1. alguien says

    i’m not known for buying starbucks coffee that much but i think i might now just increase my usage a little.

  2. FFS says

    Right on, Alguien! I loathe the taste of Starbucks burnt espresso roast, but I’d choke down a Starbucks latte every day if it will force Brain Brown and Maggie Gallagher back into whatever pit they crawled out of.

  3. No kidding says

    I just wish they had more decaf.

    What’s a NOM bigot to do? No Starbuck’s coffee for you! No JC Penney’s, no Disney, what’s next?

  4. rayrayj says

    After I left my job at Starbucks I swore I would only buy from small locally owned coffee shops. I’m going to be eating those words starting in about 10 minutes.

  5. mike/ says

    NOM & its ilk wanted a cultural war; they got a cultural war; they are losing that cultural war…

    when will they learn that equality is something that is not negotiable and cannot be left to any group that lives tyranny – whether a majority or a minority!

  6. Oliver says

    Now that Starbucks has revamped their Tazo Tea line and made it whole leaf tea, it’s excellent!
    Go Starbucks! Kudos for standing up for what is right!

  7. Steve says

    So we’ll just have a lot of sluggish religious nuts out there….ooooooh, I’m scared.

  8. Zlick says

    I guess I’ll have to stop razzing my bf for drinking their coffee that he does not even like (but he loves their friendly baristas, and his is two-thirds milk anyway). When he learns it’s being boycotted by NOM, he’ll start going two or three times a day instead of just once.

  9. says

    I don’t drink coffee and Starbucks tea isn’t very good, but this means I’ll buy it whenever I can. Oh well at least their Belgian waffles are good.

  10. Rob says

    Ha! Take down! This is great publicity for Starbucks and I’m off to buy a grande americano with room for cream.

  11. alex says

    Such crap, such CRAP! I am so sick and tired of NOM! I sincerely hope this is the last gasp of breath from a dying organization! Really, it’s time to stop the bigotry already!

  12. GregV says

    @FFS: Their drip coffee doesn’t compare to the other choices. This morning, I had a Quad Espresso on ice in a venti cup. Then smoothe out the taste with a splash of cream. Delicious! I highly recommend it.
    I feel so proud to be a daily customer of Starbucks when I see the round of applause that was given here for the leaders’ choice not to shy away from standing up for equality.
    I get a card in the mail for a free drink for every 15 purchases I make at Starbucks, and I’m happy to say that I get A LOT of those cards in my mailbox.
    I’m tempted to go back for seconds now.

  13. endo says

    Now if we could only get rid of the people at Starbucks who never buy anything but take up tables for 4 hours!

  14. says

    Why does he say “…attempting to force its misguided values on citizens.”? How is taking a stance “forcing”?

    Q. Why do people feel the need to use this rhetoric?

    A. Because they know they are in the weakest position.

  15. walter says

    if you to the website it won’t let you leave a message to let them know what you think. hope this boycott goes as well as all their others.

  16. anthony says

    Do we know the position of Dunkin Donuts on LGBT inclusion? Are there alternatives for NOM supporters or are they left to drinking unflavored water as a result of their boycotts?

  17. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    another blathering blowhard who can’t accept how badly he wants it up the

  18. Bob says

    MORMONS, WHO DO NOT DRINK COFFEE, ARE AT LEAST HALF THE SUPPORT OF NOM. The other officials, like Brown, are goofy catholics of the Santorum ilk. NOM also gets money from assorted a-hole religious groups.
    Starbucks, even if the company had neutral feelings, made the smart business decision, as they would rightly lose their best employees if they caved in to hate.

  19. zeddy says

    Sorry, not to generalize, but…NOM supporters probably don’t even go to Starbucks anyways. Is there even a Starbucks in Boonhicktown, USA?

  20. Bob says

    Now I played the video — Baker is the Director of the “Corporate Fairness Project of NOM”
    — that is like the “racial fairness project of the KKK” By fairness, they mean “do it our way or we will hurt you”

  21. vanndean says

    What’s a NOM bigot to do? No Starbuck’s coffee for you! No JC Penney’s, no Disney, what’s next?

    No Ben and Jerry’s, No Magnum ice cream, No Magnum ice cream bars,No Bertolli pasta or sauce products or frozen dinners, No Hellmann’s mayo for potato or macaroni salads, No Wishbone salad dressings, No Knorr seasonings, soups, or pasta sauces, No Lipton tea products, No Slim-Fast products to help with fitting into those Easter frocks, No AXE body care products, No Brylcreem, No Pond’s or Lux beauty products, No VO products for little blue-haired ladies, No Vaseline in the right hand computer table drawer or Vaseline body lotion, or lip care, or cocoa butter, No Closeup, Signal, Pepsodent, or Mentadent toothpastes, No Surf detergent, No Sunlight dish washing products and No Dove soaps, bodywash, handwash , face care products, deodorant, Dove hair care products, and Dove body lotions,.
    Some people are going to have to do some real list making prior to going to the grocery store if they want to keep their bigotry intact.

  22. SoLeftImRight says

    I’m guessing the collective revenue impact of NOM haters and their hateful followers on Starbucks will be…negative, as more gays see Starbucks favorably and stop by, while the decrease in NOMers purchases turns out to be irrelevant.

  23. gr8guyca says

    The “Million Moms” didn’t have any impact on JC Penney; these guys
    won’t have any impact on Starbucks. In fact, with the case of JC Penney as a model, there was a reverse reaction. MORE people went to Penney.

  24. lonjamin says

    Hopefully those hens with the double strollers at my local ‘Buck will adhere to this boycott. They sure seem like christians.

  25. Michaelandfred says

    What?! Starbucks, the countries largest employer of homosexuals after broadway… gay friendly?! The company that for years offers health benefits to the same sex partners of their emoyees supports equality?! Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…. This is exceptional news. Just one less place I’ll ever have the misfortune of running into you.

    I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that Maggie and Brian are more Dunkin Donut oriented anyway…. Big Whatever. This just means baristas can stop spitting in her drink.

  26. says

    Shouldn’t the lede read “Jonathan Baker, the Director of the ironically named ‘Corporate Fairness Project’ at the *ironically named* National Organization for Marriage”?

  27. Michaelandfred says

    …..and just an FYI Maggie, several countries where Starbucks operate already have FULL marriage equality or are on their way. The nice thing about “facts” is that no matter what nonsense you spew, they remain facts.

  28. Beef and Fur says

    No more Christian, right wing republican bigots at Starbucks? YAY!!!!! Shorter lines at the drive through!!!

  29. Rocco says

    Really more of a Peet’s kinda guy, but will
    now make a point of doubling my Starbuck’s purchases.

  30. StevyD says

    Please, Brian Brown and his talibanical cohorts are the biggest bunch of biblical hypocrites ever. If the way they ignore the many biblical injunctions that they’d rather overlook (divorce, eating shellfish, touching a pig’s skin) is any example, then they will still be inline ordering their Venti Lattes or whatever those sh*t-for-brains drink. This boycott like the one on J.C. Penny’s is DOA. Support Starbucks if you want; that was a great and powerful affirmation by CEO Howard Shultz. Happily, this is becoming the opinion and action of many large companies, rewarding all of them will show your grateful but could drive you broke.

  31. grego says

    so they took their blood money and bought starbucks stock? Now that they’re goin to boycot it, what to do with all that coffee!

  32. Tyler says

    Actually, I don’t want to see any N.O.M. supporters at Starbucks anyway, and so if N.O.M. decides to boycott Starbucks, I would be delighted about that decision. I don’t want to see Maggie Gallagher’s anti-gay face anywhere near my Starbucks.

  33. Andrew says

    @TYLER, I totally agree. I’d be happy to visit a Starbucks free of bigots. As soon as Lent is over, I know straight where I’ll go.

    Boycotts are such great publicity and free advertising.

  34. jrocket says

    NOM, you have never been my cup of tea, nor the cream in my coffee. Good riddance. “You have no power here, be gone!”

  35. Bob says

    Tell everybody catholic (may listen) or mormon (won’t listen but you can annoy them) that their churches and groups of their leaders are spending millions on hating you.

  36. TomasG says

    Never been to a Starbucks, but that will change when I go out to run my errands tomorrow. Let’s see JC Penny, Toys R US… yep, yep made sure to add to their bottom line because of NOM.

    Wonder how long it’ll take before they crawl back under the rock they crawled out from under.

  37. bHre says

    As a, very recently, former Starbuckian… they never forced us to believe anything. The core values of the company are just that, the values of the company. They only ask you to uphold them while you work and not to change your personal opinion in your personal life. I love SBux for taking such great stands on tender subjects. Only goes to show that even a goliath can have a brain!

  38. Curtis says

    NOM is an unofficial subsidiary of the Mormon Church who are trying to outsource their bigotry and hate campaigns to a group they can have some plausible deniability for after the PR disaster of their Prop 8 support. The upside of this is that their Mormon supporters don’t buy from Starbucks anyway so this will have little effect for those people.

  39. says

    I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll stop by & get one of their overpriced pastries just to piss off these assholes.

  40. Luke says

    if they were to boycott any company that supports marriage equality, they could not use products by amazon, facebook, microsoft, apple, disney and numerous others that I cannot think of. of course one must also remember their afiliates and companies that fall under the umbrella of a bigger company. effectively they would be boycotting the majority of us companies. Where would maggie get her ice cream now?

  41. CJ says

    I wonder if Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown have “dumped” their Starbucks Stock too? My guess is they will try still profit on one end and then spew lies out the other!

  42. jeffers says

    I’ll be enjoying a couple of Grande Lattes today, just because of this story. Thanks, Starbucks…

    oh, @Littlekiwi: I’m totally stealing your comment!

  43. Mike says

    Starbucks just got more of my business. What an incredible statement he made! I just love how the threat came about Starbucks and international countries… countries where these guys will go over and once again incite violence against the homosexual community. This is just nuts.

  44. Jodi Lloyd says

    I’ll be buying a lot more Starbucks! Thank you for not being afraid to speak up for equal rights and freedom!

  45. Deee! says

    “Unlike our opponents, we do not target whole companies”…proceeds to target whole companies. English is tough, huh?

  46. jim says

    UH-OHHH, another Bigot Boycott!

    Meh, unfortunately I just really don’t like Starbucks coffee. Anyone happen to know Caribou’s stance?

  47. Chris says

    Ha! Went to Starbucks today and bought coffee and muffins for the whole office. Also bought a couple of coffee mugs. Made sure everyone in the Starbucks and the office was aware of what was going on… the support is for marriage equality.

  48. Steverino247 says

    I’m straight and soon to celebrate my 39th anniversary. Every time I hear how same sex marriage is a threat to mine, I just howl with laughter. Who are these clowns to deny anyone else the joy of loving another person? Their real fear is that they will lose control over the minds of others through their “Best Guesses of the Bronze Age” stories they tell on Sundays.

    Don’t give up the struggle! You’ll get there one day.

  49. Giselle says

    My first thought re this boycott threat was: oh good, I won’t bump into any of that lot! How considerate of them, thanks.

    Saw news about the twitter account: @dumpstarbucks (‘No mermaids’) – I think it had about 50 followers if I remember correctly. The ‘Love Mermaids’ @pumpstarbucks account I thought had at least 100 at the time (137 now).
    Which must mean that the remaining 5000+ people who appear to have signed NOM’s petition to dump Starbucks must all be old fogeys who are not very up on socmed.

    Then NOM lied that Starbucks wants to eliminate traditional marriage (just coz you say so ain’t make it so NOMmie!) – hahahaha!

    All this boycott seems to do is provide wonderful publicity for Starbucks, drive more business to them and basically ring the death knell for boycott threats by NOM: they seem to achieve the opposite of what they intended. You know what Schadenfreude means? That’s exactly how I feel right now.

    I am so looking forward to the day when NOM has to finally realise that threats of further boycott will be completely counter productive. That’ll be a rude awakening for them. How will they ever cope?
    I can’t wait for that. It won’t be all that long now.

  50. Derek in Iowa says

    Oh dear, this means Starbucks is going to lose all their gun-toting, rural Baptist customers. How WILL they survive?

  51. Jerry6 says

    DAMN IT; I do not care for Starbucks Coffee or their high prices, but I guess I just have to show respect for their Gay attitude and buy some once in a while.

  52. Kevin says

    Boy oh boy does Starbucks have you guys bamboozled. I know first hand how they treat gay personnel that work for them. A district manager in the Winston Salem area, nasty vile cow that she is, has made it her mission to make the life of a gay employee as hard as it can possibly be.We’re not talking about a bad employee either. Took a store that was one their “close” list and turned into a cash cow that did more business than stores 3 times its size. Someone who regularly worked 60 hours and more on a 40 hour salary. Starbucks are the real bigots and they’ve seen the last dollar from me. Not that they care, they still have all you sheep to line their bigoted pockets…