Posts from March 25, 2012

Madonna Visits Ultra Music Festival: VIDEO


Madonna took a break last night from sparring with Russian homophobes to put in an apparently spontaneous appearance at Miami's Ultra Music Festival. She looked fantastic. She did no singing. She swore her lifelong fealty to electronic music and…

‘A Boy To Be Sacrificed’


It's unusual and wonderful for the words of the writer Abdellah Taia to show up in an English-language publication, as they did in this morning's New York Times. It's also a little nervous-making. To read Taia is, very often, to be heartb…

Texan Cafe Owner Sued For Gay Jokes


 You know Frank's Place. It's one of those greasyspoon cafes where the same people chug bottomless coffee cups every morning and share vaguely antagonistic banter. This particular greasyspoonery happens to be in Johnson County, Texas. I…

Santorum’s ‘Google Problem’ Solved


It's a good time to be Rick Santorum. Not only did Santorum stomp Mitt Romney in yesterday's Louisiana primary — the former senator has, it, seems, overcome his "Google problem." This is according to The Daily Caller, and a cu…

Vote For Marriage NC Has A New Ad: VIDEO


This is the new ad from VoteForMarriageNC. It's not big on specifics, but it sounds like someone's attacking these heterosexual Christians' marriages. The woman pictured above says she's been married 30 years — to the "same man…

How Big Are You?


It is sometimes good, early in the morning on a beautiful Sunday, to be awed, humbled, stupefied, and generally made aware of one's smallness and rareness. For that purpose visit The Scale of The Universe 2; a project by two individuals known as…