Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1070

TOM LEPPERT: Senate candidate's rivals attack former Dallas mayor for appearing in Gay Pride parade. Ugly stuff. Lots of background at the Dallas Voice.

KENYA: Mob storms safe-sex seminar for gay men.

THE SIMPSONS: The 500th episode's genius opening sequence gets put in slo-mo.

STOP TEASING THE FISH: A puffer fish goes after a laser.

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  1. JAMES says

    Those top two videos are very depressing.

    I don’t watch the Simpsons but I appreciated and loved that video. Probably because it was set to Feel It All Around by Washed Out. Which also happens to be the opening theme of Portlandia. Everyone should download that EP by Washed Out. Good stuff.

    Now I want to see MORE animals trying to catch the laser. Dogs, cats and now fish. What else can we get to catch the laser because to me it’s hilarious and never gets old.