Posts from March 11, 2012

More News On The Killing Of Gays & Emos In Iraq


New developments re: the killings of gays and/or emo kids in Baghdad … The New York Times has settled the question raised in my last post on the subject: Why were the reports of "emo" killings in Reuters so similar to the report of ga…

Iraqi Death Squads: Targeting Emos, Gays, Or Both?


Last night I recapped a Reuters story about the murder of "emo" teens by fundamentalists in Shi'ite neighborhoods around Baghdad. Human rights activist and literary scholar Scott Long has more: At his blog, he reports that two of his Ir…

Sarah Palin On Obama’s Racism


If you haven't seen this yet — if you've stayed away, as did I, because you suspect you really don't need more Sarah Palin in your life right now — well, give it a chance. Its awfulness approaches the level of art. This is Sarah Palin r…