New Jersey Assembly Passes Marriage Equality in 42-33 Vote


Marriage equality has passed the New Jersey Assembly in a 42-33 vote. The bill passed the Senate last week.

Governor Chris Christie has vowed to take "swift action" to veto the bill.

The Star-Ledger reports:

Assemblyman Reed Gusciara (sic) (D-Mercer) said in a news release after the vote that "this is probably one of the highlights of my legislative tenure – no matter what the ultimate outcome may be."

“For those who oppose this measure, I realize that this is a difficult decision to make," Gusciora said. "It is a question that tests the fundamental protections of liberty founded in our federal and state constitutions."

Assemblyman Jay Webber ( R-Morris ), who voted against the measure, said on the floor that gays should not have the ability to have " their desires redefine marriage for everyone else. "'

"The bill is about redefining an important institution of civil society and that should give us all great pause," he said.

A two-thirds vote in each chamber is necessary to override Christie's veto, and can be attempted as many times as necessary until January 2014. A veto override would require 13 more votes.

An early vote counted the vote as 41-33. Freedom to Marry tweets: "UPDATE: One yes Assembly member had a broken button during #NJ4M Assembly vote. Actual vote count was 42-33!"



  1. Patrick M says

    Is there a way to bombard Gov. Christie’s office to protest his cowardly refusal to accept the democratic will of the people of New Jersey ?

    Any organized campaigns that you can point us to?

  2. Patrick M says

    You can email or call the governor at

    Tel: 609-292-6000

    I called and was told they are receiving a high number of calls today, and are making note of those who call in favor of marriage equality and to protest his veto.

    So please do call and have your voice heard against the opposing side (who are also mounting a phone-call effort)

  3. TampaZeke says

    WHATEVER Christie does it will be THE thing that he is remembered for all of history. He has the choice of how he wants to be written into the history books. New Jersey isn’t Texas where they rewrite history books to suit their crazy right-wing fantasies. New Jersey will record REAL history and Christie now gets to decides what goes on his page. He HAS to know this deep (deep, deep, deep) down inside.

  4. says

    I would like to thank Senator Dianne Allen, Republican, Burlington County, my current home county, for her vote in favor of this bill. Regardless of Gov. Christie’s roadblock, I will remember her support.

  5. Ted says

    i called and was told there not many others calling, that was around 11 AM. I also sent an email. Interesting his website only allows emails to be sent on predetermined topics which naturally does not include marriage equality. I picked the family/kids option and put Marriage Equality in the subject line.

    I think we should get a list of who voted how and pressure for veto override. Remember, this war will be won one heart at a time.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    I really don’t get this “redefine marriage” rhetoric. Marriage (1) has been about “romantic love” for about 300 yr., (2) has always been a civil relationship, not a religious one, (3) makes no supernatural link between married couples such that one relationship influences another, (4) has had various “definitions” in the past and will have others in the future. Too many of those folks are simply repeating talking points made by fear mongers.

  7. Kenny says

    That Christie is a total braindead primitive bigot.I feel for his children if he hasnt ate them already that is.

  8. nygardon says

    In other news this morning, the FDA is reconsidering the approval of Qnexa, a previously rejected anti-obesity drug. My husband and I thought, instead, that they might put that up for a referrendum on the November ballot.