France’s Beefy Eurovision 2012 Finalist from Anggun: VIDEO

Anggun-Echo from Roy Raz on Vimeo.


Sabina Babayeva "When the Music Dies" – Azerbaijan

Roman Lob "Standing Still" – Germany

Engelbert Humperdinck 'Love Will Set You Free" – UK

Pastora Soler – "Quedate Conmigo" – Spain

Nina Zilli "L'Amore E Femmina – Italy


  1. Matt26 says

    It’s obv. why hot men are being put to these videos. Gays and women are so important voting groups.
    I am still amaized how teenagers are interesting about this competition.
    I’ll be watching like every year.
    The winner of all winners is of course then young pop group called ABBA! How gay can you get. (Actually Abba was listened widely.

  2. says

    They used to say that disco had purged the R&R elements from dance music. That wasn’t entirely true. But modern dance music has finished the job. And now Europe is getting into the act with their inharmonious pounding, plus a few gymn bunnies. Please.
    Modern dance music is without groove or rythym. It’s a few simplistic phrases cobbled together by untalented hacks.
    It makes me sad that gay disco has been banned. Maybe it’s to make room for the consumming masses. Or maybe it’s yet another form of queer ageism. Either way, imo, it’s a giant loss of quality.

  3. says

    Just one thing: What you said about six countries going automatically to the final is technically right, but needs some clarification:

    Five of these countries (Spain, France, Germany, Italy and UK) are on the final every year based on their overall financial contributions. The last one (in this case, Azerbaijan) is automatically in the final this year because they’re hosting the contest.

    I like Sweden (since two years ago when they didn’t pass to the final for the first time in their history, they’ve been putting a lot of effort), but my favorites this year are Iceland, Portugal and Cyprus, in that order.

  4. Darrell says

    I will be back in the UK on my birthday the night of Eurovision May 26. I’ll be phoning in for France. This was hot! Since When you vote for an act you cannot vote for the country your in.

  5. xandre says

    I like anggun much since her international breakthrough “snow on the sahara” back in 1997-98 and keep listening her albums up to now & i wish her all the best!!! NICE MUSIC VIDEO! THE BEST MV in Eurovision 2012!

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