News: Atlanta, Holy Name, Matt Cecchin, Ben Hur, Ricky Martin

RoadBeast: Looking back at the Whitney Houston lesbian rumors

RoadLGBT protest outside Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral. "This is not an anti-Catholic demonstration," said Andy Thayer of Gay Liberation Network, one of the groups that organized the protest. "This is a demonstration against the Catholic leadership."

SantorumcupcakeRoadDan Savage enjoys a Santorum cupcake.

RoadNicki Minaj's rent-a-Pope.

RoadOne arrest made in gang beating of gay Atlanta man: "Christopher Cain, 18, was taken into custody around midnight and charged with aggravated assault and robbery, said a statement from police spokesman Carlos Campos….Police have identified two other suspects but they have not yet been arrested nor have their names been released…Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed doubled to $10,000 a reward for information leading to arrests."

RoadRyan Phillippe to star in new CBS cop series.

RoadSignorile at CPAC: Are Republican views on gay marriage shifting?

RoadControversial NC gun range billboard which once advocated targeting 'pansies' now targets the Occupy movement: "That billboard now says 'Occupy ProShots,' with an arrow sweeping toward a bullet-ridden target. The reference is to Occupy groups that have sprung up across the country since the Occupy Wall Street group began its protests of corporate greed and the growing divide between the rich and poor."

RoadLady Gaga stays seated, wrapped in net throughout Grammy awards.

EglisRoadMr. Gay Canada crowned. "The Vancouver-based Eglis divides his time as an international tour leader and an ecologist, being an owner of a research diving company as well as an educator with National Geographic. He also actively spreads the message to LGBT youth that being gay is not about stereotypes, but about self expression."

RoadTwitter: Who is Paul McCartney?

RoadTop Australian rugby referee comes out of the closet: "Matt Cecchin, a top referee in Australia’s National Rugby League, has publicly come out, inspired by reading a book by former Aussie rugby star Ian Roberts." Cecchin: "Like a lot of people, I thought to be gay you had to be feminine, you had to go to nightclubs and you had to be in the scene and I was never into that."

RoadEvita director to Ricky Martin: "Rick, I’m gonna bruise you."

RoadKellan Lutz wraps it up tight in a turtleneck.

RoadMale model fix: Adam Huber.

BoydRoadBen Hur gladiator Stephen Boyd suggested to Raquel Welch that he wouldn't sleep with her because he was gay: "He was so hot with his cleft chin and he was so not interested in me. I tried to seduce him one time. I was so smitten with him and I was so excited every time I would come on the set I would see Stephen, and think, 'Oh God, he's so cute.'"

RoadGet Equal Texas is planning equality demonstrations on Valentine's Day. Find out where to join one here.

RoadFour men to appear in court over death of Cape Town gay nightclub owner: "Bruno Bronn, 50 owned the Bronx club in Cape Town. He was found dead last Tuesday morning with his hands tied with tape in front of him. A 36-year-old man was arrested on Saturday. Two more arrests of men aged 29 and 35 followed, the South African Press Association reports."


  1. Matt26 says

    1 Very active and nice looking Mr Canada.
    2 Matt Cecchin also nice looking.
    3 Patti LuPone, if only she was younger. She made magic with M Cerveris. RM has a tough work to do because many theater lovers still remember the original cast (LuPone & Patinkin). I am sure RM will shine. But I would love to nurse Ricky after rehearsals.
    4 When I watch Ben Hur, I only watch it because S Boyd, he is dark, very handsome guy in the pic.

  2. Rick says

    As soon as I heard about Whitney Houston’s death/suicide, I immediately thought to myself that living a double life had finally done her in. What other reason makes sense really?

  3. Contrarian says

    Not to be a pedant, but the Stephen Boyd role in “Ben Hur” was a Roman Tribune which is a big deal and not a slave-gladiator. Gladiator helmets were also much more utilitarian and feather free.

  4. Paul R says

    @Rick: Umm, maybe a terrible problem with addiction, combined with the anxiety and pressure to look OK in public when she clearly was not? It was an accidental overdose.

    The Gaga pictures are hilarious. She’s so pissed and sitting next to the two happiest people.

    The Paul McCartney thing has got to be a joke. I think that most people are idiots, but I hope that no one is that stupid. That’s like saying, Who is this Elvis person? Or Mick Jagger?

  5. says

    Re: the Santorum Cupcake comes from Seattle’s own, and very gay, Cupcake Royale. They have stickers like, “Legalize Gay Cupcakes” and “Does this frosting make me look gay?” And they’re not just in the gayborhood, but all over town and started out here in little old Ballard.

  6. Vern Dufford says

    Lady Gaga’s version of Joan Crawford?
    What will these stylist for these broads come up with next to keep them so young and… fresh!
    She learned from Madonna.The material girl does Marilyn,Peggy Lee among others now she doing May West…who cares!

    I for one am bored by them.

  7. Howard says

    Wasn’t Stephen Boyd linked romantically to
    Rock Hudson. I seem to remember photos of the two of them together at a Hollywood gay pool party. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

  8. says

    Legend has it that everyone on the set of Ben Hur knew that Boyd was encouraged by Wyler to portray Messala’s affection for Judah as homosexual…

    … everyone, that is, except Charlton Heston, who Wyler knew was too uptight to handle the concept and never discussed it with him.

  9. jaragon says

    Now we know what a bad “Exorcist the Musical” would look like…Ryan will make a fine looking cop…to be a gay rugby referee must take a lot of self control…Lutz looks hot in that sweater…Gaga seemed to be channeling Crawford…it’s hard to believe that any straight man would have said not to Raquel in her prime…

  10. mike/ says

    @Christopher i’m not sure about the legend of everyone on set of Ben Hur knowing that Boyd was gay, but i do remember interviews with both Boyd and Wyler where they indicated they had a one-on-one conversation about that scene in the armory and that Boyd should play it as if he was actually coming on to Heston because of the character’s personal feelings for Ben Hur, but they agreed not to tell Heston because he’d freak.

    when i think about that scene & then the rest of the movie, the actions/conflict between the two characters makes a lot more sense – Messala’s hatred comes across as very personal whereas Ben’s is revenge.

  11. Jonathan says

    This is one of those rumors that happens to be true, just like the one about her taking drugs. People I know were on tour with her in the late 80s and early 90s and they said she was probably the most horrific person they’d ever met and definitely the most miserable. She couldn’t be who she was and she probably wanted to be anything but who she was because of her religious upbringing. Her story is a huge tragedy and there are a lot of parallels to Michael Jackson. But trust me, there’s more to this story than she just got caught up in drugs and couldn’t regain control. Bobby Brown’s book pretty much spills the beans.

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