1. bruno in berlin says

    Boo Hoo. They broke the law. Too bad.
    It’s against the law to fornicate in public. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight…it’s against the law. As for being walked to an ATM to get the money, that’s standard procedure in a foreign country, even for a traffic ticket. In fact if you get stopped on the highway in Europe for a moving violation they can and will escort you to an ATM machine.

  2. alguien says

    i’d like to point out to rich campbell that, despite the fact that this is, so far, the only incident of this nature, why in the world would you encourage your gay brothers to spend their tourist dollars in such a hateful, anti-gay place?

    that’s what really makes no sense.

  3. George M says

    I still don’t understand why the cruise line would patronize homophobic countries with their gay cruises. Their comment of how many people they brought there without incident is
    like saying I like apples so I ate an orange. It makes no sense. Honesty, if they wish to continue patronizing such hostile countries we should just not book cruises with them. Bring your gay money where it is appreciated.

  4. Diogenes says

    This really doesn’t make me feel sorry for them at all. You were still naked, in public. You still broke the law and should have known better. It’s not like you can suddenly do whatever you want without legal repercussions just because you’re on foreign soil. You KNOW that gay people aren’t treated the same everywhere, yet you chose to taunt those that have power. I’m sorry, regardless of how you were treated after the fact, you should have kept your pants on, and you know it.

  5. TrueWords says

    a couple of muscle queens (one past their prime) decided to put on a show and got busted…nothing to see here!! Move along oh wait…PAY THE FINE!!!

  6. jason says

    Well, cry me a river.

    The saddest thing is Atlantis President Rich Campbell reportedly saying that Dennis and John were in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. Give me a break. Rich should run for politics.

    Atlantis cruises are allegedly cesspools of promiscuity where sex happens frequently and, if the reports from Dominica are correct, in public. One wonder whether Rich’s cruises turn a blind eye to such vulgar public displays in the name of money.

    If I had the power, I’d shut down Atlantis. At the very minimum, I’d mandate the deck be flooded with Clorox at every port.

  7. Oliver says

    I have zero tolerance, patience or sympathy for these two. It’s against the law in pretty much every country on the planet to have sex in the open – and in most countries to be naked in public (not that I agree with the latter, but, the law is the law)- straight or gay. At the end of the day all these two did was give gay a bad name on that island. It’s as simple as that. And now they’re dragging their dirty wife-beaters around the media for sympathy. Wake up and grow up (they certainly look old enough to know better)!

  8. theo says

    Sympathy for the inhumane treatment, but, “I’m not going to implicate myself one way or another,” is a complete cop-out. Take responsibility for your actions and stop trying to make this about your sexuality. The island was apparently overrun by gays when the ship docked but they were were the only ones taken into custody and charged.

    I’m not sympathetic to an island nation which persecutes and marginalizes GLBT people, but these two need to grow a pair and take responsibility for their actions.

  9. RWG says

    @Oliver: You don’t know that they were having sex…you’re assuming that. You have no facts. You weren’t there. So STFU!

    Apart from the reported nightmare they had to endure at the hands of a backward and homophobic society, Atlantis should be shunned by every gay cruiser. They deserve to be put out of business for scheduling an all-gay cruise to make port in such at hateful, backward place. There are plenty of other cruise options. Don’t give your business to Atlantis anymore.

  10. Billy says

    Okay if it’s true that they were just naked on their balcony, no arrest should have been made. Sex in public I can understand but naked is just a warning at most. This smells of homophobia. A woman and man naked on a balcony wouldn’t have been arrested. Shame on Atlantis for going there.

  11. jason says

    Was the buggery charge dropped? Maybe it was dropped for political reasons.

    In any case, how can you tell if someone is engaging in buggery from a hundred feet away? They could be engaging in frottage. You’d have to be close enough to see the penis entering.

    In any case, whatever they were allegedly doing would fall into the category of indecent exposure anywhere on the planet.

  12. Swiminbuff says

    No sympathy for them. One of the guys is even a cop! He more than anyone should understand the concept of obeying the law. What they did, being naked in public, is not acceptable in most of the world and just because they were Amereican or gay and on holiday does not give them a free pass. Do the crime and you pay the fine. As for the jail conditions, what did they expect in a 3rd world nation? The Hilton? Next time you want to be naked in public go to a clothing optional resort and you can shake your money maker all you want.

  13. jason says

    Of course, Dominica has homophobic laws. Of that, there is no doubt. Let’s, however, be clear about what went on. At the very minimum, it appears that the couple was naked on the balcony in full view of land. This is indecent exposure in anyone’s language.

    Would a naked straight couple have been treated differently? Possibly. But this doesn’t mitigate the offense. The offense still occurred.

  14. Oliver says

    @RWG your language and manners are lovely.
    Meanwhile, Im only going by what I’ve read posted here by Towleroad:

    Defense lawyer Bernadette Lambert told the court her clients are “extremely remorseful,” DNO reported, adding, “They were struck by the beautiful mountains, clear fresh water and beauty of the island, and they also had a few cocktails and so threw caution to the wind. They came here for a good time and did not mean to offend the laws of the country.”

    After paying the fines, the two were scheduled to exit the country later Thursday.

    Rich Campbell, president of the West Hollywood, Ca.-based Atlantis Events, released a statement on the company’s Facebook page today, as well. It reads, in part:

    “Yesterday morning around 9:30 am two of our guests were seen engaging in a sexual act outdoors on their balcony in full public view of the port and town. Not only did many of the residents witness the act, several of our guests saw this incident as well. The local authorities responded to a complaint by several residents. The two gentlemen were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of public indecency and detained overnight. They appeared in front of the local magistrate this morning, paid a small fine, and were released in full.

  15. bravo says

    They were not having sex on a balcony. They were naked on the balcony. There’s a big difference.

    I could see things differently if they were having sex on the balcony in view of other people, but just being naked on a balcony seems like such a mild offense. Perhaps something meriting a fine, but certainly not jail.

  16. Dylan says

    Pretty sure there isn’t any Caribbean country that is “gay-friendly.” Don’t know why so many people are saying “boycott Dominica.” You take risks when you travel and sometimes sucky things happen, especially if you’re behaving as foolishly as these guys were. They should count their blessings.

  17. says

    BOO-F’ING-HOO!. I am PROUDLY GAY, and Partnered (MARRIED) for 22 of my 43 years. We have traveled all over the world. We choose locales that are open and welcome, and most importantly, conduct ourselves respectfully. We took the Alaska cruise, but were uncomfortable with some of the behavior. I understand that many gay men love a good circuit party, but they are not exactly the healthiest environment for committed couples. Atlantis designates a certain part of the cruise ship as “Deck 13,” which is Atlantis’ code word for “sex club.” Gay parties and drugs; this sort of activity cheapens us in my opinion.

  18. StevyD says

    Not the best way to become culturally sensitive. God knows in the USA, gay couples are never troubled by the law for kissing, let alone kissing naked on a balcony in a public port. And if Atlantis Cruises are only going to stop in “gay friendly” ports, you better get a really big bathtub.

  19. RyanInSacto says

    @Jason: It would be indecent exposure “anywhere on the planet?” Are you sure about that? Such laws vary around the world. For example, in England and Wales, nudity in public is not an offense – only public sex is. That goes for Canada as well, where judges have ruled that public nudity is not indecent, only public sex.

    I found these things on the Internet. It is an amazing tool to look up facts and not just spout off opinion and pretend it’s factual.

  20. ozu says

    @Oliver: perhaps it’s you who should wake up and pay attention.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that they were having sex at all– the reason the “authorities wanted to have them medically evacuated to determine whether or not they had engaged in anal sex.”

    Even assuming they were having sex, no straight couple would have been looking at 10 years in prison for having sex on a private(!) balcony even in a Christianist dump like Dominica. The only reason they aren’t looking a long prison stretch is that the whole world is watching and their desire for a witch hunt is trumped by the fact they might ever so deservedly be looking at losing the cash flow that unprincipled companies like Atlantis provide their otherwise worthless country.

    Self loathing creeps like you make me sick. Only a complete masochist would think a country with an anti-buggery law complete with accompanying “medical exams” is “not an anti-gay, hateful place.” Your internalized homophobia is truly stomach wrenching and far more distressing than the ignorant Christianist bigotry of a nation of backward island yahoos.

  21. David hearne says

    Places that make their money off tourists need to be reminded who pays the bills now and then. Cut Dominica off gentlemen. If we don’t matter then they won’t miss us.

    Travel advisory: Don’t buy from Rich Campbell, he’ll throw you under the bus.

  22. Oliver says

    Speaking of “not knowing the facts”… Were you there? Oh wait, you must have had a hidden camera on their balcony. Right? Show us the video.

  23. Sean says

    @Oliver and co. need to get a grip. Sure public indecency laws exist in pretty much every country but crowds of locals chanting because it’s two gay men and a judge looking for a medical examination to see if they were engaging in anal sex pretty much sums up the backwardness of Dominica, assuming those details are true. I’d also question what world gay people holidaying in these countries are living in, not to mention the cruise companies.

  24. Oliver says

    @Sean and RWG, I grew up in Ptown and lived there for 26 years. Try having sex, or even being fully naked, out on the balcony of some hotel there, in plain view of the general public, fondling one another, and see if you don’t get arrested. Ditto heterosexuals. The law is the law. If you have issues with that law then do something about it….I didn’t make it.

  25. GregV says

    “It’s against the law to fornicate in public.”
    They weren’t charged with “fornicating; they were charged for “indecdent exposure.”

    “It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight…”
    Well, it certainly DOES matter in Dominica, where the laws stipulate more harsh treatment and less leeway (actually NO leeway for ANY kind of sexual affection anywhere)to gay couples than to straight couples.

    “A woman and man naked on a balcony wouldn’t have been arrested.”

    You’re right, Billy. They wouldn’t have been arrested because they almost surely wouldn’t have even been noticed. I could imagine that being on a ship where a balcony connected to your own suite feels relatively private, you could easily think you could sit naked on your balcony unnoticed by anyone.
    A mob of townspeople would not have spent weeks protesting the arrival of a cruise ship full of elderly straight people and then waited at the docks with binoculars in hand, studying the ship long and hard, hoping to catch of glimpse of something to report.

  26. badlydrawnbear says

    I think the point is. If a str8 couple was having sex on their balcony would they have been arrested? Or would everyone just whip out their cell phones shot some video footage and uploaded to the web?

    I am not defending the behavior of the couple however, I can acknowledge that the fact that it was a same sex couple greatly increased the chance of the arrest and that a herosexual couple would have likely been treated very differently.

  27. Bob says

    — especially those that judge the men (who probably did make a dumb, drunken error) and say that Gays are sleazy, worried about their OWN image as “Nice Gays”

    A– just look at all the strip clubs, raunchy TV show, and much more, with straight people. If you don’t allow Gays to be equally sleazy, you are buying into homophobia.

    B– as for the “Aunt Nancys” who judge a Gay cruise for having lots of sex: well, do you think the boats would fill up if it were all just handholding couples? Do you think there is no swinging on straight cruises?

  28. wtf says

    uh, apparently none of you have EVER been to Mardi Gras. As a former resident of NO, I can tell you that public sex is everywhere in the quarter, straight and gay during festival. For those claiming that public sex would get you thrown in jail “anywhere”, I can tell you, you’re WRONG. Also, public nudity? In this day and age it’s usually a slap on the wrist if that. Why is it that everyone is ok with exposing everyone to violence, gore, etc., but sex? OH NOES. What a bunch of puritanical princesses you are.

  29. Swiminbuff says

    People need to remind themselves that when outside their own countries they are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting. Dont like the laws, dont visit, your choice, Keeping your clothes on in public places does not seem to be too much to ask. If you want to be naked stay inside your cabin, would that have been too much to ask or did they just want to put on a show for the protesters? They did nothing to advance the LGBT cause in Dominica.

  30. stevenelliot says

    First its pronounced “dominEEca” (second to last syllable anunciated)

    Second. Who are you heartless mo’s on here that wanna gripe about these two men having not played by the rules? how the hell do you know that they were simply ignorant of the laws and were just standing on their balcony 75 feet above the harbor nude? innocently

    And to the previous poster who said one of the arrested couple was past their prime? come on! Thats just a nelly vicious stab.

    Third. Whos to say the cops werent sitting there on the dock explicitly because they heard the sodomite ship was in port and they was gonna round them up some anti-men (carib slang for F*G.)

    They took these two guys off the ship which was must have been a concerted effort to find them. Cuffed them. Took them to a third world jail, no toilet. harrassed them. made them pay $4000 to get out. even wanted to anally probe them.

    And you prissy rule wonks wanna worry about their looks and if they did or didnt screw in a land where its forbidden??

    I guarantee you they would have not treated a same sex couple with this amount of harshness.

    And the owner of Atlantis? Thats all the retort you can muster? coward.

  31. RexT says

    I must have missed the Trial … of course, pleading out on a lesser charge in order to flee a foreign country vs spending months in jail and money for legal representation, loss of jobs & income – does settle the alleged charges to some degree. Really? Amazing how quickly people have judged these two people – lacking facts and actual details.

  32. Ty says

    Dominica is a beautiful country, probably the most striking of the islands my partner and I visited several years ago on a (non-gay) cruise of the Southern Caribbean. But it was also the least developed/commercialized of the islands…which to any thinking individual would naturally translate into it being even more religious-minded than the other islands. My partner and I were extra careful there not to offend the sensibilities of the people, particularly our kayaking guide who was a bible school student. The people are lovely, but they only know what they’ve been exposed to. They are quite literally decades and decades behind us in terms of social progress on issues like LGBT acceptance.

    My partner and I spent a lot of time on our balcony in only robes or even less…while at sea, not in port! Especially in Dominica where the boat literally pulls up RIGHT on the busy marketplace below. Ironically, had they been on the other side of the ship they would have been fine because there is no view of the populated land from the non-dock side at that port.

    I have no problem with Atlantis going there…everytime a boat load of 2000 gays pulls into Dominica and the people spend their money on the local wares and appreciate the locals’ art and culture, we do a lot to hasten the day when these islands join the rest of the hemisphere when it comes to gay people.

    BUT, I do have a problem with Rich Campbell’s response. Its just dripping with self-righteous political callousness. Regardless of how idiotic these two were, for him to all but throw them under the bus in the name of “move along there is nothing to see here” self-interest is just sleazy. What a cad!

  33. norseman says

    Having been on several caribbean cruises (but not a gay one), I think there’s a factor missing here. Being on board ship, there’s a disconnect to the country where you’re docking-right or wrong. It “feels” like you’re still very much in the US of A when you’re on board and you feel isolated from what’s going on ashore. I never felt subject to the laws of the islands we were docking at, although in retrospect I likely was. Security is so tight getting on and off the ship it feels like you’re actually going through customs on the gangway. I can imagine how on a gay themed cruise, a couple of passengers could feel safe enough and isolated enough to be amorous on the balcony – something they would have felt safe doing before pulling into port.

  34. redball says

    THE OWNER OF ATLANTIS is ridiculous: he didnt even care & called this “minor” AND didnt express ANY concern about the fact that he sends gay cruises to the ports of homophobic countries.

    he’s a parasite.

    i’ve never been on a gay cruise and if i ever go, it won’t be with his!

  35. Brent says

    Thank you Ty for your thoughtful comment on the reality of where the island of Dominica is in terms of culture and being progressive. It is literally another world, so I don’t put any blame on their laws, antiquated though they may be. And I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the couple, and I’m not going to pass judgement on the cruise as a whole. I’ve been on the Atlantis Mexico cruise, and it’s really what you want it to be. If you want a circuit party at sea, or a fun time with your partner, it’s a big ship.

    But I also agree with Ty about Rich Campbell and his response. I suppose this whole event serves as a cautionary tale. Had this couple been on a regular cruise, I wonder the level of support they would have gotten from the cruise line, but I really would have expected better from a “gay cruise” company to at least avoid pointing fingers at anyone, but rather simply say that the incident was unfortunate and that they would make adjustments in the future so that no other incident like this would happen. Whether that is never going back to Dominica or making sure there are clear warnings to the cruise guests about the laws and customs, that would be for Atlantis to decide. But clearly nothing is changing as far as I can tell from his statement. I don’t really think I would be comfortable taking a cruise with them in the future.

  36. denison says

    This thread got seriously overrun by vile trollery… anyone want to bet that more than half the comments came from a small, backwards country in the Caribbean?

    The bottom line is, a place like this needs to be made to suffer for this behavior. There is no proof of ‘buggery’ and regardless, it’s obvious that there is something seriously wrong there. Make them pay.

  37. Francis says

    It’s not Atlantis who deserves the brunt of the blame, although they made an INCREDIBLY shortsighted decision to have this cruise in a homophobic area and Rich Campbell’s response is beyond weak, is disrespectful, and he looks like an idiot for even allowing something like this to ever potentially happen and saying “wrong place at wrong time” BS when called out on his lack of background checking and foresight, but instead it’s the homophobic area, AKA DOMINICA that deserves the blame at the end of the day here. The sex vs naked aspect is irrelevant here because at the end of the day, these men WERE treated harshly for being gay, and this IS a case of homophobia. People judging these two men need to realize, as has been stated, when you’re on a cruise, you’re sort of disconnected with reality off the boat. And that reality does NOT justify treating two men like criminal animals and charging them on a crime they reportedly never even committed.

    This is what people need to focus on and remember here. These men were charged with a crime they DID NOT commit reportedly. They were then embarrassed, mocked and treated like animals and placed in an extremely cold, dirty, poorly-functioning jail cell and not allowed to put on extra clothing. You can believe these men acted irresponsibly without failing to recognize they have been mistreated………which they have. This is wrong and although I’m usually not one to jump into rash decisions, I do think boycotting these virulently anti-gay countries is a common sense decision. And DEMANDING background checks from Atlantis and holding them responsible for not having these gay-cruises enter anti-gay areas is in order as well. Ultimately, we shouldn’t be surprised something like this happened eventually, sad as it is.

  38. KeithInSF says

    I know these guys personally and they are NOT anything like what they are being portrayed in the news. They are a sweet, thoughtful and extremely normal couple. Dennis is a retired Sherriff, he would NOT be having sex on a public balcony! They may have nude, or what appeared to be nude from a distance, on their balcony. I very, very seriously doubt that they were having sex in public, especially in a foreign country. Hell, I can barely even get them to take their shirts off at the Folsom Street Fair! Before you judge let’s wait until they return home and can give their side of the story. These guys are truly some of the nicest and most down to earth guys I’ve ever met.

  39. PeteP says

    I have been on several Atlantis cruises. At the start of each cruise (during the lifeboat drill) they warn you that you are not at a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs and that you need to be respectful of your fellow guests and the crew who don’t want to watch you having sex in the jacuzzi. Despite this, there is always one guy who insists on parading around in a mesh thong or someone else who stands naked on his balcony as the ship approaches each port. I have no sympahy for these a-holes. They need to grow up and take it indoors.

  40. Marcus Welby says

    Medically evacuated, or medically EVALUATED? There’s a difference.

    In any case, those little Caribbean islands should be bombed all the way to Gomorrah and back.

  41. OUP says

    Proving, once again, that it always the ugly ones that insist on going naked. As a resident of Palm Springs, I can’t wait to run into these guys. I am going to laugh my ass off.

  42. jaragon says

    Seriously now this is what happens when gay men think the entire world in Fire Island. And why would you spend your money in an obvious homophobic country?!

  43. MarcosLB says

    BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dominca and Atlantis. I live where large cruise ships dock and the people on them look like ants, naked or not.

    Wow, someone saw them naked from the dock, and suddenly they are arrested by military police? Then are thrown into a concrete cell with no facilities for 19 hours taunted verbally, the islanders line up to humiliate them as they are released. Derided by an idiot of a judge. Made to pay a 4 thousand dollar fine. Get a clue, stay away, make both this back water island and the mercenary cruise line pay the price. Here something like this would have warranted a citation at best.

    EFF THEM!!

  44. Tone says

    Gee imagine that, the GOProud types are out in force to point their bony self-righteous fingers, fulminate about decency, and to express their “concern.”

    Regardless of what this couple was doing or not doing on that cruise ship balcony, being paraded through the streets to be publicly jeered was homophobic and inappropriate for any jurisdiction claiming to uphold the rule of law.

    And any cruise line catering to our needs ought to consider whether their clients wish to spend money in a culture that condemns them at every available opportunity. I certainly won’t be lining up to by an Atlantis cruise any time soon.

  45. George F says

    I dont know about Dominica first hand… but I was with the boyfriend in St Lucia and it was evidently a very hostile place… especially if they get to know you are a man traveling with his boyfriend…

  46. blsilverlight says

    The simple fact is that these guys were informed of the laws prior to their arrival at the port. Whether you agree with the law or not doesn’t matter. When you are visiting another country or location outside of your own, by your own choice, then you should respect the laws of that location. Certainly a retired police officer should understand the concept of respecting the law.

  47. says

    Did they even have sex on the balcony? Maybe they were just cuddling. Maybe they were just lounging around. Maybe they didn’t know that people would be seeing them in the altogether. Was the boat docked when this happened? Kissing naked as the day is long in public is one thing, but doing the nasty in public is ANOTHER. There isn’t even any evidence that these guys did what the authorities said that they did. No photos, no videos from the ship or from the shore, nothing. This could all be just trumped-up charges done to make a point about homosexuality in the Caribbean, and two people (however ignorant they may be) ended up the fall guys.

  48. t says

    atlantis boys, get a clue: don’t go to homophobic places then indecently expose yourself.

    the rest of the world is not one big gay party cruise.

    partners for 17 years? seriously?

  49. PDQ says

    Looking at pictures of the ship it appears that the balconies have clear glass panes to allow passengers to see the ocean from their cabins – and allowing the general public to see what two naked men might be doing on their balcony.

    Depending on what they were – or were not – doing on that balcony, it was clearly visible to people onshore.

  50. thomas says

    “…wanted to have them medically evacuated to determine whether or not they had engaged in anal sex.”

    Evaluated or Evacuated…. In this case, there is a BIG difference.

  51. matt says

    Doesn’t the cruise ship have cameras of areas open to the public? I would imagine that if these two were innocent activity, they would be demanding that any footage be released.

  52. Jim says

    If they were having sex on the balcony, that is not acceptable whether you are straight or gay; although the punishment for a straight couple would have not been nearly so severe. As far as the extreme treatment because they are gay? Gays spend millions of dollars annually on these cruises, let their dollars dry up and the economic pressure on some of these countries may inspire them to change some of their laws. Even if they don’t accept “us” they will want to accept our money.

  53. sara says

    Don’t know what really happened other than they pled guilty to public nudity. When the ship returns we’ll probably get another twist to the story as all those so called passenger witnesses start to come forward. Maybe those people are having the same internet access problem that Mr. Campbell had & that’s the reason they haven’t said anything yet.

    In the meantime, Dominica is not sounding like a good place to visit.

  54. Tom says

    Regardless of what these two were or weren’t doing, why anyone who is gay would choose to spend their time and money in a country that has a “buggery” law on the books is beyond me. The fact that a gay cruise would stop there is ridiculous.

  55. Mort says

    The incredible amount of conclusion-jumping, sniping, and plain meanness that characterizes many of the comments here is disconcerting. Who are you creepily judgmental people? I’d hate to think you were a representative sampling of the Towleroad audience.

    Oh, and to all those who say “suck it up” in response to “buggery” laws — how self-loathing can you get?

  56. sara says

    @Matt I doubt the cruise ship would put cameras by someone’s balcony that’s attached to their room. Your balcony is part of that room you pay for.

  57. marc says

    There are enough Carribean islands where LGBT discrimination is illegal (such as the French or Dutch West Indies), Atlantis could easily skip homophobic Dominica.

  58. anony6 says

    Really shocked at the hatred coming from some of the commentators. It has not even been confirmed that these men were having sex in public.

    The way some people have so readily thrown these men under the bus based on the word of homophobic officials from a homophobic country is low and self serving. These same people like to use this event to draw contrast between themselves and the couple by throwing out there how this would never happen to them; because their too self respecting to be on a cruise like that in the first place, too law abiding, to smart to be unaware of archaic laws, to responsible to be nude in public, etc.

    This article below talks about the ambiguous allegation. And as far as nudity goes…plz!

  59. Luke says

    I still don’t understand why gay people goes in those homophobic countries. As example I would like to visit Morocco but I will NEVER go there because I can get arrested even if I only pronunce the word gay.

  60. denison says

    If you think you can get arrested for pronouncing the word “gay” in Morocco, you’re just too stupid to travel. There’s hot male on male action going on everywhere in that country.

  61. Oliver says

    There are a lot of people here who think “everyone is jumping to judgement”. I know sure as hell I wouldn’t plead guilty, and pay a fine, for something I didn’t do. I stand by my original response. They broke the law. Boo hoo. Grow up, act your age.
    If you think these two guys are so innocent I might suggest you read the very words of their attorney:
    Defense lawyer Bernadette Lambert told the court her clients are “extremely remorseful,” DNO reported, adding, “They were struck by the beautiful mountains, clear fresh water and beauty of the island, and they also had a few cocktails and so threw caution to the wind.”

  62. mk_ultra_again says

    This is actually all Rich Campbell’s fault. Why take a gay cruise to homophobic ports? Wouldn’t it be better to take your guests and customers to locations they can enjoy?
    Campbell says “they were in the wrong place at the wrong time” What? YOU brought them there.

  63. says

    We are on this cruise. Too many here are rushing to judge these guys. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until all the facts are in? My husband went on a trolley tour of the town in Dominica while I was scuba diving. He and the other guys on the tour were subjected to anti-gay slurs from some of the people as they innocently toured the town. Rich Campbell’s comments are disgraceful. He couldn’t care less about the gay community or his client’s welfare, it seems. He’ll go anywhere no matter how homophobic the locale. It’s about the $$$ for him.

  64. FFS says

    Ironic that Dominica’s backwards, homophobic Law Enforcement is actually less virulently anti-gay-sex than Towleroad’s own readership.

    Although this is clearly not one of them, there are actually parts of this world where gay sex in public places is perfectly accepted and entirely legal. Notice the lack of Biblical floods and on-lookers turning to pillars of salt, then unclench, you old biddies.

  65. Luke says

    @Denison In Morocco you can risk up to 3 years in prison for any act even only promoting homosexuality. Those laws are strongly and regularly applicated. Do I have to add that those arrested often “hurt themselves to death” when in “custody”?

  66. Rafa says

    That is why I love Mexico! Even if you’re caught on something like this, the police men will escort you to the nearest ATM in a polite manner, with smiles, and have you withdraw a few hundred dollars. Case solved!

  67. MarkUs says

    @Luke: I agree with you. I’ve wanted to visit Morocco forever and get emails regularly from a Leading Hotels group and although I know it would be perfectly safe at their luxury facilities in Marrakesh, the latest Spartacus gay guide specifically warns Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise there, that you can be arrested and beaten for the suggestion of being gay, and they recommend avoid. Not listening to “oh, man, that’s so much BS” stories because when it comes to countries in that region things can change week to week. Spartacus tends to not be politically correct and pretty right on with “at your own risk”.

  68. Chris says

    @Oliver. WHy do you seem so invested in the vilification of these two? It seems almost a third of the comments here are from you. There must be a more personal reason for the amount of time you have spent defending the laws of this backward country and coming with nonsensical reasons for their guilt.
    You claim that you would never plead guilty and pay a fine for something you didn’t do. Even is stuck in a foreign country, being threatened with years in a third world prison? Come on, of course they pled guilty and got the hell out of there ASAP…as any sane person would.
    But your desperation to prove to everyone here that these people are guilty has me wondering what your true motive here.

    And as for everyone claiming these guys are ugly or old or whatever….we all know you are a 300 lb troll, so give it up. There is no reason to attack the appearance of these guys, it makes you look petty, childish and bitchy.

    I am so glad that the commenters at Towleroad seem to be such a moral, upstanding, law abiding group, so moral in fact that you can jump to conclusions, criticize others, and assume you know the actions of people you have never met. Congratulations on being so superior. Some others may realize that everyone has made mistakes, maybe everything isn’t quite as Dominica and Atlantis would like to spin it, to save face. There are reports that previous Atlantis cruises that have docked there have been harassed by locals and that Mr. Campbell wouldn’t listen to complaints, and that certain religious people on the island have been trying to get access legally blocked to gay cruises for at least a decade.

  69. Jay says

    So many of these comments are homophobic or at least self-loathing. The men were not having sex. The scandal here is Atlantis cruises’s abandoning them to the hands of homophobic officials in an anti-gay hellhole.

    I think anyone who would patronize tourist destinations such as Jamaica or Domenica (and cruises that stop in such backward places) are stupid and part of the problem, but that doesn’t mean that they should be mistreated the way these people were.

    I hope that they sue Atlantis.

  70. Interested party says

    Maybe Atlantis threw them under the bus because they apparently confirmed that they were having sex even if the men said they weren’t. Just waiting for the ship to dock to hear the other passengers tell their tales before I jump to any conclusion

  71. Ish says

    I don’t care if you are straight or gay, don’t assume that because you are on board is ok to have sex in the balcony while the ship is on port! People can see you, besides the ship was at port, what places the vessel under the specific country’s territory. We have to respect their laws. It is not legal to have sex in public anywhere that I know of. I’m all for having fun in the ship’s balcony if that is what gets you off, but do it at high seas, where no one has to witness it! I say they were exhibitionists and just got their rocks in the wrong place. I agree that the cruise line should not visit homophobic places, specially on a gay cruise, but we also have to understand that not every country is as forgiving as the USA, besides this only perpetuates negative stereotypes of ‘gay behavior”.

  72. Caliban says

    Good lord, the gay community doesn’t need torch-wielding villagers after us since, based on the response here, we bring our own!

    In the WashPo article Dennis Mayer denies they were having sex though he says they were “less clothed” than they ought to have been (though not completely nude). I don’t know exactly what that means, but in a homophobic country what would it take to incite a homophobic response? Holding hands? A kiss on the cheek? Be dressed in underwear? A towel?

    It’s disgusting the way Rich Campbell’s FIRST impulse was to throw them under the bus by announcing that they were having sex on their balcony. At this point we don’t KNOW the truth about that, but they deny it and that’s not what they were charged with. But Campbell was clearly more interested in blaming his passengers for what happened so potential travelers would still make reservations for his cruises. And Cambell claimed a representative was with them the entire time while Mr Meyer doesn’t mention that at all.

    Personally I have no interest in a vacation that’s basically a floating circuit party, but whatever floats your boat (pun intended). I assume these cruises also offer options for people who want to be with others of their kind but not in that aspect of it. But as a gay traveler I also don’t want to support homophobic countries and ports with my tourist dollars and in my opinion that SHOULD be taken into consideration when planing the itinerary of gay cruises. Other passengers on that cruise have reported taunts and homophobic slurs when all they were doing was shopping. Shall we blame THEM for that too, question how they were dressed, how they speak, if they might have accidentally touched hands, see if we can figure out how they BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES?!


  73. says

    In 1989 I took an RSVP cruise (now part and parcel of Atlantis, I believe)on one of it’s first forays to the Dominican Republic (the name Republic conjuring up a bit of an oxymoron in itself).

    The night before we were to dock, after we had all signed up for our onshore activities like beach picnics, horseback riding in the mountains, shopping excursions, etc., info sheets were slipped under our stateroom doors discreetly titled “Onshore Advice”.

    Among the gems:

    Do not wear or carry jewelry of ANY kind, even watches as thieves are rampant and armed robbery common.

    If you choose to disembark, DO NOT WALK INTO THE TOWN (CAPS, theirs)Even though it is a short distance down the dock,hire a “Servicio”, a trusted (sic) local boy to escort you as throngs will surround you and intimidate and threaten you.

    Do not stroll away from the organized beach party activities along the beach or particularly into the dunes where robbers and thugs await innocent pray.

    And perhaps the most tragic and frightening image of all:

    NO NOT THROW MONEY FROM THE SHIP to the swimming children that surround the ship as it approaches the dock, they can become caught in the under-toe and killed by the propellers.

    Without much preamble, everyone I was with cancelled their on-shore activities and opted for more MaiTai’s on board.

    In the end, a “docking dispute” (code for “that floating cesspool of gays will not dock on OUR holy island) prevented our ultimate docking, that and a governmental coup that was brewing at the time.

    We tacked back and forth just offshore but close enough to see the throngs of people who were waiting for our potential arrival and the money and largesse we would bring, or have wrested from our persons, depending on your perspective.

    I see not much had changed.

    As thoughtful as Ty’s comments are, and I agree in principal with him all the way, maybe trying to land 3,000 self-absorbed and pampered gays (which is what you go ON a cruise to be, after all)in a land that does not cotton to our kind is not the best way to accomplish cross-cultural pollination or even detente.

  74. FunMe says

    I originally thought these 2 guys met at the cruise and picked each other for sex. Turns out they are BOYFRIENDS for a long time. Something tells me that they were probably naked in their robes, took them off to enjoy the sunshine and scenery. I don’t buy the “having sex”.

    And for those self-loathing or jump to judgement gays, you don’t know the story unless you were there. I certainly don’t.

    Any intelligent person would know that whatever the guys said in court, they simply said to get the heck out of that homophobic country. Just listen to the words of the judge and that should tell you everything about the HOMOPHOBIA of that country.

    As for Rich Campbel and throwing (again) someone under the bus, I hope his company suffers and more and more people decide NOT to take his cruises anymore.

    I mean he had a drug dealer (friend of his) currently in jail for bringing and dealing drugs in one his cruises last year. (Hmmm, how does someone so easily get into a ship with lots of drugs if it weren’t for the owner letting him in the back door). Then there was a guy who died this year, and he couldn’t wait long enough to find him. They “had” to get to the next destination Mexico.

    I hope these guys sue Atlantis and Rich Campbell and that the gets all the BAD PUBLICITY and lost of income he deserves.

  75. Gan says

    These comments really surprised me. I would think that most (gay) people would rally behind these two guys because the truth is we really don’t know what they did. But aside from that, it was obvious that the treatment that they received showed how homophobic this country is. In other countries, you wouldn’t have a crowd chastising you from being gay or have the judge suggested that the doctor examined you for a sign of anal sex. I am also surprised that a gay cruise would visit a country this homophobic. They might be guilty for indecent behavior but no one should be treated they way they were treated.

  76. bobbyjoe says

    The dumbest trolls on this site are the ones shrilly shrieking about how ugly they think these guys are. The only standard by which these guys are so “ugly” it deserves mention would be from those whose standards come from a constant diet of barely 18 skinny teenage twinky porn. Both men look normal. Get over the weird body issues, trolls.

  77. GregV says

    “I’m all for having fun in the ship’s balcony if that is what gets you off, but do it at high seas, where no one has to witness it!”

    @Ish: No one “had to witness it” from the streets of the town of Roseau, either.

    Take a look at the blog by Jim Kelly-Evans (commenter above) who is blogging from the cruise and has pictures taken from the ship of the town.
    There was a group of townspeople who were out to get these passengers because they were gay.
    Notice that nobody has come up with any proof at all of anything, which would be easy to do with the camera on any I-Phone if these guys had been truly visible to any kid strolling through town, as the spokesman seems to suggest.

    Those who complain remind me of a case study in a psychology book I had, in which a lady was complaining that a man was exposing himself to her from his apartment and called police.

    When they arrived at her house, she showed them how if she stood on her tip-toes on a chair and looked from just the right angle into his bathroom window with a pair of binoculars, she could catch a glimpse of him stepping into the shower in the morning.

    I think that’s what happened here. The homophobic group (some with binoculars)was studying the ship and everyone coming off of it (and slurs were made, apparently), looking for something — anything –to complain about.
    Someone spotted these two and alerted the others that they’d found what they WANTED to find (not what they “had to witness”).

  78. Oliver says

    First of all you don’t seem very level headed…or at the very least your math skills are lacking. I’ve made seven comments and there are 99. A third of 99 would be 33. A few of those comments were spent responding to jerks like you.
    That aside, I’m not desperate to prove them guilty; they proved themselves guilty by the statement their own attorney released and then by pleading guilty. If these two gentlemen (and I use that term very loosely) were entirely innocent then I’m certain they never would have plead guilty.
    And please cut me a break with this stupidity: “Even is (sic) stuck in a foreign country, being threatened with years in a third world prison?”

  79. jamal49 says

    Ever been to Dominica? Somewhat pretty, people are friendly but reserved and they are very conservative, such as evangelical conservative. I do not know all the laws of Dominica but I do know that they frown upon any kinds of “public lewdness”; i.e., a straight couple sunbathing in the nude on an open-to-the-public balcony would probably had garnered the same kind of reaction. Let’s face it folks. Whether it’s Dominica, or St. Kitts and Nevis, or Grenada or any of the other Lesser Antilles, they are mostly Protestant and they are NOT “gay-friendly”. In fact, most of the Antilles are very homophobic and will not tolerate gays at any time. So, if you are going to vacay down there just remember that you are not in S.F. or NYC or even Salt Lake City for chrissakes and act accordingly. If those places are uncomfortable with straight couples acting lewdly (or their definition of “lewd”) in public, don’t expect them to even consider as benign the sight of two men holding hands in public. The reaction will be negative. I speak from experience, guys.

  80. Caliban says

    To me their pleading guilty doesn’t mean sh*t. Let me see, you can stand on your principles and spend days, maybe even weeks in a 3rd World jail being subject to taunts, very likely assault and possibly even rape or you can plead guilty, pay a fine, and get the hell out Dodge ASAP. Not a difficult decision IMO.

  81. Chris says

    @oliver. You may call me names all you wish, you just continue to prove my point. You, for some reason, are personally invested in proving these people guilty,

    If you are so convinced that you would stay in jail in Dominica, rather than please guilty and get out…give it a try. Claiming that you wouldn’t just makes you look absurd.

    And as for my “stupidity” ….until the plea bargain, they were being threatened with a buggery charge that carries a ten year sentence. The plea bargain avoided that charge…what part of that statement is factually incorrect?

    Oliver,We get it…you are morally superior to all, and deserve the right to judge everyone. If someone disagrees with you they are stupid, and no one can have a point but you. You have decided that you know the whole story and that it is your job to tell everyone else how incorrect they are.

    Must be lonely.

  82. My2cents says

    I’m tired of the Campbells of our LGBT community doing anything for a buck, and then abandoning their patrons at the first sign of trouble. Campbell was quoted, “The guests were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and like getting a speeding ticket were simply caught, nothing more.” The “incident” was “unfortunate”. So far, Campbell’s Atlantis has still refused to refund the price of the “unfortunate” trip, or apologize.

  83. denizon says

    Three years in Morocco for “promoting gayness”? What a load. First it was just “saying gay,” now you make up some other stuff. No matter waht you were told or read on the internet, there is tons of gay activity there, as well as some homophobia…much like most countries in the world. Believe what you want, but it’s safe for gay tourists at this time, unlike many spots in the US. How about backing up those claims of visitors thrown in jail for saying the word gay? Nope… not going to find them.

  84. says

    here’s what I hope happens from this – this experience galvanizes these two men to rally their friends and family to the plight of LGBT people who actually LIVE in these places, as opposed to those whose Cruise Vacations stop off in them.

    rally their friends and family and themselves to support, champion and indeed help the fight for LGBT Equality for those people who can’t get back to the USA on a cruise ship.

    was the arresting response a massive overreaction? of course. but such an overreaction should be a wake up call that Other Places need Our help.

  85. Dexter67 says

    You sounds all like a bunch of old repressed victorian lady.
    In a gay cruise there’s more that only being naked… otherwise why people and couples would go there. But the Oscar for the idiot decision goes to Atlantis for organizing a gay cruise that stops in a homophobic country. There are plenty of gay friendly places in the area like Martinique, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico. Now I know which company do not choose, if I go in a gay cruise.

  86. denison says

    It’s especially ironic that folks would spout misinformation about one country (Morocco), somehow forgetting the fact that there ARE actual “don’t say gay” laws in the US, as well as isolated, violent, anti-gay fundamentalist groups there as well. It cuts both ways.

    It also so happens that in Morocco, normal public affection (hand-holding, hugs, etc., not cock-in-mouth action) between same sex individuals is completely acceptable, whereas you’d get stoned for the same thing in many US towns.

    Ironic, but that’s why we have the internet to discuss these things.

  87. ThomT says

    “I’m not going to implicate myself one way or another, but we were charged with being naked on the balcony,” he said.

    This statement was made AFTER they left the island and were out of harms way and it says more about their “incident” than anything else I’ve read. If they weren’t doing anything that should have gotten them arrested then you can be pretty darn sure they would, once released and away from Dominca, have been screaming about their innocence and the abusive and unfair treatment they received. A little common sense can go a long way and neither of these two are so young as to not understand the rules of common decency – especially in a foreign country where you don’t have first hand knowledge of their tolerance (or lack thereof). They got off lucky and cheap and should simply make every effort to say out of the spotlight long enough for people to forget about their foolishness.

  88. RichB in PS says

    Something is not right – not not think we are getting the real facts or circumstances, these men are from Palm Springs and one is a retired policeman. No too long ago there was nation wide coverage of police entrapment/scandal in the Palm Springs Warm Sands resort neighborhood – who would know better than how enforcement ‘operates’ that resulted in major police shake up including long term chief of police resignation. Not all the facts are known about the recent ‘Dominica Sting’ – sounds like a set up.

  89. Brad says

    @ Jason
    Well, I can tell you’ve never been on an Atlantis cruise. They are not “cesspools of promiscuity” anymore than a straight cruise is. There is no need to wash down the decks with clorox. Are you afraid of sex? There is a lot of homophobia in your statement. You sound like Rick Santorum.

    The couple were not having sex, they were naked on a balcony. Big F****ing Deal! If Dominica is this backward, then perhaps Atlantis needs to reassess where their cruises take their passengers. I agree with others on here, if they’d been straight it would have been overlooked.

    On the other hand, the couple could have taken more caution in what they were doing. When you’re in a foreign country you can’t just assume everyone has the same culture you do. Walking around in the nude may be a no-no and as a guest in their country you need to respect that or not go at all. I am just glad they were not beaten or killed, which could have happened .

  90. Jeff NYC says

    Why does everyone believe what the police say that they were “having sex on the deck”?

    The article says very clearly that they maintain they were not having sex, but were “partially clothed.”

  91. says

    for what it’s worth, the angriest comments on here blaming these men for their “actions” are coming from semi-closeted trolls who couldn’t get f***ed if they fell @ss-first onto a cock factory.

  92. Stevo says

    You can get exactly the same treatment in Australia if the police find out you’re gay.

    Even though I was cleared of any charges I was kept in a cell with the light on all night and given nothing to eat or drink for 26 hours. The whole time one or another of the cops would come to my cell door and mouth obscenities about “filthy poofters” and what they’d like to do to them.

  93. Tarc says

    Regardless of the precise details, all this incident has done is remove any likelihood that my partner and I will ever be spending our dollars in the Carribbean. If there are places where we would not be concerned about being persecuted for not being heterosexual, we might have more interest, but I’m even pretty turned off the idea of cruises by the poor response of Altlantis.

  94. gus says

    um is this fox news? who made many of these comments Rich Campbell? Any country that you can be arrested for “buggery” is a homophobic country that does not deserve our dollars. Any for all you prudes who like to throw stones at these guys for what being under clothed? Are you kidding me?

  95. MajorTom says

    Oliver: “Its not an anti-gay, hateful place.
    ” Dominica has laws against same-gender sexual activity. When the two men were in jail, they reported being “paraded in front of other prisoners” in an obvious effort to humiliate and intimidate them. When they were taken to get money to pay their fine, a crowd was waiting outside the courthouse to yell and scream at them. (How did they know the two would be coming out that door at that time? It seems likely that someone inside the courthouse made sure they knew.) Sex in public may be illegal in Dominica, and public nudity may be as well, but you cannot honestly argue that the place is not anti-gay. And given the obvious anti-gay attitudes there, how can we trust that any of the “witnesses” actually saw what they claimed to have seen? Was there no one with a camera–even a cell phone camera–at a cruise ship port? No? Really? If there were any photos of the two men breaking the law, it certainly wasn’t reported. I am not apologizing for anyone who breaks a common sense law. No sex in public seems pretty common sense to me, but on the other hand heterosexuals violate that law all the time and are virtually never arrested. Usually they are told to pull their clothes back on and move along. These men were taken from a cruise ship and (initially) charged with BUGGERY. Tell me how that is not does not reflect anti-gay discrimination.

  96. Oliver says

    @Majortom, get your quotes straight, I never said that.
    @Chris, Yes, it is lonely at the top, but we do have fun pissing down on jerks like you.

    Like many people have mentioned here, something is not right with their story.
    They we arrested Wednesday morning and detained for 26 years and then went before the judge Thursday morning. Their own lawyer is quoted stating how they had been drinking. If you think about that, that means they were drinking early in the morning…or perhaps they were still drinking from the previous evening (?). Chris, I know your math skills are not good, but it doesn’t take a math major to figure out that something here doesn’t add up here. Their own attorney said: “they also had a few cocktails and so threw caution to the wind.” A few cocktails early in the morning? Hey, I’m no prude and have no problem with a few cocktails first thing in the morning, but I also know what that might lead to. Just sayin’

  97. FFS says

    @Oliver: You’ve thoroughly succeeded in proving yourself to be an utterly odious boor. Give it a rest, now.

    @Denison: This article is about Dominica. Stop trying to make Morocco happen.

  98. Michael says

    I would like to know what gay citizens of Dominica would like us to do to combat the homophobia there. (Same for Jamaica.) My gut reaction is, “Just boycott the damn place — and the more massive the boycott, the better.” But would that leave local gays in a more dangerous position? What do gay Dominica residents want? (Besides not being beaten to death?) What’s the most effective way to strike back at this ignorant and threatening attitude.

  99. Carl says

    Rich Campbell, the CEO of Atlantis, is an idiot for essentially blaming these guys for the homophobic treatment they received. It’s NOT the equivalent of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” and getting a speeding ticket. Dominica has a law that SPECIFICALLY SINGLES OUT GAY MEN for extra scrutiny. They have an “anti-sodomy” law. Whatever the these two guys might have done, it’s clear they were singled out for being gay. They didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated, threatened, mistreated by the government of Dominica, made to “beg” for their freedom, pay a fine, and apologize for who they are.

    Atlantis should use its power to push for a reform in Dominca’s homophobic laws. They should refuse to return to Dominica until reforms are made. To do anything less would reveal Atlantis as an opportunistic company whose only plan is to make money off the backs of naive and unsuspecting gay men.

    Furthermore, every thinking gay man should BOYCOTT Atlantis until they do the right thing. Until each of us is safe, nobody is safe.

  100. Andreas says

    “The whole Caribbean is Homophobic”

    That’s not even true. St Barts, St Maartin and even Curacao are gay-friendly islands and have been for decades.

    Why do people have to make such stupid generalisations?

  101. CaribbeanQueen says

    Look at Towleroad publishing nasty racist (including one poor chap who can’t even spell the singular of “negro”), foolish and bigoted comments on this comment board. So much ignorance here. I especially enjoyed the poster who mixes up Dominican Republic and Dominica (Look up “Hispaniola”, Mate. Then look up “Dominica”. You’ll be surprised by what you find. Or perhaps not.). The world isn’t airbrushed loveliness. If you want to challenge and therefore change people’s attitudes, I’d politely suggest that swanning around on balconies, beaches, going shopping and scuba diving, and drinking Mai-Tais isn’t the right approach. 2000 gay men pull into port of a country where gays are under siege by out-dated attitudes and laws. How many of those holidaymakers showed any support whatsoever for local gay guys? Did they, or the holiday company, offer any kind of outreach at all? But then, why should they? This is just a holiday, right? Where you should be able to just behave as you please because you’ve paid to do so, right? I mean, these islanders on their “dump” should be grateful that you even turned up at all, right?

    What a disgrace.

  102. Paul in Charleston says

    Stories like this always bring the neo-prudes streaming out of the woodwork, jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst, waving pitchforks and torches, calling for blood, and then topping it all off with “they give the gay community a bad name”, no my darlings YOU do by reacting just like Rick Santorum does.
    A poster here who actually knows Mayer and Hart says that they are hard pressed to even take their shirts off in public so I have to wonder if they were stark naked nude in the first place. Wearing towels maybe after a morning shower, or perhaps in underwear, in some/many places that can be considered “indecent”. As for the lawyer saying that cocktails had been imbibed and caution thrown to the wind, I take that as a savvy lawyer saying exactly what the judge would like to hear. In any case, most of us here do not know the couple involved, we were not there, we witnessed nothing, so making judgmental statements and, worse, making up scenarios is juvenile and idiotic.

  103. HRH says

    “Local taxi operators expressed outrage as they reportedly witnessed the defendants engaged in sexual activity on the balcony of the ship.” When the local police boarded the Celebrity cruise ship, one of the defendants responded “we were naked on our balcony but were not having sex.”

  104. sara says

    Reports now in that the two guys were engaged in very public sex, not just naked, in front of a gathering crowd so there’s another side to the story. That’s coming from the cruise director & another passenger. So maybe we should reserve judgment before we try to nation build other islands. It’s possible they were arrested for having sex while people were having brunch at the public square and nothing to do with them being gay. I’m waiting for the whole story to come out.

  105. Chris says

    I was on the cruise and Dominica was great. The rain forest was beautiful and our tour guide, the van driver and all the locals were very helpful and friendly. Our tour guide Heather was especially fun – we were cracking jokes the whole time and she was laughing so hard she gave herself a headache.

    I did not see what these two guys did on their balcony, but I did talk to a few people who witnessed it firsthand. Whether they were having sex or not, there was no question for those who saw it that it was meant to be seen and was a blatant display that was deliberate and provocative.

    In other words, it was rude act and meant to be a huge F.U. to Dominica, its people and its culture. Ugly Americanism at its finest.

    I have no problem with these two being arrested and thrown in jail, and I don’t know of any one on the cruise who had a problem with it.

  106. Steve says

    I witnessed the incident first hand. The couple came out on their deck walked around naked within sight of many locals and at that point had attracted quite a crowd, they then went back into their cabin only to return to their deck area and proceed to at least appear from the dock to be having anal sex. Inappropriate behaviour no matter where in the world they were. “A time and place for everything”, and they were off on both accounts. I have no sympathy for the couple.

  107. Rich says

    If you’re only going to vacation in gay-friendly places, you’re not going to see much of the world. A lot of people – including a whole lot of gays – want to enjoy a cruise where it’s warm and the islands are beautiful. That means the Caribbean. Good luck finding those gay-friendly Caribbean islands.

    Atlantis does try. For example, Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas normally stops in Jamaica when it sails from Ft. Lauderdale. That’s less gay-friendly than Dominica, so when Atlantis chartered that ship in February, they had it stop in Costa Maya instead. It wasn’t homophobic, but man was that place a dump (it’s basically a strip mall on a rocky beach in Mexico.)

    There just aren’t many options, folks.

  108. eye witness says

    the men were in fact seem by many including their fellow shipmates “having sex in public view” Our lovely island is a God fearing nation and some strongly believes that homosexuality is wrong. However this is not the first gay cruise to dock on our shore and their trip did not end with such results because they showed RESPECT. Those two knew what they did was wrong and the buggery charges were dropped in order to expeditiously get them off our island. I think they should take the slap on the wrist, shut their mouth and be grateful this is only what they got.

  109. Canadian says

    The older queen in this couple is a former cop and you’d think he would know better.

    Atlantis should not have gone there and the Atlantis owner’s complete disavowal of these two mean that either he and/or other guests are lying or they are. I’m guessing they both are.

  110. Ambrose says

    Hate to interrupt the internalized homophobia fest, but I see no reason not to believe this retired policeman and his partner when they say they weren’t having sex, but were underclothed or naked, which is wrong, but in no way justifies the way they were treated. Some of you act as if you doubt that these Carribean countries are rabidly homophobic. Just go there and bring up the topic with these sadly uneducated people. Cambel was scrambling to save the reputation of his company and its resources. Maye he’d better expend his efforts coming up with alternative destinations where his clients don’t have to worry about this crap.

  111. FR says

    It turns out some that were claiming to be eyewitness (not here but elsewhere) were basically just repeating the party line. They even claimed they were photos. When others asked for it, they claimed it was confiscated by police.
    Really? To get ‘photos’ the police would have had to have taken people’s i phones, cell phones & digital camera. Don’t see that happening. So that person lost a lot of credibility.

    I have to say, this is the first naked incident that I’ve heard where there’s no photos or videos taken. That naked Kony guy had tons.

    I’m also wondering how close this ship was to dock–some say 100 feet up to thousands of feet. What could someone really see from that distance . And since most balconies start pretty high up, what floor were they on?

    I’m not comfortable with this whole idea they were putting on a show. That’s a lot of conjecture. And I’m sick of hearing think of the children. I think the children was even mentioned in that ATlantis statement. Jeeze–isn’t that what all good Christian homophobics always say?

    They could have been having sex to just nude to partially clothed. Either way, Atlantis did not handle this well. They compared their ordeal to getting a traffic ticket. They wrote statements like the men were having sex in front of residents, passengers & probably of course the children. In the meantime he’s docked in a country with an anti sodomy law on the books that could have convicted these men to years in prison –and lookee here’s this statement from Atlantis that could have sealed their conviction. I don’t blame the people for wanting to boycott them.

  112. Ernest says

    Wow, just wow. I thought the vitriol had been getting worse lately and this thread just proves it. I’m thinking all the young people commenting about about age and attractiveness must have a secret they’re not telling us about getting older because they’re not. Ageists!

  113. sara says

    The issue of public decency isn’t separate from the sodomy law, because the two men claimed that they were threatened with jail for 14 years if they did not plead guilty to the lesser charge. If the buggery, anti sodomy law wasn’t on there books, that threat wouldn’t have legs.

    There are arrests for indecency here as well but the US doesn’t have a sodomy law now that could be used as leverage. That’s why people are debating whether it’s a good idea or not to go to an island that has these laws. These laws are intimidating for gay people.

  114. stpetegreg says

    Wow, Jax and DK. Could you be any more shallow? I hope that you’re young, beautiful and only planning on living a few more years because it sounds like you’re not only bitchy little queens, but will not handle aging well. Wow, just incredible…

  115. Descriptor says

    Hey I am from Dominica..and I am a proud Dominican..these guys were having sex on the balcony in direct view of the public..Bus Drivers..School Children..merchants etc..Additionally there is a primary school just a minute walk away from the harbor.These guys broke our country law and now wants ships have been coming here for years without incident.. they were the only 2 men on the ship arrested on a ship filled with people from the gay community..they were placed in the detainment cell like any other Dominican tht is awaiting a close court date..these are the kinds of guys that make people homophobic..these are the kinds of guys that make countries hate gays..i will describe what happen becuz my uncle is a bus driver that was at the port..

    The smaller guy was masturbating his patner for about 7 minutes they both were naked and made no attempts to conceal there actions. they left and went into there rooms..they came back after a couple minutes and continued this lewd act.. the bigger guy then started thrusting his “thing” in the other guy continuously..i don’t want to be crude but this guys are jerks.there is a school not far from the harbor..the magistrate court is directly on the harbor..there are kids selling arts and stuff directly on the harbor..they deserve no sympathy..these are the guys the gay community should rebuke..they are not honorable men..they deserved what they country would allow those kinds of acts in public view of a place that is a known kids hangout..these guys are giving a great tourist destination a very bad name..I cannot tell you everybody in my country would accept the gay community with open arms..but i can promise you that the leaders of my country respects people for the simple fact that they are human…

  116. Descriptor says

    You people have never been to Dominica but all you talk about homophobia..being gay gives u no reason to act like that..these men committed a crime..they knew exactly where they were..this is a busy market place..they were not 73 feet up they were in clear view of the road and clear view of the public.. they were having sex..they were placed in the cell..not a cell for gays..the cell that all criminals tht break the law gets placed..were they supposed to be placed in a bed becuz they are from a gay ship? these guys are exhibitionist and wanted to be seen having sex period..the ship is soo big…how could u leave a big ship so i have sex on a balcony facing the most busy area of town? Not cuz u gay u have to be a hypocrite..why were they the only ones arrested..? there were guys kissing on the bayfront in view of the public ..they were not arrested..there were guys huggin and kissin’ there patners on the tour bus ..they were not arrested..these two jerks took it too far..we should not give them praises.. Would you want your primary school child to come on the waterfront and see two men have sex? or two people have sex? don’t be a nuisance people..

  117. Jean says

    For all those defending the actions of these men and claiming Dominica to be homophobic, please check out the photo over at Queerty of the men in clear view f*cking on the balcony. Say what you want about Dominica, but it doesn’t excuse their irresponsible behavior. And, yes, they would have been arrested if they did the same thing here in the states.

  118. mtairyguy says

    I spent a week in Dominica with my partner at the time and for the most part Dominicans
    we met didn’t bat an eye. No doubt there’s a strong streak of homophobia there. But I feel a potentially effective way to change attitudes is to broaden their exposure to gays, and by that I don’t mean public nudity. These guys showed stupidity, ignorance and a total lack of respect.

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