1. Bob R says

    That was funny! Maybe I need to start tuning into Kimmel. Ferguson’s become the same boring schtick night after night I hardly make it through the monologue. Great job, Jimmy!

  2. says

    Also, this trailer is narrated by Hollywood’s most (obnoxiously) OUT gay trailer voice, yours truly. :-)

    We worked on this all last week, literally putting in the final changes about an hour before it aired.

    Glad you guys enjoyed our silliness.

    Ben Patrick Johnson

  3. Kyle says

    Nice to know we have someone unapologetically batting for our team in such a significant role. I think everyone in America has heard your voice at one point ha. Job(s) well done. The trailer looks great. It must have been a logistical nightmare to secure all of those stars using a cohesive script. Well, I guess it wasn’t THAT cohesive :)

  4. Ray says

    I love the Kimmel Damon rolling nightmare.

    Too long a few funny bits. It all reminded me of a Saturday Night Live skit and not in a good way.

    Great to see all those folks.

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