1. Zlick says

    Ok, I really need to win the Towleroad contest. I have friends who are Glee fanatics (I like the show, but I’m not insane about it), and I have another friend who happens to be … Ryan Kendall.

    Don’t mean to be all name droppy*, but this is too rad – and I really would love to see Chris Colfer play my pal … and ya know, would super much love to see “8.”

    *not that more than 5 people have ever heard of Ryan Kendall before Chris Colfer signed on to play him.


  2. Randy says

    I assure you, Zlick, more than 5 people already knew who Ryan Kendall is, at least regarding the Prop 8 case.

    I’m sure hundreds have seen Jarod Einsohn portray him in the re-enactments on YouTube, and others have seen Rory O’Malley’s portrayal in New York’s production of 8.

    But I agree Chris Colfer will bring a new level of attention to him. Best of luck.

  3. loretta says

    This really needs to be filmed so that more people of my age group, as well as a wider audience gets to witness first hand. The fact that strong veteran actors are contributing to this event is amazing. I don’t know much about Glee, but what I do know is that Chris Colfer is an incredible talent and the fact that he will be acting alongside these actors is a testament to his strong performance and acting skills. I wished I was able to see this performance live, but all I can do is hope that they will tape it and feature it on television so that others may be both entertained and taught of this landmark ruling.

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