BobN says

    People are so naive. The family is engaging in a public relations campaign in preparation for the trial. Is James telling the truth? Yes, I believe he is.

    Is it the full story about what life was like for a gay kid in the Clementi family?

    No way.

  11. JP says

    I am not sure that Anderson Cooper is in the closet. He seems to live his personal life openly. I am guessing that, as a journalist, he does not want to make the story about himself. I do think be should come out publicly and I think he will when he is ready, but I wouldn’t say he is closeted.

  12. ratbastard says

    I strongly suspect Tyler killed himself over some deeply personal issue like a relationship or general unhappiness. I don’t think it’s likely he killed himself because of the webcam incident.

    It would be interesting to hear from the guy he was last seen with, but to my knowledge this man has never publicly shown himself or spoken about Tyler.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    Our hearts should go out to Mike and his parents. Nobody deserves the torment lavished on Tyler Clementi by a political system that not only tolerates, but condones harassment, discrimination and violence.

    I think this puts the lie to the idea that the victim here is the bigot Ravi. Clementi, and all the other GLBT folks driven to suicide, many of them barely past puberty, are the victims of a society infested with cult and political bigots.

    Ravi is not a victim, and his role is a bit more than that of your average immature ‘jerk’ – he’s a bigoted tormenter. He won’t, because this is a degenerate capitalist society, get much of a chance to be educated and reformed in jail.

    Cry me a river.

    (James and Smokey are pigs.)

  14. JShep says

    Can’t understand all these harsh comments about AC being in the closet.
    Just Google “Anderson Cooper boyfriend” for goodness sake. There are pictures of them everywhere. He’s brought the bf as his date to public events, they’re even on a flipping Mardi Gras float together! Just because someone doesn’t do a coming-out episode on TV or give an interview declaring his homosexuality, doesn’t mean the person’s “in the closet”. Maybe some people just prefer to keep their private lives, you know… private?

  15. William says

    I keep vacillating between amusement and annoyance at the guys who keep coming into these comment sections to fulfill every narcissistic, delusional, mean-spirited and petty stereotype straight bigots have about gays. But I’m really irked that you can’t even clam it in a heartfelt post about a young guy talking about the fallout of his kid brothers suicide!

    I can’t see you beyond the words you’re typing; but I imagine you as balding, unshaven men with a 42-inch waistline and stained teeth who haven’t showered in days. Men who know they’re attractive and charismatic don’t feel the need to put other people down.

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