1. Matt says

    Congratulations Andy!But it’s hardly a surprise, this is one on the best gay sites out there, with a perfect mix of content.

  2. L'Herbs says

    I agree with Matt. This really is the ONLY place to go for the perfect mix of news and culture. You guys are the BEST!

  3. Seriously?Y says

    The only thing you don’t seem to do is opinion pieces (but what you do is so good I’ll overlook this one).

  4. Seriously?Y says

    I will point out that if you go to the first link in the article you’ll be able to vote if you go to the bottom of that page.

    Secondly: Currently this blog has 75% of the votes. Way to go!

  5. Paul R says

    Only blog that I’ll read, if that’s not obvious from my endless stream and strain of comments. I respect you a lot, Andy. You will win.

  6. MT says

    Right on! I love your blog. I’m glad intelligence is still being recognized in this world. God knows we have enough stupidity around us to swamp us.

    Love your hair! Hope you win!

  7. Fenrox says

    If you win, don’t rest, This blog has a lot of work to do! It’s a pretty good blog, but it could be better if you added a real comment system that can be robust enough to handle the racists and shills that post here. Then you could categorize posts better, maybe even take on more bloggers for niche areas. Then maybe you could do something about the ads on the site, A subscription model or donation because the ads have to bring down your traffic. People aren’t going to surf this at work if a shirtless guy with “I have a heart on” painted on his chest is staring back at their coworkers.

    I’m sure lots of jerks are going to tear me down or talk endlessly in their veiled hatetalk, But this is the best blog, because all the gay blogs are not really “there” yet. But hey, your #1.

  8. Fenrox says

    Oh yeah, I forgot the misleading or wrong coverage of events! I think you are learning though, Every time I see one I don’t see another for a while.

  9. Tom says

    Fenrox wrote:
    “This blog has a lot of work to do”.

    Really, Fen! Who’s being a jerk now? And, you suggest that Andy change the site to a pay service just because you’re to ignorant to figure out how to block ads!? Really?!

    There really seems to be a lot you don’t like about this site. I suggest you go somewhere else!