News: Rick Santorum, Thin Mints, Susana Martinez, Santigold

RoadSantorum robocalls Michigan Democrats urging them to vote for him. Explains: "We're going to get voters that we need to be able to win this election. And we're going to do that here in Michigan today."

CandybarRoadGirl Scout Candygasm.

RoadHarvard group to demand degrees for students expelled in 1920 for being gay: "The students plan to rally Wednesday during a campus visit by Lady Gaga, who will be at Harvard to launch her Born This Way anti-bullying foundation. The singer has been a strong activist for the gay community. The group says it wants Harvard to formally abolish its so-called 'secret court,' a tribunal of administrators that investigated charges of homosexual activity among students in 1920."

RoadLady Gaga to play alien in Men in Black III.

RoadNYT T Magazine spring men's fashion must-haves.

RoadFollowing news that he dumped her over her views opposing same-sex marriage, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez says she never liked her gay hair stylist anyway: "First of all, if reporters would ask me the first question, which would be 'Is he my hair stylist?' The answer is no," Martinez said, after having left a meeting of the nation's governors at the White House. "He did my hair three times when I first moved to Santa Fe. But frankly he talked too much … I just went, 'You know, I go here to relax."

RoadTommy Haas has a shirtless tennis practice.

BurnettRoadFirst man gets eight years in prison for October gay bashing of Texan Burke Burnett.

RoadEquality NC calls on legislature to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's already existing hate crime law after attack on two lesbians in Boone. Friends of the victims are also trying to raise money to pay for their medical expenses.

RoadPlane dumps lavatory waste on NY couple: “Some black liquid, black oil came off on her face, and I walked around and I looked and said ‘Oh my God.’ There was quarter-sized, nickel-sized, dime-sized drops all over my deck, my barbecue, my table…"

RoadSlog's Bethany Jane Clement interviews Fran Lebowitz, who is having a public talk in Seattle with Dan Savage this Friday.

RoadJohn Mayer's new track "Shadow Days".

SantigoldRoadSantigold takes on three personas on new album cover.

RoadGay man found dead, bound in Johannesburg apartment: "He was reportedly found tied up and is now the eighth man to be discovered like this in the Joburg and Pretoria areas over the past 24 months. Several of these victims had met their killers online, according to reports, although there is no evidence yet to suggest that this was the case with Senekal's death."

RoadIrish transgender woman is first in that country to enter into a civil partnership with another woman: "The woman, known as Maria in media reports, has got around Irish laws which prohibit transgender women from the civil partnership process."

RoadVideo game makers BioWare discuss why their games now allow players to be gay: "We got feedback from players that they wanted more choice," Ray Muzyka co-founder of Mass Effect studio BioWare told me during a recent interview. "We respond to that feedback and try to make our games better based on what our players are asking for."


  1. Butch says

    “Fashion must-haves?” I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up enough to even bother with a belt.

  2. says

    Oh, Frothy….Democrats aren’t stupid enough to vote for you.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd, cue the angry closeted gay men who are going to storm the board angry that Lady Gaga is again working to help the LGBT Community while Gay Conservatives sit back in their closets and do nothing.


  3. Frank Butterfield says

    When I read Governor Martinez’s remarks, I immediately thought, “You’ll never have your hair cut in this town again!”

    Santa Fe is a very liberal bit of New Mexico, very much like Austin, only with mountains and less oxygen.

    They’ll have to load up the Governor SUV and drive down to Albuquerque from now on!

  4. Zlick says

    Not funny, Girl Scouts. I’m not a candy or snack eater. But my only weaknesses are Thin Mints (thankfully only during GS Cookie season) and Nestle’s Crunch, which I indulge in only at Halloweentime. But if you combine the two – I will swoon every time I see them and will be helpless before their power over me! Nooooooo!

  5. Mona says

    The spring fashion must-haves are absolutely gorgeous. But $135 for a pocket square? What do we in the 99% get to wear?

  6. Jesus says

    Hey, I’m sure we can find PLENTY of reasons to dislike Rick Santorum that have absolutely nothing to do with his last name. All this name-based insulting sounds like some straight-up bullying, IMHO. Say what you want about what he has said (I know what he has said, for the record), but responding with the same level of insult doesn’t really further our point, besides making some gross toilet humor joke at the expense of someone else. It also gives him the upper hand because we’re not taking him seriously, and if he is actually in the running for a GOP nomination and possible presidency, we should be very, VERY concerned about what he says and intends to do, not focused on how some journalist coined a phrase for gross sex by-products based on his last name a few years ago. Also, plenty of people with “Santorum” for a last name that probably aren’t such giant garbage nightmares.

    Also, bad faith arguments (accusations and assumptions made in bad faith, i.e. assuming people will argue from a certain bias and/or on a certain point before said argument is posed) is not only purposefully provoking but also relatively counterproductive. Just sayin’. We don’t have any “guidelines” in this community as I have found in others, so I felt this was all very relevant and should be stated.

    That being said, this isn’t for anyone in particular, but if you read this and feel it sticks and don’t like it, that’s not on me.

  7. Tarc says

    If I trusted that Americans in general had a lick of sense, I’d be voting today for Santorum in Michigan. But the truth is, if he actually wins the nom and gets elected, I’d have to kill myself, so I’m staying home. Santorum is just a tiny hair less scary than Hitler in my book.

  8. Tarc says

    I love BioWare for their choice to include same-sex romances in their games. They take a lot of heat for it, and the just shrug and tell the complainers that just the way it is, and if you don’t like it, don’t roamnce a guy. LOL! Bethesda also started inclusing same sex romances (though they are decidedly (all) PG romances, if not G-rated). Skyrim allows the hero to marry either gender, and there are a lot of appealing choices either way (plus, you can play either gender as well).

  9. Tarc says

    Ew. And those fashion ‘must-haves’ are a definate do not. Even those semi-atractive Itlaian suits are mind boggling expensive and only work on very young, pencil thin men. Since only one in a million look like Michael Fassbender, the rest of us will (appreciate him in the suit) and pass.

  10. Rin says


    do you mean The Greatest Video Game of All Time…Skyrim, by any chance????

    Yes, the relationships in that game suck. I like the in depth convos of Dragon Age, ie real romance, but…Dragon Age are NOTHING to the AWESOMENESS of Skyrim. So I’ll deal with having a spouse that only wants to cook me something and give me money every day because the realism in all other respects (and that may even be realism for some) is incredible.

  11. Dev says

    Yep, I have nothing but respect for Bethesda and BioWare for not bowing to the bigots. These companies have learned what Obama should have learned at the start, conservatives aren’t gonna support you anyway, so don’t pander to them. Hoping that Blizzard follows suit soon, I’m already giddy thinking about some Kalecgos/Varian action! *finger pyramid of evil*

  12. mickey squires says

    re: NYT fashion must haves this spring…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?…the pictures are pretty but look at the prices on the clothing and accessories…do they realize we just went through the greatest recession since the GREAT DEPRESSION?…WHO CAN AFFORD THESE THINGS?…

  13. Dev says

    Oh, and I have to disagree with you Rin, Skyrim is a masterpiece but nothing beats the sheer dark awesomeness that is Morrowind! Also, I loved DA, but my heart was set on Alistair from the very start. Alas, it was a love not meant to be. :(

  14. Paul R says

    The model in the first picture of the must-haves looks like he’s been up for a week or two on a meth bender. I did not want to see more.

  15. Rick says

    In line with some of the other comments here, I have always wondered who in the world can afford these expensive high-fashion clothes at the young age you need to be to look good in them. Trust fund babies?

    Maybe a few Wall Street whizzes, but they generally are not the type that care about fashion in the first place.

    A handful of Hollywood actors, I guess.

    But that is about it.

    I just don’t get who the market for them is.

  16. Zlick says

    The ONLY goods selling well or even decently nowadays are luxury goods. The 1%, old and young alike, are on a buying spree – and every retailer who wants to sell anything is jumping on the bandwagon.

    It’s that, or sub-Wal*Mart level. Uber-discounted sells, too. But nothing in between is selling – and retailers are still going out of business at an alarming rate.

  17. WhollyFool says

    My Nord fell for Jon Battle-Born, but he was already taken. Now Angrenor Once-Honored has made an honest man of him!

    Yay Bethesda!